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From: JBrown7169 <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 16:00:37 EDT

Louise Overton has been providing information which is of potential benefit to
anyone searching for North Carolina ancestors. Recently, she raised the
question about the origin of her Guilford/Rockingham County Moore family.

The information and speculations below are posted in gratitude to Louise, and
in the interest of providing information which may also be useful to others.

Joyce Browning
Publisher, MOORE NEWS
Fairfax County, Virginia

Guilford County, NC

My take on the below Guilford land records is that there three different
William Moores in Guilford County around 1780. Much of the property referred
to fell into Rockingham County when Guilford was divided in 1781 (I think
that's the correct date - I may be a little off, but it's close):

1. Unless there are two Buffalo Creeks in early Guilford, one William Moore,
with wife named Margaret, lived in the northwestern part of Guilford (later
Rockingham). I believe that the Buffalo Creek William Moore is - after many
perambulations - from Caroline Co VA. There is some reason to believe that
he left Guilford County and moved to Smith County TN, but left descendants,
including a son named William, on Buffalo Creek.

2. Mairs Creek rises in present south central Rockingham and flows into
north central Guilford. I've confirmed by the land owners adjacent to William
Moore of Mairs Creek, that he lived on the south side of Mairs Creek, just
barely in Guilford, and across the creek from Rockingham. I don't know the
history of boundary adjustments in this area. Mairs Creek William Moore is
probably associated with the Maryland group of Moores. Smyth/Smith and Risdon
are probably sons or nephews of this William.

3. The third William Moore, who shows up in the first couple of transactions,
is probably connected to the Caswell Co. NC Moores. I wonder if it was this
William Moore who was Col. Moore (of Caswell County) who led troops at the
Battle of Kings Mountain and Guilford Courthouse.

4. Around 1800, Camm Moore came to Guilford. He is listed in tax records as
a compass maker! He was a Quaker, son of John Moore of Hanover Co VA. John
Moore of Hanover remained in Hanover and died there.

Abstracts --
Source: Guilford County Deed Book One, 1779-1784. William Doub Bennett.

1772 8 May
Deed of Samuel Lowe of Guilford to Edward Moor, Jr. of Anson. 100 lbs. 250
acs on waters of Carraway on E. side, part of larger grant to Low of 27 Aug
1762. Adj. Grogin. Wit: William Millikan, Ab. Tatom.

1778 13 Feb
Edward Moor of Anson to William Moor & Absalom Tatom of Caswell. 210 lbs.
250 ac on waters of Carraway Cr., part of larger tract where Samuel Low now
lives. Signed by Edward Moor. Wit: Elijah Moor, William Campbell.

1778 16 Dec
NC Grant to Thomas Landreth. 50 sh. per 100 acs. 475 acs on Allemance. Adj.
Alexander Maben, claim of William Moor, Hugh Drennan.

[In 1780, William Moore identified as on opposite so. side of Maris Fork of
Haw River along with Richard Simpson, Jr. On north side are James Reeves,
John Rhodes, Richard Barton, Parr, John Campbell, and Hezekiah Williams. This
land is in square D-4 of Rockingham map, almost on Guilford line and near the
iron mine. Location is about 10 miles south of Big Troublesome Creek.]

1780 1 Mar
N C Grant: 400 acs on waters of Alamance and Buffaloe. Adj. Thomas
Landearth, Alexander Maben, Ralph Gorrel, Esq., Samuel Nelson, George
Alexander, Lewis Hutton.

1780 1 Mar
NC Grants, Guilford County. William Moore (400 acs) on Alamance and Buffalo
Crs.; Risdon Moore (940 acs) on Deep River; John Moore (960 acs) on Belews Cr.

1783 13 Sep
William Moore. Of Guilford Co. Deed to Isaac Weatherly of same. 100 lbs.
275 acs on waters of Alamance and Buffaloe. Adj. Thomas Landreth, Alexander
Maben, Samuel Nelson, Ralph Gorrell. Wit: William Hall. Signed: WM and
Margaret Moore.

1783 14 Oct
NC Grant to Richard Simpson. 50 sh. per 100 acs. 63 acs on south side of
Mairs Fork of Haw River. Adj. Richard Simpson Sr., William Dickson, William
Moore, Jeremiah Reeves.

