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Thought this would be interesting to the WHITEHEAD-L list readers.
/Tom Nash
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Wills and Administrations of Southampton County, VA will book 1
"WHITEHEAD, Arthur. Leg. - eldest son Arthur, land adjoining William
Turner; grandson Arthur Whitehead; son Lewis, land bought of William
and land on POTTYCASSY CREEK IN CAROLINA; son Nathan land on FISHING
in CAROLINA; grandson ------ Benjamin Whitehead; daughter Patience Vick,
land adjoinig Jacob Vicks plantation on Long Branch; daughter Catrin
grandson Jacob Vick; daughter Mary; daughter Ann. Brother William
Whitehead, Capt. Thomas Jarrell and Mr. James Washington to divide
Ex. son Lewis Whitehead. D. March 12, 1744. R. Jan. 10, 1750/51. Wit.
William Whitehead, Lazarus Whitehead, William Bock (?). page 26

Terri X Jensen

Terri Jensen

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Re: Anna, dau of Lazarus Whitehead

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Posted by Bob Erwin on June 09, 1998 at 09:38:59:

In Reply to: Anna, dau of Lazarus Whitehead posted by Nerine BouAoun on
June 07, 1998 at 15:55:01:

I'm posting some information from a source I have. Lewis Dortch was one
of the administrators of Lazarus's estate in Nov.
1794. I don't agree that Col. William Whitehead's wife was a McKinney.
There is no proof for that. I have a bunch more
Whitehead info if you're interested. Please post more on the descendents
of Anna. (Was she Patsy or Betsy or is she just not
listed below?)

The Reverend William W. WHITEHEAD, Mississipi Pioneer: His Antecedents
and Descendents

E. Grey Dimond, M.D.

p. 2 - Our Reverand William was one of eight children. His parents were
Lazarus Whitehead, Sr. and Mary Whitehead. There
is some evidence Mary's maiden name was Bryan. William had two older
brothers, Lazarus Jr. and Issac. His sisters were
Mary, Nancy, Patsy, Betsy, and Sarah (Sally). The brother Reverend
Lazarus was the eldest of the family , born in 1753.
p. 3 - To outline the origins of this WHITEHEAD family: the father
Lazarus, Sr. was born about 1726 in Bertie County.
(now Halifax County.) North Carolina at the family plantation Spring
Meadow. He was one of seven sons . . . William,
Jacob, Joseph, Arthur, Lazarus, and Tobias. The father of Lazarus, Sr.
was Col. William WHITEHEAD, the Mother Rachel
Col. WHITEHEAD was born in the Isle of Wight, Virginia, about 1685.
The Colonel's father was Arthur WHITEHEAD and his mother is believed to
have been Mary Godwin. The lived at the head
of Horse Swamp, Isle Of Wight, Virginia. Arthur was born about 1650-52,
. . . probably in England. Arthur's children were
William, Arthur, Lazarus, and Sarah(?).
Arthur's mother was Katherine, surname likely Ruffin. The son and mother
both were claimed for 50 acre headrights by
Barnaby McKinney in 1713, although both emigrated to Virginia before
1659. Arthur's Father possibly died in England and
immigration was made with a stepfather, Edward Thornton. Whatever,
Arthur and his mother were established in Virginia by
1764 (1674?) and Arthur had a sister, Rebecca Thornton, who was at least
ten years old and had been born in Virginia.
Therefore the originator of this branch of the WHITEHEADs on American
soil was Arthur WHITEHEAD who arrived in
Virginia, at a young age, with his mother before 1659.

p. 270 - Whitheheads in the Virginia Colony

. . . Closely associated with Katherine in Virginia was William Ruffin,
likely her brother. Katherine WHITEHEAD's
husband died in England or in transit for he did not appear as a
headright in Virginia records although Arthur, his mother and
her second husband were so recorded. The widow married Edward Thornton.
In 1673 Arthur WHITEHEAD gave his sister,
Rebecca Thornton, lately married to Stephen Horsefield, cattle in a deed
of gift witnessed by Robert Ruffin and William
Gidis. Robert Ruffin was the only son of William Ruffin.
Edward Thornton died and Katherine married a third time, either a John
Bathe (Bothe) or John Booth. Her name was
recorded as Bathe (Bothe) in 1687 when her noncupative will was proven
in Isle of Wight Court. However Barnaby
McKinnie gave her name as Booth when he used her as an importation
headright in 1713. Note how a "headright" was almost
a unit of currency that could be saved or held, even inherited, until
finally cashed in for 50 acres. Barnaby McKinnie(y) was a
miller. Arthur's son William is believed to have married his sister,
Rachel. Both Barnaby and Rachel were children of
Michael McKinnie who died in Isle of Wight in 1695.

