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Subject: [NCGEN] William H. Rice of Early Caswell Co., NC,later of Rockingham Co., NC
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:24:54 EDT

WILLIAM H. RICE (d. 1833). Husband of Susannah Williams, "heir of Henry
Williams," of Caswell Co., NC. It is surmised that he married 1st) Nancy
Williams, sister of Susannah Williams. Then he probably married 2nd) Susannah
after her husband Christopher Brooks died (before Dec 1781, Caswell Co. court
minutes in which she resigned her administration of Christopher Brooks).

Refer to the deeds below, indicating Rice is the husband (successively)
of both of these (deceased) daughters of Henry Williams.

Rice is believed to be the same William H. Rice who subsequently
married Elizabeth M. Boman, as indicated in Bounty Land Warrant and Rev. War
Widow's pension (3rd wife?) cited below. However, the pension claim indicated he
was a long-time resident of Rockingham Co., NC.

Deeds of Caswell Co. indicate a William H. Rice owned land in that
county as late as 1811 (Q-330), possibly as late as 1818 (S-124). Other deeds
indicate he was the son of John Rice (DB O-218-9). He was associated with
Thomas Rice (DB N-47); Elisha Rice, who was executor of John Rice decd late of
Davidson Co., TN and also atty in fact for Nathan Rice and Joel Rice heirs of
John Rice, decd (DB M-311-2).

By 1838, he was selling land in Caswell Co.:

DB DD-430 William H. Rice of Rockingham Co. to Stephen Rice of CC, for
$650, 363 A adj William Slade formerly James W. Brown, Samuel Tapscott,
Joseph Windsor, Charles Thacker, Nathan Williams, Thomas Reid, Robert Brown (son
of Robert Brown decd). 13 Mar 1838. Wit: William C. Rice, William Slade.


Earlier Records of Caswell Co.,NC

Deeds of Caswell Co. indicate the presence of only William H. Rice.
Therefore, in all probablity, he married Susannah Brooks, widowed sister of
Nancy (Williams) Rice after he was widowed and after Susannah (Williams) Brooks
was widowed late 1781. Both women seemed to have died by 1804, date of
deeds, as each is referred to as "former wife."

The Rices and the Daniel Williams family (parents of Henry Williams,
father of two of the brides of William H. Rice) may have been associated from
at least 1744 in Louisa Co., VA as indicated by records of that county.

William H. Rice witnessed several deeds in Caswell Co., indicating he
was a resident near Country Line Creek, Caswell Co.

The following deed indicates William H. Rice was the widower of
Susannah Williams, daughter of Henry Williams:

From Caswell Co. DB P-325: William H. Rice of Caswell Co., for $10 pd
by Nathan Williams, relinquishes all right and interest in land warrant
granted Henry Williams No. 1759 in John Anthony's office for 1500 A., said
warrant in hands of Thomas Dalton of TN and Nathan Williams of Caswell Co., he
being entitled to same in consequence of former wife Susannah an heir of Henry
Williams. 12 Mar 1804. Wit: Henry Williams [Jr.]

P-326: William Rice of Caswell Co., for $10, relinquishes title,
right, interest to Nathan Williams to land warrant No. 1759 for 1500 A, his
interest to former wife Nancy being heir of Henry Williams [Sr.] 12 Mar 1804. Wit:
Henry Williams [Jr.]

(Kendall, Ibid.)

Refer to biographies of other children of Henry Williams but most
particularly to biographies of Joseph and Nathan Williams, who seemed to be
selling the land in Tennessee for the heirs. Most or all were relinquishing
rights to this property to Nathan Williams.

Rev. War Pension Record

The widow of one William H. Rice, Elizabeth M., NC, must have filed a
Rev. War pension application (approved) and there apparently was a bounty land
warrant. The following is an abstract of the pension:

WILLIAM H. RICE, Elizabeth M., NC, W2437, BLWt. 12832-160-55.
Rockingham Co., NC, 30 Oct 1832. William H. Rice, aged 71 years on the 12th of March
last. In Oct 1778 he was drafted in Caswell Co., NC, for a term of 5 months
in a militia company commanded by Capt. George Moore, with John Lawson
acting as Lieutenant. On the following Nov 3rd marched to Hillsborough, NC, and
joined a regiment of militia commanded by Col. James Saunders, and from there
marched to Salisbury and joined a brigade of militia commanded by Genl.
Rutherford, and then marched on to Ten Mile House in South Carolina. Then to
Purysburg where they joined Genl. Lincoln's army, a number of British troops
having been stationed at that time on the opposite bank of the Savannah River. A
part of the troops were ordered to cross the river and attack them, which
they did, and had an engagement with them at Briar Creek, though applicant did
not participate, having continued with the main body of the army. From
Purysburg, Genl. Rutherford's troops (the applicant's company being a part of
them) marched to Two Sisters, and from there to Turkey Hill in SC, where the
applicant was discharged 10 April 1779, and reaced home the 23rd of same month
having served on this tour five months and upwards, and performed the duties of
a sergeant. Does not recall having received a written discharge, if so, it
has been lost or mislaid.