Regarding the Guilford/Rockingham Moores, one might be interested in the below
testamentary information from Somerset County, MD. It can probably be
confirmed that one of two Moores named William, and Risdon Moore (settled in
Guilford later) and John Moore were sons of William Moore of Somerset who died
in 1752.

The question then follows: were Thomas and Charles Moore - also residents
of early Guilford/Rockingham County - brothers of William, John, and Risdon

The Maryland Calendar of Wills. Jane Baldwin. 1968

All of the wills abstracted below were recorded in Somerset County, MD

1688 23 July
Will of Alexander Addison pro. 5 Oct 1688. Wife Ann Exor and sold legaee.
Wit: Jno Moore, Geo. Bayly, Thos. Delahid

1695 26 Nov
Will of Samuel Longpro 10 Dec 1695. Wife Ann. Dau Ann, Jane, Eliza wife of
Isaac Boston. Sons Jeffrey, William, Daniel, John, David. Son Randall
"Long's Lott." Exor son John. Wit: Jno. Moore, Jeffrey Mitchell, Jno.

1702 20 Dec
Will of John Pealkey pro 24 May 1703. To Wm. Kent. If dies w/o issue then to
Lewis Jones, and in turn to Eliza: Moore in event of sd. Jones' death w/o
issue. No. Exor. Wit: Jno. White Jno. Miller, Geo. Hutchins, Jno. Laws.

1711 15 Feb
Little Annimesex Parish. Will of Richard Barnes pro 30 Nov 1711. Daus Mary
and Sarah. Son Richard. Wife Avis. Wit: Jno. Moore, Thos. Barnitt, Thomas
Stockwell, Robt. Boyer, Jno. Starling.

1715 9 Nov
Stepney Parish. Will of Philip Carter pro 10 Jan 1716. Wife Mary, dwelling
plantation "Whetstone." Sarah Acwith, Jr. and heris, 200 acs, part of
"Whettstone." John Rickards, Jr. and heirs 100 acs west of "Whetstone" and
tract formerly belonging to Manasses Morris. Tabitha More, Eliza: Rickards,
Phil. Rickards, Sarah Acwith and her unborn child, personalty. To Jno
Rickards, Sr., Exor, and heirs residue of "Whetstone". Wit: David Shehe,
Jno. Kinler, Robt. Downs, Alex. Carlile

1716 31 Dec
Parish of Coventry. Will of John Moore pro. 20 Mar 1717. To sons John and
Thomas, land equally. Son Thos.'s share to be dwelling plantation at decease
of his mother and personalty. Dau. Sarah personalty. Wife Anne, Exor, use of
lands during life. Wit: Randolph Mitchell, Sr., John White, jr., Mary

1721 17 Jan
Anamessix Parish. Will of Thomas Moore. Carpenter. Pro 20 Jun 1721. Sons
Isaac, Thomas, John and William and Daus Mary and Grace personalty when of
age. Son Samuel and hrs. dwelling plantaion. Exors. Wife Mary and peer
Fazer. Wit: James Makmorie Jno. Handy Richard Devill

1742 9 Nov
Will of William Vaughan pro 14 Jan 1743. Children: Jethro, Leven, William,
Ephram, Sarah Polk and Elizabeth Bacon. Wit: John Rhodes, Wm. Moor, Thom.

1752 4 Apr
Will of William Moore pro 20 Jun1755. Wife Elizabeth. Children Thomas,
Shiles, Charles, John, Risdon, William. Grandau: Elizabeth, dau. of Alexnder
Rickets, Elizabeth Winsor. Exor. Thomas Moore. With: Charles Rawlins,
Joshua Edge. Nehemiah Edge. Tract: "Lordship's Mannor of Nanticok" 61 acs
held by lease. [NOTE: Shiles Moore is later found in Delaware - don't know
if because of boundary change or he moved there with wife's family.]

1754 9 Nov
Stepney Parish. Will of James Vincent pro. 9 Apr 1755. Sons Vincent,
Benjamin, Jacob, Joseph. Wife Sarah. Wit: Thomas Moore, William Moore,
Shiles Moore

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