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Subject: NOTES (Wm Maclin File), VA, TN Pt 1
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 01:57:59 EDT

17 Apr 2000 Compiled by Susan Gillberg,
Descendants of: William Maclin & Note on John Maclin, the brother
James City Co., Surry Co., Brunswick Co., VA, Lancaster Co., PA

1 William Maclin b. 1682 SCOT d. abt Feb 1751 Brunswick Co., VA
m. bfr 1710 VA dau1 Poake b. bfr 1692 d. bfr Mar 1733 VA

WILLIAM MACLIN, MISS POAKE There is mention of Poake in the records Aug
1752,Breckenridge vs. Trimble. --Robert Breckenridge and Mary, his wife, late
Mary Poake which indicates they were recently married. This might be a niece
of Ms. Poake, wife of William Maclin.

John Poake will,1724/25, lists dau. Macklin, dau (wi of Laurance House), wid.
dau Mary Belinske
Surry Co.,VA Will & Dd Bk 1715-1730, p582

OCTAVIA ZOLLICOFFER BOND [OZB] Cites Frances M. Smith, Eleanor Lexington, of
NY [one of the two was genealogist, and it is uncertain if Eleanor Lexington
is the alias of Frances M. Smith, or vice versa, or if it is two persons.]

FMS: William Maclin was born in SCOTLAND ... and settled in Surry Co., VA in
1723, [where he patented another 500 ac] and d. in Brunswick Co., VA, and is
listed on the Virginia 1794 Quit Rent Roll, nr Jamestown, James City Co., VA

WCH: He owned land [300 ac] in James City Co. in 1704. The land he owned in
1723 in Surry Co. was probably in that part [of Surry Co.] which became
Brunswick Co. in 1720 remaining unorganized until 1732

WCH: Neither the name Maclin nor names believed to be the variations [McLin,
McLane, McLean, etc.] appear in the index of Hotten's EMMIGRANTS: 1600-1700,
nor in Nugent's CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, Vol 1, 1623-1666, which lists all
names shown in Virginia Land Book records ... of all grantees of land and
also those on account of whose transportation to Virginia patents were
granted. It is accordingly unlikely that any Maclin arrived before 1700, but
certain that William Maclin had arrived before 1704.

William and his [possible] brother John Maclin may have arrived previously in
PA. John Maclin is shown to have resided there before removing to VA.
Maclin is the form generally used and now [1937] regarded as correct.

SJG Note: which indicates that the Poakes of Surry Co. were in the part that
did not become Brunswick Co. but couldn't have been "too far distant" in
terms of miles to travel. Need County formation dates and a map of the area
preferably from the early 1700s.

Surry Co formed 1652 from James City Co. Brunswick Co. formed from parts of
Surry, Prince George, Isle of Wight, enacted in 1720, organized in 1732 [or
1723, both dates are mentioned by WCH] [NOTE: find out.]

VESTRYMEN,Jul 7 1732, St Andrew's Parish/Brunswick Co [the geographical
bounds were the same] HENRY EMBRY, JOHN WALL


Mentioned also in the record for Jul 7 1732: THOMAS HUCABOY, RICHARD BURCH,


2 James Maclin b. abt 1710 d. Mar 18 1767
m. bfr 1734 Mary Unknown b. abt 1710 d. aft 1737
VA Cavalry, Jul 10 1783, cert for bal of pay $Brit 80:10:11

3 James Maclin b. Dec 8 1734 d. 1794
m. 1774 Elizabeth Maclin b. Feb 1745 d. 1802
Will probated 1794. a.k.a. McLeane, Macklin, pvt RW, Capt James
Lucas' 4th VA
Reg of Foot, comm Col. Thomas Elliott, enlisted Feb 11 1776, last
muster roll
was Dec 1777

DOM: 1774 and DOD of husb, names of 9 ch., indicates about 2.22 years
ch. so data is consistent. However, she was abt 29 when she
mar. her cousin
James, so think she may have been mar. before this. She was
old enough in
1745 to have had as many as 7 other ch. by some other husb.

3 Sarah Leah Maclin b. bfr 1737 d. aft 1755
m. James Wyche b. bfr 1739 d. aft 1745
Indenture made 2 May 1745 between James Wyche and Elizabeth his wife
of Surry
Co., VA Ct May 2, 1745, Indenture and Memorandum acknowledged
Dd Bk 3, P20
"of Sussex Co., VA" acc. to mar. bond. VA law: Males could
mar. at 16, fem.
at ag 14, so 1755-16=1739

2 Judeth Maclin b. abt 1711 d. aft 1751
m. William McKnight b. bfr 1723 d. 1759
Date of death for Wm McKnight needs to be cleared up due to inheritance
in VA.


