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Subject: Re: [NCYANCEY ] Yancey People
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 08:49:41 EDT

Hello Everyone,

I have a couple of questions I would like to ask about some Yancey County, NC
people, in hopes someone may have some ideas to share with me. My maternal
line is from Yancey Co., while my paternal side is from McDowell Co. I've
done a lot of work on McDowell Co., NC records but much less on Yancey. It's
a progressive thing, since many of these people moved into the mountains
after the Revolution and it is a progressive following from county formation
to county formation, and also movement between counties afterwards (including
upper SC). You never know where you will find further records!

Nonetheless, last night while I was doing a Genweb Archives search, looking
for the family of Jacob Silver (the father of the poor Charlie, done in by
his young wife Frankie), whose second wife was Nancy Reed. (Note: Nancy Reed
was the daughter of Samuel Reed, originally of Burke Co., NC, who later moved
his family to Buncombe in the area that became Haywood in 1808. Nancy
married Jacob Silver on 6 October 1814 in Buncombe Co. Nancy's sister,
Rachel Reed, married Jonathan McPeeters (McPeters) on 12 August 1814 in
Haywood Co., NC, and both sisters later were living in Yancey counties with
their families. I descend from Jonathan and Rachel Reed McPeeters. Nancy
Reed is buried in now Mitchell Co., NC at Kona Baptist Church Cemetery, and I
still don't know where Rachel was buried, although Jonathan McPeeters grave
is at Cane River Baptist Church cemetery) I am curious about the descendants
of Nancy Reed Silver.

While looking for these individuals I came across the transcribed Yancey
County Settlement Book, 1855 - 1869 (which Sandra Fender, once again, has
generously transcribed!) and found the will of Thomas Gardner, of Yancey
County, NC. Will written 27 July 1857. This Thomas Gardner, names his wife
Christian in the will. Christian is my ggg grandmother on my paternal side.
Her first husband was Michael Reel of Lincoln>Burke>McDowell Co., NC.
Christian married Thomas Gardner, 30 October 1847 in McDowell Co., NC.
Thomas Gardner had been quite a puzzle until I found this transcribed will
last night!

In the will he mentions, also, these children, obviously from his marriage
before Christian (who was the first wife?):

William Gardner
Jackson Gardner (deceased) - heirs: Thomas, George, Hannah, William and Samuel
Garrett D. Gardner
John Balis (also listed as Balis) Gardner

Ruth Banks
Betsy Baker
Nancy Sawyer
Phebe Wilson
Sally Rowland

Thomas Gardner also appears to have owned a large group of slaves.

Has anyone done any research into this Gardner family or have a connection to
them. I am interested in finding out anything further about Thomas Gardner.

Thanks you for your patience, and any leads anyone could share with me.


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