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Subject: [NCORANGE-L] Matthew and William McCAULEY Orange Co.
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 22:35:49, -0500

The McCAULEY/McCAWLEY/McAULEY/MACAULY Brothers from Ireland to Orange Co. NC

Matthew and William McCAULEY were brothers and thought to be sons of Erin
McCAULEY of Ireland. No proof on parents and neither brother named a son
Erin. They landed first in the lowlands of South Carolina at Charleston,
and later arrived in Orange Co. NC.
Matthew McCAULEY settled west of Chapel Hill on New Hope Creek. He is
buried on the campus of UNC near University Lake.
William McCAULEY first settled on New Hope Creek but later purchased land
on the Eno River near Hillsborough. His plantation being called "Great Meadows"
Oral, plus written history states that when Matthew McCAULEY left Ireland
that the King had placed a "price upon his head", as it is said that he was
in some political trouble. He escaped Ireland in a hogshead billed as
"China". When they were three days at sea beyond British jurisdiction, his
brother William McCAULEY came with him and bed him through a secret
opening. A few years later he fought for the Revolution War and in his own
way, putting down the oppression from which he fled.
Another tradition brought down over the years concerning Matthew McCAULEY
was that shortly after his arrival in Orange County, NC he picked up a
snake and carried it home to his landlady, asking "what pretty creature is
this?". Matthew, after learning what it was, said "there are no snakes in Ireland!"
The McCAULEY brothers were both commissioned officers in the Revolution
War. Matthew was Lieutenant, later promoted to Captain, and then to Major.
Matthew McCAULEY deeded 150 acres of land for the founding of the
University of North Carolina, which was opened in 1792, being the oldest
university in the State.
His brother William McCAULEY gave 100 acres. The Masonic Apron which he
wore at the laying of the cornerstone of the University is enclosed in a
glass case in Raleigh, NC. at the State Museum.
William McCAULEY died 1826 in Orange County
Matthew McCAULEY died 1821 Orange County.

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Other deeds too numerous to list.

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