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Subject: Re: [NCCURRIT] Leland Baxter, 1917 death in Norfolk
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BTW = By the way
Sorry, shorthand for texting.
I am in the Eastern time zone, USA. Where are you?
My Baxters are the Baxter line (Joseph) who married Mary Ferebee (William
and Elizabeth's daughter) in 1772. Of course, nearly everybody in Currituck
and the surrounding counties is descended fromWilliam and Elizabeth...
My grandmother was a Baxter.

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Sorry don`t know what BTW stands for.However i have information on about 75
Baxters how they relate to you I don`t
know.Give me Names and Dates and I may be able to help, if I
don`t already have I may be able to find.
I would say call me and we see what we have, however i think
their is 4 or 5 time zones or more between us. GOOD LUCK.

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