Isle of Wight County Record of Wills, Etc.
Vol. 2, 1661-1719, p. 271, Microfilm Reel 23
Noncupative Will of Katherine Bath(e)

Transcription October 10 1687

Arthur Smith aged Forty-nine years ould or thereabout said that about
the 22nd of August last past, being desired to go and
see the widow Katherine Bathe that lay sick at the house of Stephen
Horsefield her sonne-in-law, I went and Henry Clarke
and John Watson with me and when the aforesaid widow saw me shee seemed
to be very glad and tould me that she had a
greate desire to make a Will to dispose of that little she had and
desired me to take notice of her words, and then tould me that
all she had she did give to her sonne-in-law Stephen Horsefield and his
wife and children but one Weather she would give to
her son Arthur WHITEHEAD. Your deponent asked her whether that last was
all she would give her sonne she said "yes:"
for she had never bene noe help to Stephen Horsefield nor his wife since
they was married and had always bene helping her
son Arthur WHITEHEAD, and told us there was five cows and 3 clves and
two yearlinges heifers and three ould sheep at
Arthur WHITEHEAD of hers that she gave to her son Stephen Horsefield and
three or four sheep at Stephens house of hers,
and what other things that was hers, as debts or any household goodes,
she gave it all to her son-in-law Stephen Horsefield,
only the aforesaid Weather for he must look after her as long as she
lived declaring of it with weeping tears how unnaturall
her said sonne Arthur WHITEHEAD was to her, this can be disposed of. . .
The early WHITEHEAD land holdings were in the southern most region of
Southampton County, Virginia, on the south
shore of the Nottaway River, and through sons and their children, th
estates had spread to spill over the line into the adjacent
areas of North Carolina. The entire distance between the WHITEHEADs in
Isle of Wight and Col. William WHITEHEAD's
Spring Meadow Plantation in Edgecombe (now Halifax County was less than
35 miles. Earliest holdings were in North Isle
of Wight. Nottaway holdings were 30 years later. . . .

1. Katherine (Ruffin) WHITEHEAD Thornton Boothe (Bathe)
residence: waters of Cypress, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia
born: ca. 1634 British Isles
married: #1 WHITEHEAD, #2 Edward Thornton, #3 John Boothe (Bathe?)
died: ca. August 24, 1687
place: Isle of Wight County, Virginia

2. Arthur WHITEHEAD (1) (Katherine's son)
occupation: cooper, planter
residence: Head of Horse Swamp, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia
born: ca. 1650-1652, British Isles of High Seas
married: Mary Godwin
died: ca. June, 1711, Isle of Wight Co.
wife's father: William Godwin (died, June 1719)

3. William WHITEHEAD (1), Colonel, (Arthur's son)
occupation: mill owner, land speculator, planter, merchant
residence: Spring Meadow, Edgecombe (now Halifax) Co., North Carolina
born: ca. 1685, Isle of Wight Co., Virgoinia
married ca. 1715, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, Rachel (McKinney?)
died: ca. May 1750, EdgecombeCo., North Carolina
wife's father: Michael McKinnie
Wife died: after 1765, Halifax Co., North Carolina . . .

