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From: Ann Massengill/John Evans <>
Subject: Re: Herald article
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 16:05:10 -0400
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Dannie, can you PLEASE send me a couple of copies. my mother is dying to
see it, and I am somewhat curious myself. I always feel like I'm going to
sound like an idiot! It's POB 1977, Pawley's Island SC 29585.

I have only been to PaPa's house a few times. Our son Mike and I slipped in
when it was still a funeral home -- and John and I used to go by with
fearless abandon when we lived in Raleigh -- I would hope that the new
owners would not mind if I ask to visit. There is a set of drawers built
into the wall of an upstairs closet -- if they are still there, Daddy told
me he had once left something there. I cannot remember what it was. I
don't think her said. But when I told him about the drawers, he said he had
his older brother hide something there once and never got it. They had to
leave in a hurry when Mr. Adams threw them out!

If you can get me their names, I'd like to write to them.

thanks, annie

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> ann,,I saw your picture it the Herald...I did not realize that house was
> your family...We go by there each time we go to the Four Oaks Pool...As a
> matter of fact we saw the current owners sitting on the front porch,
> drinking tea(I think!!!) on Saturday afternoon!!!

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