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From: " Frederick Powell Sr" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 07:01:08 -0500

Listmembers, Since I am looking for information on folks whose last known
residence was in Sampson County, I reviewed some of the recent issues of
Huckleberry Historian (hereafter, HH). There I discovered writeups on
several of the folks and/or their families for whom I have been searching.
From memory: Micajah BELL whose parentage is provided; one of theMCLAMB
folks, possibly William, etc.

The point of this post is that HH is a good source of local Sampson/Duplin
information. Jerome TEW has done us a service by providing information on
the persons who participated in the RW (Revolutionary War.)

Duplin County has its quarterly: FOOTNOTES.

Bladen County Historical Society also publishes a quarterly: BACK TO BLADEN.

Each of these publications does a great job in providing information on that
which most of us research: local folks and places.


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