Will of William McKnight, h/o Judith Maclin (d/o William Maclin) Brunswick
Co., VA Will Book 3, p306 Copied from Olivia Zollercoffer Bond's book
"Kinfolks" ----------
In the name of God, Amen. I, WILLIAM MCKNIGHT of the Parish of Saint
Andrews and County of Brunswick being weak but of a sound perfect and
disposing mind and memory praise be therefore given unto Almight God and
calling to remembrance the uncertainty of this transitory life and that all
flesh must yield to death when it shall please God to call do make and ordain
this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills and
testaments heretofore made by me.
Imprimis. My soul I resign to God who gave it hoping for parden [sic]
and remission of all my sins through the meritts [sic] and mediation of Jesus
Christ my Saviour. [sic]
Item. My body I comitt [sic] to the earth from whence it was taken to
be decently buried by my executors hereafter named and for the disposing of
my temporal estate I give and dispose of the same in manner following.
Item I desire that all those debts which I owe in right or conscience
may be well and truly paid in convenient time after my decease.
Item I leave my tract of land in Halifax County on Miry Creek
containing 400 acres to be sold by my executors and my just debts is paid the
overplush of the money to be equally divided between my two daughters MARY
Item. I give to my loving daughter MARY MCKNIGHT one feather bed and
furniture one young horse to the value of four pounds one iron pott [sic] and
one chest.
Item. I give to my loving daughter ELIZABETH MCKNIGHT one feather
bed and furniture one iron pott [sic] and one chest also Pool's Anotations
[sic] on the Holy Scriptures and Davis' Divine Poems and one book called the
Westminister Confession of Faith, Thomson's Explecations [sic] on the
Assemblies, Paridice [sic] Lost, and Cato's Tragedie [sic], one book called
the Life and History of the Holy Jesus.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving wife JUDITH MCKNIGHT the use
and ocupation [sic] of the rest of my personall [sic] estate during her life
and after her decease to be equally divided between my two children and I do
hereby appoint my loving wife, JUDITH MCKNIGHT, exec. And Captain JOHN
MACLIN, executor of this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto sett [sic] my hand and affixed my
seal this eighteenth day of November, one thousand seven hundred and fifty
Signed sealed and delivered in presents of: RANDALL BRACEY WILLIAM
At a court held for Brunswick County the 26 November, 1759, this will
was presented in court by the excrs. within named who made oath to according
to law and the same being proved by the oaths of RANDALL BRACEY and WILLIAM
MITCHELL, two of the witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded and on the
motion of the said exrs. who entered into bond with CHARLES MITCHELL and JOHN
DUGGAR, their securitys, in the penalty of one thousand pound condition
according to law, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof
in due form.

NOTES {SJG}: DOB based on his witnessing Feb 6 1744 an indenture. Indenture
Nov 7 1745, William
McKnight & William Davidson, Brunswick Co Residing in Bedford in 1755, by
List of Sheriff Robert Breckinridge.

QUESTION: IF by VA law Judeth (Maclin) McKnight couldn't inherit from her fa.
if her husband Wm. McKnight alive, & she did because she's mentioned in her
father's will specifically, were there two "Wm McKnight" in Brunswick Co? The
one she was m. to would be dead before her father's will was written, which
was in Spring 1751. This needs to be cleared up.

3 Benjamin McKnight b. abt 1756 d. aft 1835
Pension appl., Aug 20 1830, Fourquier Co., VA, age 64, cert # 7380

Had at least one brother, inheriting from him; relation to William
not proved
He was listed on the 1835 Census of Rev soldiers

3 Mary McKnight b. Not Known d. Not Known
3 Elizabeth McKnight b. Not Known d. Not Known
2 Ann(a) Maclin b. abt 1712 d. aft Jan 1751
m. abt 1732 Thomas Lanier b. abt 1707 d. Fall 1745

Wit: THOMAS LANIER, JOHN MACLIN, JAMES COOK, Court Apr 4, 1745, Dd Bk 3, P102
BRUNSWICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA - WILL BOOK 2 Will dated Aug 23, 1745, proved Nov
7, 1745 Brunswick Co., VA, Will Bk 2, 1751 to 1769 p106 Thomas Lanier, Heirs
LANIER p. 52
Sampson Lanier will May 5, 1743 son Thomas Lanier [more I can't read, says
submitter] p. 106 Thomas Lanier Heirs Jacob and Drury Lanier wife Anne Lanier

3 Jacob Lanier b. Not Known d. aft 1745
3 William Lanier b. Not Known d. aft 1746
Brunswick Co., VA, Court, April 3, 1746, Deed Book 3, Page 177.

3 Drury Lanier b. Not Known d. aft 1745
3 Benjamin Lanier b. Not Known d. Not Known
3 Thomas Lanier b. 1745/46 d. Not Known
Posthumous child.