"About the last of Sept, 1780, applicant was drafted in Caswell Co.,
NC, for a term of 3 months in a militia company commanded by Capt. Wilson, in
which company he served as Sergeant. Ordered to Hillsborough, NC, and was
placed under command of Col. William Moore who commanded a regiment of militia,
and from thence to Salisbury and joined several regiments of militia
commanded by Genl. Rutherford. From there to New Providence, NC, where they joined
Genl. Morgan and his Riflemen, Col. Washington and his Troop of Horse, and
Genl. Davidson, who had a number of militia under his command. A part of the
troops were ordered in pursuit of a number of Tories in that part of the state,
and having attacked them, took a large number of prisoners at a place called
Rudgely's Mills. Applicant was not in this engagement, but continued with
the troops who remained at New Providence. He was afterwards discharged at
Salisbury, in the latter part of December, having served a period of 3 months.
Does not recall having received a discharge; if so, it has been lost or

"On 12 March 1781 applicant joined Genl. Greene's army as a volunteer
at the High Rock Ford, on Haw River, and was in the Battle of Guilford on the
15th of the same month, having served a total of five days in a militia
company commanded by Capt. Oldham. In Aug or Sept applicant entered a militia
company in Caswell Co., NC, for a tour of 3 months as a sbustitute for John
Harvin, commanded by Capt. Oldham, where he acted as Lieutenant for three months,
having been commissioned by Col. William Moore, commander of the regiment to
which his company was attached. Marched to Hillsbvorough and joined the
militia commanded by Genl. Butler, and were ordered in pursuit of a number of
Tories. Having pursued them until we arrived near Wilmington, we were attached
by a body of British troops and Tories, and after a short engagement our
troops were ordered to retreat. About two weeks later our army was attached by
the enemy about midnight at a place called the Brown Marsh. In this attack
some of our men were killed and taken prisoners. In this expedition a militia
regiment commanded by Col. Taylor from Granville Co., NC, was likewise with
us. Was discharged in Nov. 1781, at Clayton's on the north fork of Cape Fear
River, having served as Lieutenant for three months.

"Applicant was born 12 March 1761, Hanover Co., VA, as given in his
father's Bible at home. In 1775 he removed with his father to Caswell Co., NC,
and at age of 14 or 15 applicant removed to Rockingham Co., NC, where he has
since resided." (2)

The application continues with the deposition of Jonathan Brooks of
Guilford Co., NC. As noted, one of the daughters of Henry Williams married
Christopher Brooks, who died soon after the marriage. In that deposition, Brooks
states the Captain Oldham was John Oldham. (Note: Brooks may have been a
stepson, a son of Christopher Brooks and Rice's second wife Susannah Williams,
Brooks' widow.)

The widow's statements include date of marriage and death date of
pensioner--30 Aug 1847, and her maiden name is given--Elizabeth Boman.

Appended is the death date of the widow--6 Dec 1857.

(William Perry Johnson, "Abstracts of Pension Applications of North
Carolina Soldiers of the Revolutionar War," NORTH CAROLINIAN V. 2, No. 1, pp.
147-149. (Raleigh: Mar 1956), LAFHC 975.6, b2J, V 2)

According to an index of North Carolina wills, one William H. Rice has a
recorded will, 1847, WB C-61 in Stanley Co., NC. He may not be the same person
as the subject of this biography. (3)

(2) William Perry Johnson, "Abstracts of Pension Applicaaations of
North Carolina Soldiers of the Revolutionar War," NORTH CAROLINIAN V. 2, No. 1,
pp. 147-149. (Raleigh: Mar 1956), LAFHC 975.6, b2J, V 2)

1665-1900 (Corrected and Revised Edition, 1992)

Here are some added notes concerning his first wife:

NANCY WILLIAMS ,daughter of Henry Williams and his wife Elizabeth of
Caswell Co. (Birthdate unknown-died before 1804)

Nancy is said to have been married to WILLIAM H. RICE (qv). He probably is
the man who then later married Nancy's sister, Susannah Williams, widow of
Christopher Brooks. on 20 Dec 1784. (FGS sent by T. Vance Little, in Mar 1997
in response to query published in NC Journal of Genealogy, 1997.)

(Probably both William H. Rice and Williamson Rice were sons or at least
heirs of John Rice of Caswell Co. Refer to Deed Bk O-218-9, 1804, for this

William Rice was named co-executor of his father-in-law Henry Williams
and was bondsman at one of the Williams marriages. Nancy, Rice's wife, was
certainly deceased by early 1804 but more probably by Dec 1784 when her
widower married Nancy's widowed sister Susannah (Williams) Brooks. (FGS sent by
T. Vance Little, mid-1997.)

This Caswell Co., NC deed refers to the fact that she is deceased:

DB P-326: William Rice of CC, for $10, relinquishes title, right,
interest to Nathan Williams to land warrant #1759 for 1500 A, his interest due to
former wife Nancey being heir of Henry Williams. 12 Mar 1804. Wit: Henry
Williams [son of Henry Williams decd].


Refer to biography of Nathan Williams, son of Henry. Also see separate
biography of William H. Rice of Rockingham Co., NC.

The Rev. War pension record of William H. Rice (widow's pension and
bounty land warrant) indicate Rice's widow was Elizabeth Boman, apparently his
third wife. Refer to his biography.

The identities of the two Rice men have not been firmly established.

Submitted by E.W.Wallace, descendant of Henry Williams and wife Elizabeth

Corrections, additions, etc. invited. EWW

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