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All of the entries below are found in the BCBLADEN archives. I cut and pasted them but they are not in order by years.
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His parents names helped a bit.

>From # 32
Location: approx 1/2/ mile W of Butters on SR 1129, on the edge of
Big Swamp. Recorded by Annie Merle W. Elam, July 7, 1984

NANCY NANCE, 1890-1965

There are a number of Lances buried here but I can't tie in any of the
others to yours.

>From # 1870
In Brown Marsh
116 Nance, Eliza, W, F, 24, NC, HK (housekeeper)
Nance, Marshal, W, M, 20, NC, L
Nance, Edmond, W, M, 15, NC, L
Nance, Elexr, W, M, 17, NC, L
Shipman, Celia, W, F, 17, NC, Assist

Still not much.
For details on sources used, refer to this link:
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Hi, this is Kip. I wrote you last night about information on David
Nance. HIs father was Marshall Nance and his mother was Nancy Taylor
Nance. That is all the information that I have at this time. If you
can help it would be really appreciated.
Thank you,
Kip Nance

39. Martha4 Nichols (Averitte Sr.3, Coleman2, William Coleman1) was born
1790, and died March 21, 1876. She married Daniel Holmes Nance. He died

More About Daniel Holmes Nance:
Burial: Marietta Cemetery Robeson Co. N.C.

Child of Martha Nichols and Daniel Nance is:
66 i. Averitte Nichols5 Nance, born January 29, 1817.

44. Edith4 Nichols (Averitte Sr.3, Coleman2, William Coleman1) was born
April 11, 1798 in Bladen Co. N.C., and died December 06, 1869 in Horry Co.
S.C.. She married James Rowland Jr. Floyd March 22, 1819, son of James
Floyd and Unknown Elizabeth. He was born June 16, 1800 in Horry Co. S.C.,
and died March 15, 1885 in Horry Co. S.C..

More About Edith Nichols:
Burial: 1869, Floyds Cemetery S.C. (possibly Nichols S.C.)

More About James Rowland Jr. Floyd:
Burial: 1885, Floyds Cemetery S.C. (possibly Nichols S.C.)
Occupation: REVEREND

More About James Floyd and Edith Nichols:
Marriage: March 22, 1819

>From # 36
Deed Book 7
page 413 Wynn Nance to Richard Tatom
16 April 1800. Wynne Nance to Richard Tatum - 130 lbs specie 100 acres on east side of Drowning Creek & west side of Cow Branch Granted to Simon Bright on 11 Nov 1779 & conveyed from him to Wynn Nance. Wit: Joel Wells, Frederick Loftin. June Term 1800. J. S. Purdie, C. C.

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Hi Lynn,

I have a copy of the original John Butler will that he made in 1875 and will
tell you what I see but that does not make it right. It is just my

His first wife was Frances Ann Nance and is not mentioned in the will.

Children of John Butler and Frances Ann Nance:
1. Mary Ann Butler - Wife of Daniel Johnson
2. James A. Butler - deceased
3. John T. Butler
4. Elizabeth G. Butler - Wife of Amos High
5. Nepsy W. Butler - Wife of Daniel White

He list the seven children children by his last wife, Elizabeth G. :
1. Robert Q. Butler
2. Thomas V. Butler
3. Charles T. Butler
4. George E. Butler
5. Sallie F. Butler
6. Isabel Butler
7. Martha Ann Butler

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Hi Dee & the Group,

For several years I have been trying to nail down the father of John "Jack" Butler of Bladen County. John was
born, according to tradition, "near Clinton" in 1800 and died at his farm near Bladenboro in 1886. He was
married twice - first to Frances "Fannie" Nance who bore him the following children:

The first child was Mary Ann Butler, born 20 Nov 1820. Mary Ann married Daniel Johnson (1825-1903)
and had, possibly among others, Elizabeth .A., Emaline, and William.

The second child was James Anderson Butler, born about 1822, who married Olivia High. Their children
were, among others, John Wright in 1847 and Frances Ann, born 2 July 1842 who married Snowden
Hester and who died on 7 July 1916.

