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From: Kathleen Burnett <>
Subject: [ND-GHOSTTOWNS] From List Mom Regarding Memorial Day Postings
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 20:42:14 -0600

Dear List Members,

Remember as you think about posting a message to the list regarding
Memorial Day, that some of our members are not from the United States.
We have members from England, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland and
Australia, just to name a few.

Please keep this in mind as you send your messages regarding honoring
those of our ancestors who fought in wars, served in the military and
gave their lives for our beliefs and for the freedoms we hold dear. Our
members from other countries also have ancestors who fought, and gave
their lives for the beliefs and for the freedoms of their country.

We in the genealogical community need to continue to remember that we
are a world wide family which is formed from those of many nations,
cultures, beliefs and history. This Country was built by those who
migrated here from lands around the world. Their history is a part of
us as our history is a part of them.

I ask you to remember all those who have given their lives in military
service world wide this weekend and please show the respect due to each
of our members, no matter where they are from or what country they or
their ancestors fought for.

I appreciate each of you. Have a save weekend.

Kathleen Burnett
List Mom

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