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From: "Jack Goins" <>
Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon Indians
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 11:49:49 -0400

The first Africans recorded in Colonial Virginia were the 19 from Angola and they were both male and females. Jack

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Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon Indians

Jack, I don't think that where you find a Male E, you necessarily find a
E. I think there are lots of white slave holders who fathered children by
female black slaves. Probably all of our families would have some if we took
the trouble to research them. Just walk down any street in any town USA and
think you will agree with me.

From: Jack Goins <>
Sent: Sat, June 25, 2011 10:34:14 AM
Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon Indians

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> Bottom line is DNA proves NOTHING. The E haplogroup only proves African
> DNA back some 3000 years and nothing else.

Joanne sometimes a little research will show how your above statement is
really bottom line. You want everybody to assume the Male E had no Female E,
The question is not the 3000 years the E1b1a haplogroup spread or when the
Haplogroup began, but the facts are where there is a male E, there is most
likely a female E companion.
Example; When we, you, Penny, my wife and I went on that research trip to
Goinstown and to that library on the Henry/Patrick County Border I found and
made a copy of the 1813-14 free Negro tax list of Henry County Virginia
which Included my ggg Grandmother Elizabeth Going and her son John Going Jr.
so the free colored and free man
of color designation for sons John Jr., Zachariah and Zephaniah may have
come from their mother rather than the proven Haplogroup E1b1a of John
Going Sr. Jack

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