Next came John T. Butler, born 22 July 1824, died on 6 Aug 1902, who married Elizabeth A. Davis on 1
April 1847. John and Elizabeth had eight children; John P., Narcissa Ann, Darius Alonzo, Edith Martilla,
George Washington, William Ayers, Dillon A., and Isaac Ross.

Elizabeth G. Butler was born to John and Frances about 1825. She married Amos High and died in 1842
giving birth to a daughter, Frances Florilla High.

The last child born to this union was Nepsey Win Caroline Butler, born on 20 January 1827. Nepsey
married Daniel White and had James, John A., Frances O., and Mary A. E. White. Nepsey died on 27
November 1887.

Sometime shortly after the taking of the 1850 census, John's wife Frances "Fannie" Nance Butler died.
By the time of the taking of the next census in 1860, John had remarried to Elizabeth Gainer Johnson, born
about 1827, and fathered three more children .

The first child of this marriage was Sally F. Butler, born in 1855, who married Robert Lyon.

Next came Robert Quincey Butler on 6 May 1856. Robert "Uncle Bob" Butler would eventually move to
Wilmington, marry Dorcie Elizabeth Huddleston, have several children, and die there on 17 October 1935.

On 11 May 1858, Gainor gave birth to a second son, Thomas Virt Butler. Tom married twice - first to
Manarcy Jane Edwards, then to her cousin, Ida Belle Edwards.

Isabella Butler was born on 2 November 1860 and died on 13 April 1930.

Charles T. "Uncle Charlie" Butler was born in 1862.

Elias George Butler was born in 1869. He married Elizabeth Arcenia Russ (1875 - 1934), daughter of
James Anderson Russ and Lucretia Guyton Edwards, and had one child, James Troy "Jackie" Butler, who
married first Dolly Mae Soles, then later in life he married Charlene Ruth Coggins.

Martha Butler was born in 1865.

Enois "Noah" Butler was born in 1871.

James Butler was born in 1879.

The only indication I have of John's possible parentage is a deed. This deed transfers ownership of a certain
parcel of land from John to one of his sons. That same parcel of land was granted to one Robert Butler of
Bladen County by the Governor in the 1780s (I'm writing from memory here). In those days, the only way land
could pass from one person to another without a deed was from father to son & I've not been able to find an
earlier deed for that property. I was wondering if any of your references could shed light on John's parentage?

Any help appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Butch Butler

Children of John Hester and Unknown Comfort are:
+ 9 i. Thomas3 Hester, born 1778; died February 1838 in Bladen Co. N.C..
10 ii. Ephraim Hester, born 1782 in Bladen Co. N.C.. He married Amy Nance;
born 1785.
11 iii. Comfort Hester, born Abt. 1783.
12 iv. Miriam Hester, born Abt. 1784. She married John Stanton.
13 v. Sarah Hester, born Abt. 1786.
14 vi. Mary Hester, born Abt. 1787.
15 vii. Rebecca Hester, born Abt. 1794. She married Sampson Davis.
+ 16 viii. Hannah Hester, born Abt. 1796; died May 29, 1868 in Bladen Co.
17 ix. John Jr. Hester, born 1780.

>From # 116
STEVENS John DuplinCo not dated prob. 20 Dec. 1784
Son John Stevens - negro boy Carry ca 6 yrs
Son Isaac Stevens - negro girl Nance ca 10 yrs
Son Hardy Stevens - negro boy Sam ca 15 yrs
Son Richard Stevens - negro boy James ca 16 yrs
Rem. est. be divided between 4 sons & 3 daus viz: Elizabeth Rogers,
Mary Rogers, Maryan Carr, John Stevens, Isaac Stevens, Richard Stevens
& Hardy Stevens
Exec: John Stevens, Hardy Stevens, Joshua Sikes
Wit: Fleet Cooper, Cager Stevens, John Stevens
[signed: John ( ) Stevens
* NC State Archives
. . ."The descendants of Daniel and his son John Daniel lived on Red
Hill Road and Western Prong. They lived on their plantation "in the
magnolias" on Red Hill Road".
"The descendants of William James lived on their plantation located
behind Brown Marsh Church on Poe-Elkins Road until it was sold".
"Captain James Shipman, born 1751 at Brown Marsh, went to visit
relatives near Western Prong and became very ill and died. He had to
be buried in the Nance/Shipman Cemetery because the water was so high
in the Red Hill Swamp that the family could not take him home. There
were as many as seven bridges through the swamp".
I really need first names on this one. There are literally dozens of Williamsons that could have been the ancestors of your Williamsons but without first names its almost an impossible task.

