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From: "John Henley" <>
Subject: Re: St James Church,Pentonville(Re Bartlett)
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 13:56:04 +0100
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Hi Philip,
This list may help. Sty.James is still there. Note that Pentonville was in
Clerkenwell, rather than Islington, the modern London Borough in which it
now is.

Here is my list of Holborn, Clerkenwell, &c.Churches 1890 which may help: At
the end are some
street and map sites.
C of E Churches in Holborn, Clerkenwell, &c in 1890: . with date founded
where known. The first-named in each group is usually the parent parish to
those within it, but the area contained many Liberties and extra-parochial
Additional note: Some of these parishes in Pentonville, part of Clerkenwell,
were mistakenly included in the earlier Islington List, which will be
corrected on re-issue. Holy Trinity, Gray's Inn Road was an island of
Holborn M.B. surrounded by St.Pancras) now united to St.George the Martyr
Queen Square.
By 1890, there were some 26 parishes. Now there are only 6.
For civil administration most of the parishes founded before 1837 also
became civil parishes. The county was Middlesex until 1890, then the new
County of London. The liberties, parishes and vestries became part of
Metropolitan Boroughs in 1900 -
Holborn- Holborn group +St.George'-the-Martyr Queen Square
Finsbury- Clerkenwell group, including Pentonville + St.Luke Old Street
In 1964 all these M.B.s became part of the new London Boroughs, Holborn went
into Camden, and Finsbury into Islington . Parts of Holborn transferred to
the City in 1994.
I've tried to comment about their IGI status, but if you go to
www.familysearch.org and Browse > Browse
Library Catalogue > Placename Search [enter C;lerkenwell or Finsbury or
St.Luke Old Street &c. and select the one in Middlesex - it can be picky
about the spelling of the placename , if no luck first time try all possible
variations] > Church Records and Church Records-Indexes, you will see a list
of all the LDS film holdings.
Batch numbers are at this site
Some churches may appear on the BVRI rather than the IGI.
If on the IGI or BVRI then the LDS has a film of the registers.[which may
not be complete].

CITY OF LONDON, St.Sepuchre without Newgate, Holborn Viaduct[ mediƦval]
now in the City, included because part outside the city walls and
jurisdiction. Originally called St.Edmunds, re-named by Crusaders. Church
survived Great Fire. Lost part inside walls to new parish of Christ Church
Newgate Street (former Greyfrairs monastery in 1547. This latter was blitzed
and parish re-united with St.Sepulchre, which also has also gained
St.Leonard, Foster Lane,m St Martin Ludgate, St.Mary Magdalene Old Fish
Street and St.Gregory by St. Paul's (all in the City). Registers in
Guildhall Library.still open

CLERKENWELL, St.James, Clerkenwell Green [1539]
originally converted from the church of the dissolved convent of St.Mary of
Clerkenwell, re-named St.James. The church slowly fell into ruin and was
demolished in 1788. The present building was erected on Clerkenwell Green in
Mission Chapel (St.James's) Rosomon Street, [18??]
in previous parish
Clerkenwell, St.James, Pentonville Road [Pentonville Chapel
(proprietary)1778, chapel of ease to previous, 1790, parish 1854 ]
redundant and demolished 1985. Unclaimed bodies from vaults were reverently
re-interred in Manor Park Cemetery. The grave of the clown Grimaldi has been
restored and is cared for.
Clerkenwell, St.Mark, Myddleton Square[1827]
still open - parish united with Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell, St.Paul, Pear Street, Goswell Road [1875]
Most of parish actually from St.Luke, Old Street. Bombed and burnt out 1940,
parish united to St.Luke, 1953

Clerkenwell, St.Peter's, Ashley Street [The Smithfield Martyrs' Memorial
damaged by bombs 1940, repaired, closed and demolished 1956.Parish united to
St.James' Clerkenwell.
Clerkenwell, St.Philip, Granville Square [1835, parish 1840]
Out of St. Mark's, Myddleton Square. Closed and demolished 1936, site became
a park, parish united with Holy Redeemer..
Clerkenwell, The Holy Redeemer, (Exmouth Street) ([1888]
Out of previous, began as St.Philip's Mission in Tysoe Street in 1875, moved
to Wilmington Square as St.Etheldreda's Chapel 1880, re-named Holy Redeemer,
188.1Gift of site for pemament church in Exmouth Street meant taking in part
of St.James' parish as well - still open.
Clerkenwell, St. John, St.John Square, [1723]
At the dissolution the Priory of St.John of Jerusalem in Clerkenwell was
sold, and the stone of the circular nave used to build the first Somerset
House. Lady Burleigh repaired the remains of the church for a private
chapel, c.1600. Used by the Presbyterians from 1706, in 1721 bought by a
local couple, restored and sold to Queen Anne's Commisioners for a parish
church. 1931 ceased to be a parish church, becoming church for the the Order
of St.John (of ambulance fame).Blitzed, restored and re-opened in 1958 as
the Grand Priory Church of the order.

