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Subject: Re: [NC-CEMETERIES] Desecrated graves...........what action do wetake
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 10:36:51 -0400
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google the church name with county & state it is in, you may find where someone in the past did a cemetery survey BEFORE the markers were removed, check the same with a Geanological society in the same county and bordering counties, this church may of existed BEFORE the current county was created so records may be listed under the previous county

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Subject: [NC-CEMETERIES] Desecrated graves...........what action do we take

My Great Grandparents are buried at a church cemetery in Union County, NC.
Their graves are on the edge of the cemetery, where a wagon road goes
around the cemetery, I assume for the hearse to drive. Over the years their
graves were driven across and their headstones were destroyed. We know
about where they were. Do we have any recourse in getting the church to
replace the headstones that have now been removed and no maker is even their to

show they are buried there??
I have personally written the church several times and they have not
responded. We do know that they allowed a lady to take the cemetery records
home with her so that she could compile them into a book. Well her house
burned and the only copy of those records was destroyed. It's like a bad
comedy of errors on their part.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Google the county with cemetery records

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