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Subject: [NCWILKES] Porter/Johnson in Wilkes County
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 00:12:25 EST

Hi, Fellow Researchers: The Porter and Johnson Lines were definitely
intermingled in Wilkes County I am also descended from Joseph Porter, Sr.
and Sarah Reynolds (5g-grandparents). My 4g-grandparents were Joseph Porter,
Jr. (b 1784) and Sarah Johnson. My 3g-granparents were James Porter, Jr. (b.
1805) and Melinda Bernette. My 2g-grandparents, Wellborn (Wilburn) C.
Porter (b. 1829) and Elizabeth Lucinda Johnson moved from Wilkes County, NC
to Indiana sometime between 1857 and 1859 where my branch of the Porter
family continued. Don't know how many, if any, of the Johnsons made the move
to Indiana -- haven't gotten around to checking that out yet.

The problem I have found with the Porters and Johnsons is that they used the
same names over and over. (I have 13 William Johnsons in my database at this
time and I am still trying to get all of them straight and figure out who
their parents and spouses were.) The other problem is the lack of
information concerning births and marriages for these early settlers.

The History of Wilkes County Book lists only three of Joseph Porter, Sr. and
Sarah Reynold's children (from Joseph Sr's will written April 1820 and proved
October 1820) but states that there were probably others. The children
listed were Joseph Jr.(b. 1784), Molly (probably Mary "Mollie") and Francis
(b. before 1872).

I do have this Mary"Mollie" Porter married to a William Johnson, but have
found no information about their children. Researcher Kim Barr has indicated
in the past that Mary's birth year is about 1798; however, if this is true,
she could not be the mother of a daughter Nancy born in 1802. If Nancy is
truly the daughter of this Mary Porter and William Johnson, then the birth
dates for one of these ladies is wrong. (I have not been able to verify the
birth dates for either Mary or Nancy for myself, so if you have any proof to
offer on ages, etc., I would appreciate having a copy so I can adjust my

Mary "Mollie" Porter does have a brother Francis Porter (b. abt 1782) who is
married to a Melinda Johnson (b. abt 1785) and they have a daughter Caroline
(b. abt. 1821) who married Thomas P. Carty. If Thomas P. Carty is the son of
John P. Carty and Nancy Porter (daughter of a Mary Porter and William
Johnson), we will definitely need to establish an earlier birth year for my
Mary "Mollie" Porter.who is married to William Johnson. Does anyone have a
birth year for this William Johnson? Does anyone have any other children
listed for Mary Porter and William Johnson.

Here is a listing of the other 12 William Johnsons I have in my data base
(most of them without birth years) so if any of you Johnson researchers can
help with any additional information or corrections, I would appreciate it.

(1) William Johnson -- married to Mary Parks (no parents for either, but
the following 14 children -- George, Moses, Aaron, Samuel, John (b abt.
1783), Ambrose, Nancy, James, Sarah, Rachel, Cloe, Franky, Winney, and
William P.)

(2) William Johnson -- married to Clara Unknown (no parents for either, but
the following child -- Jesse Johnson - b. July 08, 1893)

(3) William Johnson -- no spouse (brother Samuel Johnson and parents
Jeffrey Johnson and Rachel Walker)

(4) William Johnson -- married to Sarah Unknown (no parents for either, but
the following child -- Samuel (Lemanuel) Johnson)

(5) William Johnson -- no spouse (siblings -- Sidney Lewis, Harvey, Nancy
Carolyn, and Samuel -- parents Samuel J. Johnson and Elizabeth Brown)

(6) William Johnson -- no spouse (11 siblings -- Mary "Polly", Sarah
"Sally", Elizabeth Lucinda {my 2g-grandmother), John, Barbara Caroline,
Martha Adeline, Almyra Delphia, Nancy Elvira, Almeda Malinda (Milly),
Ambrose, and Lettitia -- parents, John Johnson and Elizabeth Gilliam)

(7) William Bourne Johnson ( b. May 22, 1817)-- spouse Frances Ellinor
Foster (parents Robert "Bobby" Johnson and Celia Bourne. Children of William
Bourne and Frances are Mary Ann, Samuel, John, Celia Jane, Lewis Franklin,
Robert Thomas, Edmund Foster, Caroline "Carrie" --siblings of this William
Bourne are: Nancy "Polly" , Rachel, Samuel J, Frankey "Frankie", Lewis, and
Nancy Caroline)

(8) William G. -- (b. abt 1866) -- no spouse listed -- (parents James
Johnson and Rebecca Jane Porter -- siblings of William G are: Ellen
Virginia, Sarah Elizabeth, Martha, Marcus Sherman, Alpha Jane, Emma, Lillie
L. Manerva, and James M.

(9) William Martin -- no spouse (parents Lewis Johnson and Nancy Wheatley
-- the 13 siblings of William Martin are: Celia Ann, Mary Jane "Polly",
Matilda Caroline, William Martin, Calvin Fletcher, Samuel Freeland, Joshua
Vance, Lewis Franklin, Martha Elizabeth, Isaac Robert, Little Doc, Nancy
Ferbie, and Daniel "Bud"

(10) William P -- no spouse ( parents William and Mary Parks -- see #1 above)

(11) William P -- no spouse (parents Samuel (Lemanuel) Johnson and Camelia
Porter -- siblings of this William P are: John Elliott, Sarah E., and Samuel

(12) William Riley Johnson -- spouse Lula Parlier -- child Mary Beatrice

Any help will be appreciated from either Porter or Johnson researchers: ilo

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