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By the later part of the War Between the States

available manpower began to decline, and then it

became necessary to utilize the services of the men

who originally were too old to serve in the regular

troops in defending the Southern Homeland. In the

year 1864 there were several companies of Senior

Reserves and Supporting Forces, created in the northern

part of North Carolina. One of those companies

raised in this area was under the leadership of

Captain Benjamin J. Blackly of the county. The

main enrollments took place in Granville County. From

the information given by these enlisted men, most of

their places of birth were from Granville County. Upon

enlistment the men the enrolling officer with the

following information: Age; birth place; Height

[feet and inches]; Complexion; color of hair and eyes;

and occupation. The following is a list of those men

which served in Captain Benjamin J. Blacklys Company of

Senior Reserves:

Captain Benjamin J. Blackly - David Adcock, Francis Allen,

John Amis, Joel Arnett, Elijah Averitt, James R. Ball,

Robert S. Barnett, Henry Biggs, James Clark, Reuben

Clayton, Wiley Cook, William Daniel, John Dickerson,

Daniel W. Dismukes, James J. Ellixan, Richard Evans,

James W. Finch, John Finch, Maliaki Flowers, Dennis

AFrazier, James T. Gill, Zackariah Griffin, Granville

Grissom, James Grissom, John W. Grissom, Wesley Grissom,

Andrew B. Harris, Bethel Harris, Hardy Harris, James H. Harris,

C. James, A. Jones, James T. Littlejohn, Wilson Loyd,

Wesley S. Lyon, William P. Mangum, Thomas Meaddows,

Alex Mizo, David Morris, William Moss, Buckner S. Nethery,

Alex Norwood, James W. Oakley, William Oakley, Daniel F.

Osborn, Robert Overby, Henry F. Parrott, Thomas Patterson,

Richard Peed, Thomas J. Pittard, M.A. Pool, Robert Pruit,

Smith Y. Ragsdale, Robert H. Reed, John Ross, Rufus T.

Rycroft, Thomas L. Shotwell, L. Sizemore, Abraham Slaughter,

William H. Smiley, William D.G. Spero, Ezekiel Stanly,

K.J. Stark, William Thompson, Benjamin Thorp, Richard Thorp,

Henry Tillison, James S. Tinsbloom, James N. Uzzell,

Joseph Waldo, David Walker, James H. Wiggins, James J. Wilkins,

Alex Wilkinson, Stephen D. Wilkinson, John W. Williams, and

David Williford.

I have scheduled trips planned to do research in the

Archives over the next few weeks. If anyone would

like for me to retrieve copies of these or any other

Compiled Service Records from any North Carolina

Company or Regiment, I can do so for a small fee. For

those interested e-mail me privately at.

In the subject line of your e-mail put Compiled

Service Records. I will send you details at no cost

or obligations.



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