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It's Abner CAUDILL.

And ... I'm volunteering to help.

You are doing an AMAZING job Nola ...

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The marriage bond images will be starting shortly and we are going to need
all the help from local reseachers we can get to make this project as
correct as humanly possible. I have posted just one image to show the
problem that others have had with abstracting previously. I know that Elsie

Arcuri and Jodi Friedman have worked on these in the past so I will be
leaning on both as this process continues. I can't promise but it is
possible that someone may even use the images at some point and sell entire
CDs at a very minimal price just to cover production costs but it will not
be me. The USGenWeb has only one goal and that is to make information
available for free to researchers. I probably will copyright them to make
sure that someone does not try to steal them for personal profit.
Obviously, everyone will be free to d/l copies for their personal research.
That is what we are here for. It is a lot of work and I just want to
insure that researchers will always have the images available.

The parties named for this particular image have previously been identified
as follows:

Adams, Benjamin & Alesebeth Campel, 21 Feb 1809; Abner Candill, bm.

The actual image is at:

Take a look at it and see if you can contribute anything about the parties
named. I don't expect anyone can read the actual bonds much better than I
can or others in the past have done but with the local researchers
contributing their own expertise, I think we can make this a project that
will prove helpful to many for years to come. The images will remain online
long after I am no longer here.


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