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From: "Paul W. Betts" <>
Subject: Re: Middlesex_County_UK-D Digest V02 #47
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:32:42 -0500
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Hello all,

First let me thank the many people who have already responded to my post of yesterday. Quite a few of you pointed me at the BHC database available on-line. I was already aware of this (see response below) and had done alot of work based on my findings
there. One person pointed me to the rootsweb-hosted UK BMD index. That was very useful and showed me how I could get the records from agency that posted the indices.

Response to replies to my query that pointed me to NAC:
I know about the British Home Children database at the National Archives of Canada. The Charles Betts listed there winds up going from Mrs. Birt (Liverpool Sheltering Homes) to Middlemore's Guthrie House in London Ontario and being placed only a few miles
from where our Charles is married, but we don't, as yet, have any concrete proof that this is the same child that was in the Barnardo's home on Stepney Causeway in 1881... In fact, the Middlemore records that we've seen so far seem to indicate that this is
not the same child as our Charles (i.e. different siblings, different mother's name etc.). There may, however be more than one Charles Betts in the Middlemore records... we are waiting (3 months and counting) for Middlemore to send other info. At this
point I can't really assume they are the same, but either way, the records won't get me past Charles and Hester in East London.

The Barnardo's record is not very complete, but it gets the father's name
right and the Uncle who was already in Canada.

We have the 1901 census record for Charles and Sarah (and my grandfather)
in Kingston, Ontario. All it says is that he's from England, which we
knew. It also said he came over in 1881... but this is close enough, the
way that census data is taken, to the 1883 Home Child database entry as to
not exclude, on its own, the possibility that the Mrs. Birt Charles is one
and the same.

I've actually done quite a bit of digging on this with the help of many
helpful people on the British Home Children discussion list, and have found
that the Mrs. Birt Charles probably arrived via Portland on the Nova
Scotian in April 1883 before being sent to the Middlemore home. It appears
he changed homes because of his propensity for running away! He was placed
with two families over the next 5 years, both with postal addresses in
Clinton, which is very close to Seaforth where Charles was eventually
married and near where his Uncle William Nash lived.

I still haven't found Charles in the 1891 census (I've got the microfilm
now for most of Huron County). I've been through all the likely areas, but
this time he would have been 23 or so, and quite capable of moving around
on his own.

Anyhow, I appreciate your interest. Thanks.

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