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From: Sandy <>
Subject: Re: [NCGENWEB-DISCUSS] Important
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 02:01:00 -0500
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I was a member and I remember. And I too am cautious.

Which is why in March I voiced concern when Nola leased in her own name. She responded with this:

From: "Nola" <>
To: <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:08:01 -0500
Subject: Re: [NCGENWEB-DISCUSS] Questions for the group

I think Sandy has a valid concern and although we have not yet made a
decision about incorporation, I can, even at this point, transfer the
ownership to the NCGenWeb and change the contact person to Denise in her
capacity as SC. By adding that she is holding the domain in her capacity as
SC of the NCGenWeb, it will make it possible for future SC's to make any
changes needed.

That was five months ago. Have you checked Whois to see the how the
domain is registered? I have.

At the time Nola wrote the above message on March 15, we were in the
discussion period of the motion to incorporate, and the vote was
already scheduled, so while it was true "we" hadn't made our decision,
we were about to. What we did not know was that nine months earlier
Nola had made her own decision and had proceded to incorporate
NCGenWeb. Not register a trade mark, mind you, to *incorporate* it. As
a corporation in which only the board of directors can vote. And never
said a word while we proceded to carry on discussions and vote to
incoporate ourselves. Well we cannot incorporate an entity that's
already incorporated by someone else. The law is funny that way.

She's had a whole year now to tell us she incorported NCGenWeb, and she didn't.

I appreciate that you believe you can trust Nola. But Nola did not
just purchase the lease on a domain and lease server space, she also
incorporated NCGenWeb and kept it a secret for more than a year _even_
while we were voting to incorporate something we could not because she
already had. Providing money can, indeed, be a very generous gesture.
Money is also a means of conrol. An even better means of control is to
incorporate and to set up your corporation so that only the board of
directors can vote.

Several of us have been in the project as long and even longer than
Nola, and have lived through a good many incidents that cause us to be
cautious and to pay attention when red flags are flapping in the wind.
The flag doesn't get much redder than this one, so please give others
the right to be cautious, too. After all, we haven't leased domains
and incorported NCGenWeb in our own names.


On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 1:01 AM, Mary Ellis <> wrote:
> In cause you were not a member or just do not remember what happened
> that would cause Nola to be so cautious just click this link and you
> will understand.
> Mary Ellis
> Paul D. Buckley wrote:
>> Elizabeth and all,
>> As usual - and as you recall from your term as SC -, folks sometimes act and
>> react to past, present, and speculated events with paranoia. There was no
>> conspiracy or underhanded action when Nola filed to incorporate NCGenWeb.
>> Nola, and others amongst the membership (especially evidenced by the
>> project's March vote), felt that the best way to protect our project name is
>> by incorporating.
>> At the time, Summer 2007, some members felt that project name protection was
>> urgent. Personally, I did not share the sense of urgency. However, I do
>> believe the best name protection is through incorporation... provided
>> someone wants to foot the bill. Nola was willing to do so, and proceeded so
>> that the protection could be obtained and later turned over to the project,
>> at no cost, if they ever wanted it.
>> When the issue finally reached a head this spring, I was surprised that none
>> of our 75+ members raised the question, as it was publically filed and has
>> been on the Secretary of State webpage ever since.
>> My take on not mentioning it during the discussions this spring, was that I
>> did not want to influence any of y'all as the motion to incorporate was far
>> beyond simple project name protection. My opinion, and trust, was that if
>> the members voted down the incorporation, the articles of incorporation as
>> filed would stand and Nola, Denise, and I would take no further action. The
>> project name would, however, remain protected.
>> On the other hand, if the members voted for incorporation, as they did, then
>> Denise, Nola, and I would be compelled to implement the wishes of the
>> project...which I believe we have proceeded to do so. Once we, the project,
>> settle on a set of bylaws for the corporation, I am sure we will file an
>> amended articles of incorporation and the block for "the corporation Will
>> have members" will be checked.
>> Once the corporation is active, the annual report requires, I believe, a
>> statement of current officers, that in the case of an organization such as
>> ours, may change from year to year.
>> Regards,
>> Paul
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>> From: "Elizabeth Harris" <>
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>> Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 7:20 PM
>> Subject: Re: [NCGENWEB-DISCUSS] Important
>>>> Some of you are already aware that I have personally incorporated the
>>>> state
>>>> as the first step toward getting the state ready to function as a
>>>> corporation. The charter shows that Denise is the current president and
>>>> Paul is the VP and I believe I show as the secretary.
>>> Nola, I didn't know anything about this until today, but frankly I am
>>> appalled that you filed to incorporate NCGENWEB in JULY 2007,
>>> according to the posted document, yet let us go ahead with a vote "to
>>> incorporate" in MARCH 2008. We voted to incorporate AS A PROJECT,
>>> but the posted document shows your name, and your name only, and it
>>> specifically states that the organization will NOT have members.
>>> If it was as above-board as you would have us believe, and if Paul
>>> and Denise were part of it also, then why did none of you say
>>> anything when we were discussing incorporating in March?
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