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From: john bredan <>
Subject: [MO] Request for assistace
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:18:45 -0500

I'm trying to develop some information on a distant relative. In many
areas, there is little information, but there are some items.
The person's name is Henry Augustus Cliffman. There are questions as to
exact spelling of his name (he could not read or write). There are
indications that he was born in Missouri, date and place unknown.

1. M.S.G. (Missouri State Guard ?): He apparently served with this unit
and was involved in battles at: Lexington, Elkhorn, Iuka, Farmington,
Corinth, Bakers Creek, Big Black, Vicksburg. At some point he was
captured, paroled, and eventually joint the Union.

Can anyone provide me with information about the M.S.G.? Are there any
records of this organization and its membership?
When were they organized? Where? When were they captured?

There are references to various enlistment's:

4/24/1861 - St. Louis, MO - 3rd Regiment, Co. 'C' under Captain Hartman
10/4/1861 - 2nd (old) Regiment Artillery Volunteers - under the name of
Kleffman, either Henry or Herman - under Captain Sutter.
121/9/61 - Sac River, MO - 2nd Regiment Infantry Volunteers, Co 'I"
under Captain Hall
His military career seems to have ended 8/232/1863 at Benton Barracks.

Any information on these units would be most appreciated.

Sac River appears to have be an encampment, is there anything else
about this place name?
Benton Barracks - any additional information?



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