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From: "Peter" <>
Subject: Re: [MDX] james wilson burial
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 16:09:06 +0100
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According to Ancestry he was buried at St Paul, Hammersmith, 30 April 1807
but the information is from a BT rather than the register. I will send the
image off list.



Can a kind lister please help with a brick wall I have on my 4 x Great
Grandfather who died in March 1808 He was living Grove Place Hammersmith
and I have His will , I found on Parochial courts of Canterbury list
James is number 408 on list and named as Wilson Jas, and His address of
Grove Place Hammersmith, but no Idea where he is buried , How can I find
anything further on Him please ,His will does not name any Family other
than Eleanor Bettesworth , the Mother of His son George James Wilson ,He
provides for them . any advice appreciated, Thank you Ida C Gurman

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