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From: "Traci Thompson" <>
Subject: [NCEDGECO] Thomas Bell's will
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 12:34:31 -0400

From: Tanimara <>
I have a Thomas Bell married Mary Harrington but dates are off. I wonder if my Thomas Bell is an ancestor? I would also appreciate a copy of this will if it's not too much trouble. Jackie Wood

Here's the transcription of the will:

"THOMAS BELL 8 June 1761 July Ct 1763
To Jacob Saul Bell (sone of Kathrine Bell in Virginia) - five shillings. Son Brittain Bell - plantation where I now live, containing 221 acres, to be his at the death of his mother. Wife Martha - use of the plantation where I now live for her lifetime as well as the rest of my estate for her lifetime or widowhood, but at her marriage she shall have an equal share with my children, namely Cortne, Caroline, Prissilla and my son Brittain.

Ex. wife
Wit. John (X) Griffin, Catharine (C) Carver"


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