>From # 50
Wife: Mary. Sons: Richard, Lewis, Joshua, Lolan, Seth. Daughters: Rebeccah, Nancy, Peggy, Susanna. Executors: Richard Williamson, Wynne Nance. Witnesses: Stephen Godwin.

>From # 37
Book # 11
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Oh yes, other than the Smith and Sessoms lines, what other Robeson Co NC
lines do you descend from?

I descend from Barker, Britt, Byrd, Daughtrey, Davis, Freeman, Ivey, McNair,
McNatt, Mercer, Musselwhite, Nance, Parker, Pittman, Powers, Regan, Reagin,
Smith, Todd, and West. The only unfortunate thing about genealogy, is now
that I am doing research as a business, I have not had time to put any
research into my lines.


"Joab Mears came to Fair Bluff in early 1800's from Bladen County and
purchased 800 acres of land. He died in 1818. Joab's wife Mary was born in
1784 in Robeson County. Their children were: Rhoda (1806 - 1872) who lived
at Fair Bluff; Alfred (1808 - 1872) who married Eliza Nance, a daughter of
Edward Wynn Nance and wife Zilphis FAULK Nance; Mary (1818 - 1860) who
married "HENRY ENZOR", son of "SOMMERS ENZOR"; Daniel (1810 - 1894) who
married Anna Jane Haynes, daughter of Lawrence Haynes of Roberson County;
Elizabeth who married a CHESTNUT."
>From # 36
183 1 Sept 1795. Henry Hilburn to Uriah Flowers - 37 lbs - 100 acres on
the North side of Porters Swamp between Godwins & Williamson & being the
plantation whereon said Hilburn now lives granted to Goldsbury Flowers on 20
Decr 1791 & conveyed to Henry Hilburn on 1 Feby 1794. Wit: Wynne Nance
>From # 17
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 20:53:33 -0400
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Subject: [NCBLADEN-L] Journey - Proud
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Journey - Proud to the HIGH SCHOOL CLASS of 2000
and Hi to all for sharing your great Email of family ancestry subjects & so
on ----working on Bass, Brown, McColskey, Nance, Walters , Williamson &
Lutie Walters Bass of Robeson Co., NC

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There's only mention of one Lovette in the book, not Lovet.

#644 The Nance -Edwards Family

Virginia Wynn Nance (Lovette) (Harris) (14 Sep 1927) daughter of Fred Takle
Nance and Sarah Celia Edwards.

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Subject: John Butler of Bladen Co.
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Seeking parents/siblings of John BUTLER, b. ca. 1800 "near Clinton".
John started his family, lived his adult life, and died in Bladen
County. About 1820 he married Frances Nance and had children: Mary
Ann, James Anderson, Nepsey Win Caroline, John T., and Elizabeth G.
Butler. Frances died around 1850? and he married ca. 1853 Gainer
Johnson. They had: Sallie [who married Robt. Lyon], Robert Quincey
[who settled in Wilmington and married Dorcie Elizabeth Huddleston],
Charles T., Martha, Isabella [who married Thomas Hester],Elias George
[who married Elizabeth Arcenia Russ, Thomas Virt [who settled in
Elizabethtown and married Manarcy Jane Edwards],Enois, and James.
John Butler died in October of 1886 and is buried in the Lat Edwards
Cemetery in Bladenboro.


