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Subject: Re: [NCBERTIE] Looking for a book
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:18:23 -0400
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Cynthia Herrin is - to be kind - a suspicious character. When I
contacted her over a year ago re: this phantom book, she claimed that
she had only one copy but would try to locate another one for me. When
I asked her the possibility of copying the book at a fair price, she
claiming it was 'far too laborious'. When I questioned her about
'Sentinel Publications' in Lewiston-Woodville where she claimed it was
published in 1920 (she has now changed the publishing location from L-W
to Kinston on the website), she said she would have to
"check on that.... she didn't have the book in front of her". Though I
left my phone and email address with her to call me back, she never
did. When I contacted her again after two months, questioning the
existence of that book, she curtly assured me that such a book existed,
that she did not have to prove it to me or to anyone ! Further emails
to her were unanswered. I have written to to ask them to
remove that database (which is chock full of misinformation anyway) and
to investigate Cynthia Herrin's sources. It may be helpful if any of
you care to do that, too. Molly

Elaine Craig wrote:
> We would all like a copy of this book!!!!!! Apparently Cynthia Herrin copied
> info put on the Bertie Website by different individuals with Bertie County
> ancestors and made up a "Book" name and sold the info to I do
> not think that a book exists.I think that she is just a fraud and other
> adjectives that are not allowed on this Website.
> Lou Craig
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> Subject: [NCBERTIE] Looking for a book
> > Has anyone every heard of this book. Bertie Beginnings: The Story of Our
> County and Its Distinguished Citizens". I'd like to get a copy if
> possible.
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> > Suzan
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