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From: Cynthia Grossman <>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 20:25:51 -0400

I began working on my family history about a year ago, and recently became a
member of this Society. I do not know if the information I have obtained
through is correct. Below is what I have for my father's side
of the family, going back a few generations. If any of you have any
information about these people, or any suggestions of where I may get more
information, I will greatly appreciate your assistance.

My father:
5 VICTOR CARLYLE HALL, 1913-1990, born to
4 THOMAS STEPHEN (TS) HALL, 1878 (Orange County)-1957 (Durham County), born
3 CALVIN H HALL, 1856 (Orange County)-1889 (Durham County) m about 1877-1878
in Orange County, MARY SUSAN
Orange County)-12 Dec 1932 (Durham County)
*The story on Grandma Susie is Grandpa Calvin "went west, met Mary Susan,
brought her back to Orange County, placed her with Gov Graham in
Hillsborough, and married her when she got old enough". I cannot find
confirmation of any of this. My father did not know how to spell Grandma
Susie's maiden name. There is no family history for her. You can see by
the number of ways her maiden name can be spelled that I may never find her.

According to an interview by Nat Jones, Herald Staff Writer, with TS HALL
in 1948,
"Mr. Hall was born near the Cole Mill Road in Orange County, 'That was a
part of ol' man Billy Patterson's land back in the 1700's, you know...Ol'
Man Billy, you know, owned enough land around here to make a county out of,
and he had grist mills, cotton processing places and farm land everywhere.
His house is still standing out there near Camp Hollow Rock. Anyhow, Ol'
Man Billy had seven daughters, and every time one of them got married, he
gave her and her husband a grist mill. One of the daughters married a Pratt
and later the Pratt family sold the mill to a Mr. Cole. Thus, you have Cole
Mill, and the Cole Mill Road.'
"Mr. Hall's great grandfather came to this section from Pennsylvania about
160 years ago, and each generation has lived either in or around Durham
since that time."

I have *A History of Durham County, North Carolina*, by Jean Bradley
Anderson. However, I don't see any information in Ms. Anderson's book that
confirms my grandfather's comments.

Is anyone familiar with Camp Hollow Rock? Which William Patterson was
called Ol' Man Billy Patterson? About 160 years ago from 1948 puts my
family arriving about 1788. Regrettably TS failed to leave us the name of
his great-grandfather.

We could be descendants of
1 WILLIAM HALL, 1785-1865 Orange, m Barzele Barzilla/Brazilla HUDGINS, b
1790 Orange

Thanks for reading this, and for any help/suggestions you can offer.

Cynthia Gail Hall Grossman
2020 Walnut Street
Durham, NC 27705-3280
(919) 286-7360

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