Butch Butler
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 14:44:22 -0400
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Families Articles

>From # 40 (1800 Bladen Census)
Capt. Nance's District
Date: 9 Feb 2002 15:59:09 -0700
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I'm researching John Smith, Bladen County; Emmie Smith Nance, Bladen County. Do you have any ties with these?

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Hi Kay and Carolyn,

Glad to have come upon your messages. We can help each other. I give you the following and ask you to give me your connecting data.

Descendants of Benjamin Jordan

....1......Benjamin JORDAN. He married Fnu B. JORDAN. Benjamin died c 1810.
......... i.....James JORDAN.
......... ii.....John JORDAN.
......... iii.....Thomas JORDAN.
....2......iv.....River JORDAN b. 1795.
......... v.....Nancy JORDAN.
......... vi.....Betsy JORDAN.
......... vii.....Polly JORDAN.

Second Generation

....2......River JORDAN, (1.Benjamin1) b. 1795, Pitt Co., NC. He married (1) Mary BROWN, 12 Feb 1828, (daughter of Hardy BROWN and Mary LENNON). He married (2) Lucy Ann CHANCY.
....Children by Mary BROWN:
....3......i.....Lennon JORDAN b. 4 Apr 1830.
......... ii.....Thomas JORDAN.
....Children by Lucy Ann CHANCY:
......... iii.....Martha Jane JORDAN.
......... iv.....David JORDAN.
....4......v.....Sarah Ann JORDAN.
......... vi.....River Calvin JORDAN.

Third Generation

....3......Lennon JORDAN, (2.River2, 1.Benjamin1) b. 4 Apr 1830. He married Frances Florilla HIGH, b. 12 Sep 1842, d. 8 Dec 1916, buried: WESTERN PRONG CEM. Lennon died 3 Oct 1909, buried: WESTERN PRONG CEM. In 1867 the Bladen County commissioners named him overseer of the road to Whiteville. In 1873 Columbus County named him a Justice of the Peace for Western Prong Township.

....5......i.....James Lennon JORDAN b. 17 May 1864.
......... ii.....Willie Norton JORDAN. He married Sarah Catherine BULLARD.
......... iii.....Mary Elizabeth JORDAN. She married Owen BROWN.
......... iv.....Martha Frances JORDAN. She married Sandy JONES.
......... v.....John David JORDAN. He married Marjorie NANCE.
......... vi.....Edward A. JORDAN, b. 7 Jan 1879. He married (1) Mary Ellen SMITH, b. 23 Apr 1869, d. 14 Jul 1916. He married (2) Amanda RASBERRY. Edward died 7 Oct 1918, buried: WESTERN PRONG CEM.

....4......Sarah Ann JORDAN, (2.River2, 1.Benjamin1). She married John BRADSHAW.

......... i.....Lula BRADSHAW.

Fourth Generation

....5......James Lennon JORDAN, (3.Lennon3, 2.River2, 1.Benjamin1) b. 17 May 1864. He married Dorothy Jane BULLARD, b. 11 Aug 1869, d. 28 Feb 1946, buried: Western Prong Cem. James died 6 Feb 1940, buried: WESTERN PRONG CEM.

......... i.....Ralph Newton JORDAN, b. 27 Jul 1904, d. 8 Apr 1917, buried: WESTERN PRONG CEM.

Please give me all the data that you have on these people including the details of your descent. Thanks in advance for your support.

Yours aye, Lyn Lennon of MacLennan and Donald


For details on sources used, refer to this link:
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From: Tony Nance
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Subject: Bladen_County_lookup

Hello! My name is Kip Nance i contacted u about a year or so ago about some information on Dave Nance.

His parents are Marshall Nance and Nancy Nance. I lost the information that u sent me,and i was wondering if u could please tell me the information again. It would be really helpful. I will see what information that i can get from some of my relatives on when Dave Nance was born, other than he was born in Bladen County.

I really appreciate ur help and the information that u can give me.

Thank you

Kip Nance

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