Some deductions one may make, Arthur I was a cooper, a barrel-maker. His
mother, ... her son-in-law Stephen Horsefield,
and Arthur were early land owners by virtue of William Ruffin's gift to
Katherine of 200 acres (1670) which was to be
divided equally between Arthur and Rebecca after her death. This land
was on Cypress Swamp of the Blackwater River in the
Isle of Wight, perhaps slightly southeast of present-day Isle of Wight
Courthouse. Rebecca sold her 100 acres from William
Ruffin in 1703 - Arthur's 100?
The landholding progress of the early WHITEHEADs shows Arthur I settling
in the area bounded on the north by the James
River and on the east by the Nansemond River. His first land was titled
in 1670, acquired more from the Stricklands in
1697-99, slightly southwest of his original holdings. In 1725 son
Arthur, Jr. patented land in the area where Nansemond Co.
and Southhampton Co. touch North Carolina, and son Lazarus patented land
in the same area in 1727.
Arthur I was illiterate, using "X" on legal records. John Scott
Davenport summarizes it: "Arthur's sons were literate, he was
illiterate. How did this happen? He "married upwards." There were two
millers in his neighborhood, Purcell and Godwin.
Arthur himself married a daughter of Arthur Purcell, miller. His eldest
son William was a miller in North Carolina and was
married to Rachel McKinney whose brother Barnaby had mills in both
Virginia and North Carolina. Millers abounded in the
family thereafter.
Arthur I's land was inherited by his eldest son William who sold the
land in 1719 and moved south into North Carolina.
William was a major land speculator, merchant miller, Colonel of
Edgecombe Co., North Carolina Militia and his plantation
was on the south bank of the Roanoke above Scotland Neck.
The Colonel's third son was Lazarus; he lived in Nash Co., North
Carolina. He accumulated large acreage, more than 3400
acres on the north side of Swift Creek, south of the Halifax line,
adjacent to Edgecome County. . .
Col. William WHITEHEAD settled in 1725 on a plantation called "Spring
Meadows" which lay on the south bank of the
Roanoke River. . . three to four miles east of Tillery, North Carolina .
. . The plantation was deeded to Tobias WHITEHEAD
in 1750 and went out of the WHITEHEAD name in 1798 when it was divided
between Tobias' heirs: Shields, Pitman, and
The Colonel had seven sons:

a) William WHITEHEAD lived about 1710-1765 in Halifax Co. . .
b) Jacob WHITEHEAD, about 1712-1785 last known in Nash Co. . . in 1783
c) Joseph WHITEHEAD, 1716-1753, Halifax Co. . .
d) Lazarus WHITEHEAD, about 1722-1784, of Nash Co. . .
e) Arthur (II) WHITEHEAD, about 1725-1777, of Edgecombe Co., Nash Co. .
.f) Abraham WHITEHEAD, about 1728-1766, of Halifax Co. . .
g) Tobias WHITEHEAD, about 1733-1774, of Halifax Co. . .

Some of the descendents of this Arthur II are well outlined in an 1848
diary of Dr. Richard WHITEHEAD Gardner reprinted
in Bear Tracks, P.O. Box 278, Hammond, La. 70404.
Appendix I
Documents Relating to Col. Willam WHITEHEAD, 1719

THIS INDENTURE made the 25th day of July in the year of Our Lord 1719 .
. . Between William WHITEHEAD of the Isle
of Wight County in Virginia of the One party and Francis Parker of the
same County of the Other part . . . for and in
consideration of a Certain Sum . . One Certain percill of Land . . . in
the Lower p(arish of the Isle of Wight County to Say
One Hundred and Ten acres more or Less to Say the Land that I Bought of
William WHITEHEAD and Rachell his Wife
according to the Bounds hereof Mentioned begining at the head of Horse
Swamp at George Pierce Line Runing Northwardly
along the So(uth Line unto a Marked pine and So Runing Northwardly to
the black pond and So Down the Black pond
Branch to a marked pine So Runing a Corse of marked trees to a lightwood
Stump So Down the horse Swamp to Branch
Called the first Branch and So up the Branch to the fork So begining at
a black oak So Runing a Course of Marked trees to a
Corner tree then northerly a long a Couse of Marked trees to the head of
the second branch So Down the said branch to the
horse Swamp So up the horse swamp to the first Station . . .

Signed Sealed and Delivered William WHITEHEAD Seal
In Presents of us
Samuel Godwin
Daniel Rigins

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My line is John Whitehead b. 1809 m. Sarah Batts ( s/o Matthew Whitehead
Sr. son of Nathan Whitehead who was the son of Authur Whitehead II ( I
believe he is the II )

Any help or info anyone has would be appreciated. Thank you.


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