HOLBORN, St.Andrew, Holborn Viaduct [mediƦval - pre-Conquest -before 951]
parish originally partly within the City jurisdiction, partly in Middlesex.
Escaped Great Fire but largely rebuilt by Wren.
Church now a guild church, and still open. Parish united to St.Bride's,
Fleet Street in 1954.
Holborn, St.Alban, Brook Street [1863]
bombed and rebuilt - still open
Holborn, St.John, Red Lion Square[1875]
bombed WW2, parish united to St.George, Bloomsbury
Holborn, St.Peter, Saffron Hill[1832]
[Do not confude with St.Peter, Asley Street, Clerkenwell or St.Peter, R.C.
Clerkenwell Road] gone, parish united to St.Alban's?
Holborn, Holy Trinity, Gray's Inn Road [18??]
A detached portion of Holborn M.B.. Now gone.parish united to
St.George-the-Martyr Queen Square

ST.GEORGE-THE-MARTYR, QUEEN SQUARE [chapel of ease 1706, parish 1723]
Still open.

ST.LUKE OLD STREET, Old Street,[out of St.Giles' Cripplegate Without 1733]
clesed 1959 (unsafe) shell may be turned into orchestra home. Parish
re-united with St.Giles.
St Luke Old Street, St.Barnabas, King Square, (now called St.Clement!)
closed 1940, used for storing furniture from damaged churches, restored,
re-opened 1854 as St.Clement's
St Luke Old Street, St.Clement, City Road (Lever St., Nelson St./Mora St.)
bombed 1940, 1952 parish united to previous.
St Luke Old Street, St.Mary, Charterhouse, Playhouse Yard, Golden Lane[1858]
bombed 1940. parish re- united to St.Luke's, 1952
St Luke Old Street, St.Matthew, City Road, (Oakley Crescent) [1848]
[do NOT confuse with St.Matthew, Oakley Square, St.Pancras) bombed 1940.
Parish united to St. Barnabas, King Sq.1952
St Luke Old Street, St.Paul Finsbury, Bunhill Row. [1839]
- closed 1932, church demolished 1933. Parish united to Charterhouse
St Luke Old Street, Mission chapel to previous [18??]
no further deatils known.
St Luke Old Street, St.Thomas Charterhouse, Goswell Road, [1842]
- Closed 1906, the first victim of falling population. Demolished 1909.
Parish United to St.Mary Charterhouse.


St.Luke's Hospital ; St.Mark's Hospital, St.Luke Old Street ; Clerkenwell
Worhouse ; Holborn Workhouse ; H.M.'s Prison, Coldbath Fields ; West London
workhouse ; Hospital for Sick Children,Great Ormond Street ; St.Luke's
Workhouse, City Road ; Home of the Sisters of Bethany, 9,Lloyd Square.
HTH - I should look up on a map first :-)
Most of the churches are now gone so try by street, tho' there's been a lot
of clearance and redevelopment too! Most of the registers should be in the
A reminder that some good sites for London Streets past and present are:
Godfrey maps, www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk
Lost and renamed streets
and www.lost-london.inuk.com

Streets today http://www.streetmap.co.uk/
and http://uk.multimap.com/map/places

Map 1827 http://www.bathspa.ac.uk/greenwood/home.html
Map 1859: http://www.ph.ucla.edu/epi/snow/1859map/map1859.html
Map 1889 http://www.umich.edu/~risotto/maxzooms/sw/swe910.html
Some City parishes http://www.londonancestor.com/maps.html


John Henley
(still catching up on masses of emails and not finding much time for -)
HILL [Staffs/Cambs/Berks]

----- Original Message ----- From: Phillip Mackey <>
the IGI I have located a birth that I wish to obtain the birth
> certificate. I need halp in locating the church indicated. The birth is
> for Josiah Bartlett, date 22 May 1914, mother indicated as Elizabeth, and
> church is given as in parish register of "Church of England, St James
> (Pentonville)". There are several film nos and locations given (presumably
> for IGI locations). Another church is indicated as Claremont Chapel
> indepentdent.Looking under the list of london churches in the site,
> for example, there is a Pentonville listed but names of church is blank
> Can anuyone help me in locating the above mentioned churches as indicated
> by IGI. Appreciate any help, and also any information on this line of
> Phillip Mackey, Canada

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