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From: "Cathy Cranford" <>
Subject: Re: [NCMONT] Advice please - etc
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 20:57:29 -0500
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Open letter to all who have written, answering all at once to save time and
not to load you all up with all my replies. Killing the bird with one
stone, so to speak. Hope you don't mind my doing that.

Thanks for letting me know how it will be for my kids there. Good to know
that they will or should be allowed in. I may call just in case to make
sure that all will be fine so I don't get a surprise. Nobody that I could
leave my children with. I have never been apart from them other than to
give birth to them and a few overnight hospital stays. I tried once to do a
research trip on my own, drove to Montgomery and ended up coming home in a
few hours, lonely. They are well behaved and usually hold back their
fighting until they are out of wherever we are at and can usually hold in
their "real selves" as I call it, for at least 4 or 5 hours if kept busy.
They will also be loaded down with home school work to do while I am busy.

Thank you for letting me know about the other places in the area, too, had
forgotten about that and that is a great idea for many reasons. Could
incorporate that into their schooling, as well as having something else to
do and look forward to. I need to do some searches, I suppose and find out
what all there is to go to up there. Funny, have lived here all my life but
I don't have a clue about Raleigh other than I40. The traffic always scares
me off.

Would like to also see the sites while I am there, especially if I stay
overnight or end up going alone with the kids. I usually reward them with
something for being so good for me. Only once have they ever acted up and
that was the first and last time, with a cousin of mine but then again, they
had been cooped up for three days, too.

Would you like to go with me, Tina? I could pick you up. Or anyone else?
Anyone is welcome to come along on this trip with me, whoever might wish to
go. If you would like to go but do not want to stay overnight, that is fine
too, just need to know in advance so I know how to plan my day and night,

Thank you everyone who wrote to tell me how to go about researching there,
what to expect and where to park. I will do exactly as you all said. Will
print out and take with me the messages so I can refer to them. I will be
researching Montgomery, Anson, Rowan, Davidson and Randolph counties mostly.
Depending on what all I can get done in the amount of time I spend there.
First time is scary to me because I have not done it before and I hate doing
things I have never done before. I like knowing what I am doing so your
messages will help me greatly to reduce some of that anxiety.

Phillip, you wrote that you have some links that can help me to determine
what there is to offer me there? I would like to look at them if you don't
mind and it is not too much trouble to look them up for me.

Elizabeth, thank you for reminding me to make a list of what I already have
on my site and in my boxes, drawers, etc that I have yet to get online, so I
don't copy them again. I am not looking for marriages so much this time,
but for other records such as loose papers, land records and any court
actions, that kind of thing. Someone has made a copy of early marriage
records and that is online, there would be no others to be found, is that
correct, other than what is already listed, in the index of early marriages
at the courthouse in Montgomery? If so, then there is no need for me to
look into those marriages, nothing much there that could help me that is not
already listed, so to speak.

Would love to look over newspapers, but that would have to come at another
time. Wish my public library would do interlibrary exchanges, then I could
do it at my leisure. Last that I checked, they no longer would do exchanges
but I need to check again. Hopefully they have changed and I will be able
to start ordering newspaper reels. As my children get older, I will find
more time on my hands and those newspapers will be a great way to fill that

There is still so much at the courthouse level that I hope to obtain, but I
can do that most any time. It is the archives which i really wish to check

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate all of your help, you all have been
very helpful and kind. I love how you all went into great detail and that
was what I was really hoping for and you came through for me!


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