2 William Maclin b. bfr 1712 d. May 1762
m. bfr 1752 Sarah "Sary" Sackfield b. abt 1715 d. aft Apr 16 1762

Will of William Maclin, VA, s/o William Maclin & ___ Poake Will dated Apr 16
1762, probated May 18 1762, Surry Co, VA Copied from "Kinfolks", pp 2671-72
written by O.Z.Bond, ed Wm C Harlee
In the name of God Amen. This sixteenth day of April in the Year of
our Lord Christ 1762 WILLIAM MACLIN of the County of Surry being indisposed
of body but of Sound and Perfect Mind and Memory Praise be, therefor, Given
unto Almighty God and Calling to Mind the Uncertainty of this transitory Life
and that all Flesh must Yield unto Death when it shall Please God to Call do
make this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other Wills by me
heretofore made.
Imprimis. My Soul I resign to God that Gave it hoping for Pardon &
Remission of all my Sins through the merits & Mediation of Jesus Christ my
Saviour my Body I commit to the Earth from Whence it was taken to be Decently
Buried by my Exors hereafter mentioned and for the Disposal of my Temporal
Estate I Give, Devise & Dispose of the same in the following manner:
Item I desire that all Debts I owe Justly may well & Truly be Paid
within Convenient Time after my Death and forasmuch as I have Estate more
than Sufficient to Pay All Debts Due from the same I Desire that my estate
may not
be appraised.
Item I lend unto my Beloved Wife SARY MACLIN the Use of Three Hundred
Acres of Land During her Natural Life it being the Plantation whereon JOHN
BLEIGHTON now lives Also I lend her One Negro Man Named Will One Negro man
Named Pompey One Negro Girl Named Sarah One Negro Girl Named Milly & One
Negro boy Named Caesar All which During her Natural Life I Also Lend her Six
Head of Cattle Twelve Head of Sheep & Twelve Young Hoggs (or a Thousand
Weight of Pork at her Choice) also my Horse Darby & Chair Also One Half of my
Household Furniture together with my Dwelling House Kitchen Smoke House and
the Three
Lotts whereon they Stand in the Town of Cobham Also half the Use of my Flat
All which During her Natural Life.
Item I give unto NANNY BREASIE [BRACEY] One Negro Girl Named fillis to
her & her Heirs forever.
Item I give unto SACKFIELD MACLIN BREASIE [BRACEY] One Negro Boy Named
Charles to him and his Heirs forever.
Item I give unto my Daughter MARY BREASIE [BRACEY] Four Hundred Acres
of Land in LieunenBerg on Miles Creek it being the Plantation whereon she
formerly lived to her and her heirs forever Also one Tract of Land in
Brunswik Bouneded as follows Beginning at Shining Creek from thence along
the line to a Stooping Hickory at the Corner then Running Down to a Branch
thence Down the Branch to Shining Creek Opposit to Ingram's Spring Branch
thence up the Branch to my Old Line then along the Line to the Creek at the
Corner to her & her Heirs forever Also One Negro Man Named Charles One
Negro Boy Named Johnathan One Negro Man Named Peter One Negro Wench Named
Moll to her and her Heirs forever. Also One Copper Kittle Containing about
Forty Gallons als Four Cows and Calves Six Sheep and Ten Hoggs together with
One Young Horse Ranging on
the Plantation in Brunswick about Three Years of Age to her & her Heirs for
Item I give unto my Loving Son WM. MACLIN One Negro Man Named Jack
One Negro Wench Named Fillis One Negro Fellow Named Jimmy One Negro Man Named
Scipio One Negro Man Named York One Negro woman Named Venus together with all
my Remainder of Lands Stock of all kinds whatsoever and all my estate Left to
my Wife at her Decease. I likewise Give to my Son WILLIAM all my Money and
Goods of what kind soever Except my Spirituous Liquors which I Desire may be
Equally Divided Between my wife SARAH my Daughter MARY, and my Son WILLIAM.
And I do further Constitute and Appoint my Brother JAMES MACLIN and my
brother JOHN MACLIN and my Son WILLIAM MACLIN Exors of this my Last Will &
Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Affixed my Seal
the Day and Year above Written./WILLIAM MACLIN (Seal).
Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in Presence of us/ JNO. HEATH/ PATRICK
At a Court held for Surry County, May 18, 1762, the afore written Last
Will & Testament of WILLIAM MACLIN Decd. Was presented in Court by WILLIAM
MACLIN one of the Exors. therein Named who made oath thereto according to Law
and the same was proved by the Oaths of JOHN HEATH and JOSEPH NEWSOM two of
the Witnesses thereto & by the Court Ordered to be Recorded And on the Motion
of the said Exor Certificate is granted him for Obtaining a Probate thereof
in Due Form.

Note: IF an item was tithed or taxed it was property and could be bequeathed.
Will Dated Apr 16 1762, proved May 18, 1762

The following are notes found in VA's Colonial Soldiers, by Lloyd DeWitt
Bockstruck, Genealogical Pub. CO, 1988, page 240.

Miscellaneous Lists Within Several CO's of VA: Brunswick Co, VA, 21 June 1757
(Deed Records)

At a meeting of the justices, field officers and captains at the courthouse.
According to the act of assembly for granting aid to His Majesty for the
better protection of the colony, the following field officers are mentioned:
John Willis and Nathaniel Edwards and the following captains: Isaac Collier,
Robert Briggs, James Hicks, Jr., William Maclin, John Maclin, John Peterson,
and William Chapman. [signed] William Clack, Clerk.

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