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Subject: Re: [NCORANGE] David Johnson Stallcop, Swithin Stalcop,John Stallcop
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 14:20:25 -0500
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Hi Jerry, this is Mary the list owner... I ok'ed this email to go
through because she did mention Orange Co., NC

( Swen Stalcop married Barbara Miller in Orange County, North
Carolina 13 NOV 1794. )

I figured it was a long shot, but just maybe this would be the place she would find her answer.


Jerry M. wrote:
> I sure did get confused and wonder why you sent this to IN-orange co.
> instead of some KY listing.
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> Subject: [NCORANGE] David Johnson Stallcop, Swithin Stalcop, John Stallcop
>> I am going to try and send this again, I don't think it made it through
>> last time. If it's a repeat, I apologize - LeeAnn
>> Hello everyone. In my further attempt to find information on the
>> mysterious Swithin Stalcop I took a trip to Mason County, Kentucky. Next
>> week I will make the trip to Floyd County, Kentucky where it is said that
>> Swithin passed away. There is some potentially interesting information in
>> Mason County on a John Stalcop. He is found in the 1795 Kentucky Census
>> in Mason County. I could not find Swithin in the same census. This is
>> where I got confused. Could it be that John and Swithin were somehow
>> confused? Or is this John the older brother of our Swithin? This John
>> passed away sometime between 1797 and 1799 in Mason County. He had no
>> will but there was an inventory of his estate and Rebecca is found in Tax
>> Lists for Mason County until 1806 (that I found). In the 1800 census
>> there is a Rebecca Stalcop is listed as a widow, I believe this to be
>> John's wife. This is the same name many people have given the mysterious
>> wife of Swithin. Also. living nearby is Elias Stalcop!
>> . He is found later in Lewis County (which was formed out of Mason
>> County). Also, many people say that Swithin married Rebecca in Orange
>> County and I have investigated this and been unable to find a record of
>> marriage for Swithin there, though I did find one for Swen to a Barbara
>> Miller We find a Swithin Stalcop in Floyd County, Kentucky in the 1810
>> census - he is living alone. He is listed as over 45 years of age. The
>> question is, is this Swen Stalcop (born supposedly 1765), son of Tobias or
>> is this the older Swithin Stalcop (born supposedly 1745), son of Peter
>> Stalcop? Swen Stalcop married Barbara Miller in Orange County, North
>> Carolina 13 NOV 1794. It is also important to note that Swithin Stalcop,
>> son of Peter is the only child we are unable to find a baptismal register
>> for at Old Swedes Church. In 1799 we do find a Swithin Stallcop in tax
>> lists in Orange County, Kentucky. Is this Swen or Swithin? I originally
>> had this down as my Swithin, but it may in fac!
>> t be Swen. According to rootsweb John married an Elizabeth and they ha
>> ve no son named Elias. I may have this all confused but I'm attempting
>> to find proof that Swithin is indeed the son of Peter and Susannaha
>> Stalcop and that he did indeed marry a woman by the name of Rebecca and
>> that he did have the following children: Matthias, Elias, David Johnson,
>> William and John. Now you can possibly see where my confusion has come
>> on - wife: Rebecca, son: Elias and look at David's middle name. In Sweden
>> this may indicate him as the son of JOHN. Also, in the 1820 census we
>> find Rebecca living in Lewis County near John, Elias, and Matthias
>> Stalcop - all of these are names of Swithin's children. I realize these
>> names ran down several generations. This could be another Stallcop family
>> I am unfamiliar with, I admit. Maybe there is a John Stalcop who married
>> a Rebecca and had sons by the same name as Swithin and Rebecca did. One
>> mystery though, is where is David this whole time. David Johnson Stallcop
>> being my direct ancestor. He would have been ab!
>> out 29 at the time, so I am assuming he would have been living on his own!
>> Yet another clue is that on the same page as Rebekah Stalkup are Elson's
>> and Elizabeth Elson married David John Stallcop in Lewis County in
>> 1821!!!! Per marriage record I found for David Johnson Stallcop and
>> Elizabeth Elson, her father was Richard and he is also living in the 1810
>> and 1820 Lewis County, Kentucky census. Also, Rebecca does have one male
>> living with her at the time of the 1820 census, is this my David Johnson
>> Stallcop? I am beginning to believe so. She also has one female living
>> with her, it must be a daughter that we have yet to identify. Anyone have
>> any ideas, input or other data they think I should be considering?
>> Hopefully I will find more information on this Swithin Stallcop when I go
>> to Floyd County, Kentucky. Could this man be Swen and not Swithin? I
>> believe Swen and Swithin in fact are the same name. Are these two men
>> uncle and nephew or are they in fact the SAME PER!
>> SON? Swen could have stopped in Floyd County, Kentucky on his way to
>> Sumner County, Tennessee where he passed away. An interesting aside is
>> that some Stallcops apparently stayed in the Mason County and Lewis
>> County, Kentucky area. While researching at The Kentucky Gateway Museum
>> Center Research Library there I found information on Stallcops I didn't
>> now existed, one being Mayor of Maysville (he passed away 1901). His name
>> was William E. Stallcop. If anyone is his descendant, please let me
>> know - I have a photo of him I printed out. I also have information about
>> a couple by the names of John and Catherine Stallcop and saw entries in
>> the school ledgers for their children. I also have a copy of this John's
>> inventory of his estate, he passed away in the 1860s. I will update
>> everyone once I go to Floyd County next week! Maybe I should go to Lewis
>> County, Kentucky too? Sorry if this message is confusing, there is so much
>> data running through my head. I hope this is coherent!!! Thank you for
>> your time and consideration. LeeAnn McNabbCi!
>> ncinnati, OhioDescendant of David Johnson Stallcop
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