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From: Martha Marble <>
Subject: [NCLENOIR] Watts Wills
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 10:55:57 -0400

These are the grandparents of Winifred Watts Caldwell Tull

Good example of- you need to work in a county while in order to read the
clerk's handwriting. Elizabeth's will is almost not readable. I went to
Westmoreland Co yesterday to get these wills and also to find out if they
do or do not have their deeds and wills from 1677 to 1690. They kept saying
they did, but they don't. Deed and Will book 1 ends in 1677 and Deed Book 2
starts in 1690/91. Neither Charles or I can determine when James Watts
appeared in Westmoreland, if his parents were there or who the parents of
Elizabeth were. The missing years would probably enlighten us on some of
this, but --. He appears to have owned NO land in Westmoreland indicating
he came there from maybe Somerset where he did own land. We can't find a
Walker or Cooper will in Westmoreland for either of Elizabeth's other
husbands. I checked the index for All the names listed in her will and
found nothing to provide any leads. There is no entry for Spencer Watts in
the index. I did find a later Spencer Watts in Acomack County, Va.

All the other Watts famlies in Somerset Co can be proven to have come out
of Accomack Co except for James. Still working that angle. Of course, one
only assumes that this Elizabeth was the widow of James - she could have
been Spencer Watt's mother in law. There are a couple of William Walkers in
Westmoreland with wills or deeds but none with a wife by the name of
Elizabeth. One William Walker of St. Mary's county, Md sold to a Lane of
Westmoreland, land in Westmoreland. There was a Lane family in Craven Co
said to have come out of Maryland.



In the name of God Amen this 31st June 1699. I James Watts being sick and
weak in body, but of sound and perfect memory, praise be God for the same
and Knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth do make thes my last Will
in manner and form following. First I commend my Soul to Almighty God my
Creator, believing that I shall receive full pardon & free remissions of
all my Sins and be saved by the precious Death of my blessed Savior Christ,
Christ, Christ, (sic) and my body to the Earth whence it was taken to
buried in a decent and Christian manner, as to my Exe hereafter named shall
be thought meet and convement and as touching such worldy Estatae as the
Lord in Mercy hath lent me, my Will and meaning is that the same shall be
bestowed as hereafter shall be expressed. First I doe revoke & make Void
all Wills by me formerly made and declare this my last Will & Testament.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my two sons, John Watts & Spencer Watts
three Hundred acres of land which I hold in the Eastern Shore, to be
Equally divided betweath them, to then and their heirs & forever.
Item I give unto my loving Wife, Elizabeth Watts all my Personal Estate to
her and her heirs forever and I doe depute and appoint my said Wife to be
my whole and Sole Ext. of this my last Will and Testament, as witness my
hand and Seale the day and year above mentioned.

Signed James Watts

Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of us
James Thomas, Rebecca Jones, Jas. Crane

Westmoreland At a Court held for the said County the 30th Day of August 1699
The Last Will and Testament of James Watts within written, was this day
proved by the Oaths of all the witnesses thereto Subscribed and a Probat
granted to Eliza. Watts his relict and Ext in the said Will named and the
Will ordered to be recorded
James Westcomb, CWC

The Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Cooper. In the Name of God, Amen, I
Elizabeth Cooper being vozio sick and weak in body but in sound and
perfect Mind and momozio Closso ? be God for it but knowing that I must one
Day leave this transesorio Life doo make this my last Will and Testament in
manner and form following. First I give my Soul to Almighty God who gave it
me hoping that through the Death and mositts of my ever Closso Saviour to
have an absolute pardon for all my Sins. First I give my body to the earth
to be decently buzred according to the discretion of my Executror as he
shall think fitt.
Item I give to my Daughtor Mazio Taylor one Feather bed, one Cossor ?, one
paro of Cotton Shoots, one rugg, one blankett, three flagg, chair, one
brass ladol. (NOTE - there are no commas in the original)
Item I gie to my Son William Walkor one feathor bedd, one feather cossor ,
one blanket, one Rugg
Item I give my Grandson George Mullins one feather bedd, one feather
cossor, one blanket & one Rugg.
Lastly I doe appoint my beloved Son Spencer Watts to be my sole and one and
lawfull Executor of this my Last Will and testament and making any other
Will or Wills to be void and of none effect. It Witness hearunto I have
sett my hand and Seal this 9th Day of Januazio Anno Dominif 1729/30
Signed Eliz (her mark) Cooper

Signed Sealed and Delivered in front of us
John King, George (x) Haydon
John Bayley

Westmored At Court held for tis County the 25th Day of Ffebrury 1729
This Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Cooper dec was presented into
Court by Spencer Watts the Executor therein named & who made oath thereto
and being prooved by the Oaths of John King and George Haydon two of the
Witnesses thereto is admitted to Record

Recorded the 27th Day of Ffebruary 1729
G. Turberville, CCW

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