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Subject: [NCBERTIE] Revolutionary War North Carolina Oaths of Allegiance
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:50:45 -0500 (EST)
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Perhaps someone more skilled and knowledgeable than I am can sort through why we have data on petitions against King George III and Oaths of Allegiance.

The original Oath of Allegiance that I found 13 November 1999 at NC Archives (Raleigh) in CR 010 928.12 (rather than CR 010 938.12 as given at > < had no date associated with the three-page document. Somehow, the assumption or guesstimate was made that the date was 1777 (and that is probably correct) but we don't have certainty and the entry would lead someone to believe that the date was copied from the document. To lend as much clarity as possible, we should use End Notes or separate Notations.

My understanding is the Oaths of Allegiance were essentially loyalty oaths (to North Carolina) and recognized the independence of North Carolina. Obviously from reviewing several oaths, only males signed them. North Carolina law would perhaps provide any age requirements. Petitions usually involved a group of people affected by similar grievances who made a request to King George III for action.

Virginia Crilley, John Wesley Cowand and I wrestled with the transcription of names in some oaths of allegiance during the 1998 - 2000 time frame. I'm sure some glitches remain. You really have to have a copy of the original document to assertain if the names we transcribed were correct.

For purpose of this post, I will only address the Oath of Allegiance in > <. There were 80 signatures. A point of interest, which I shared with Virginia in 2000 is it appears that some gentlemen "signed" with their ear marks, the marks they used to "brand" their livestock. Some used the "X" mark and others signed their names.

Some of the ones who signed with what look like ear marks included Edward Outlaw, George Hughs, John Cowand, Benjamin Brown, John Perry, Richard Birdd, James Asbell, David Birdd, Francis Brown, Aaron Asbell, James Williams, Edward Birdd, James Hughs, and Thomas Hughs.

Two corrections are Stephen McBavell was Stephen McDowell and Henry See was Henry Lee.


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Subject: [NCBERTIE] Corrections

ote for list.
Gerald Thomas contacted us last week about the "Oaths of Allegiance" for
ev. War period that are on the Bertie pages., and about a week earlier,
omeone had asked the very same question.
Location of these documents in the Archives: The call number for the Bertie
ounty Oaths of Allegiance to the State of North Carolina (1777) is CR
10.938.12 (part of the Bertie County collection of miscellaneous records).
he documents are to be found in a folder, "Revolutionary War Papers,"
ithin box 12. (That folder also contains some Bertie County non-war court
ocuments, as well as a few Revolutionary War documents related to other
ounties (Currituck, Martin, Perquimans, Chowan, Princess Anne (VA), etc.).
If anyone recognizes names that we may have transcribed in error, we always
ant corrections.

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