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Subject: [NEIBAUR] Fw: Brief article on Alexander Neibaur
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 07:51:38 -0700

Hi everyone, thought I would forward this.
Hope this finds you all well.

Doug Neibaur

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Subject: Brief article on Alexander Neibaur

> Dear Family, Friends, Country(wo)men;
> Attached is a short article about our Great....Great Grandfather,
> Neibaur. It was sent to thousands around the world by LDSWORD-GEMS. Some
> of you may have already seen it, but I felt it was worth resending to my
> Neibaur relatives. I hope to see you all at the reunion at Green Canyon
> this Saturday, 11/10/01.
> Love & Best Wishes
> Mike
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> Part 6: Alexander Neibaur, Early Preston Saint
> Visit the Worldwide Saints archive at:
> Worldwide Saints would like to thank Peter Fagg of the Preston area for
> providing the content for this part in our series.
> Part 6: Alexander Neibaur, Early Preston Saint
> In Part One of this series, mention was made of the Cock Pit, where the
> early Preston Saints held meetings. Just a few streets away from where
> Cock Pit was located is a long, thin alleyway called Old Cock Yard. The
> Victorian houses that stood along this quiet alley have been replaced by
> tall, dark, modern warehouses, but beneath your feet you can still see the
> old cobblestones upon which the early missionaries and members once
> It was along this yard that you would have found the home of two early
> converts: Alexander and Ellen Neibaur. These two names may not be familiar
> to you, but Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Hugh Nibley, and any well-versed
> Church chorister would recognize their contribution to the Church.
> Dreamer of Golden Bibles and Angels
> Alexander Neibaur was a Jew who had been converted to Christianity in
> Europe. He trained to be a dentist in Berlin (1823-26) and moved to
> Britain, where he met Ellen Breakell. In 1834, they were married in
> Chorley, the town where the Preston Temple is now located. They settled in
> Old Cock Yard, Preston, and it was in this home that Alexander had a dream
> about a golden Bible and an angel. The meaning of the dream eluded him,
> one day he heard Ellen talking to a neighbor about some U.S. American
> missionaries preaching about angels and a new Bible. Alexander felt sure
> this was the answer to his unusual dream and tracked the Elders down. The
> interpretation of his dream soon became clear, and Alexander and Ellen
> baptized in the River Ribble on 9 April 1838. Alexander was probably the
> first Jew to become a member of the restored gospel. They emigrated from
> Liverpool to Nauvoo in February 1841 on board the ship "Sheffield."
> Dentist to the Prophets
> Alexander's dentistry skills were in great demand in Nauvoo, where he
> advertised his practice in "The Times and Seasons" (the Nauvoo newspaper)
> and set up his office in Brigham Young's home. They had met in Britain,
> Alexander went on to become the dentist to Brigham's family and many other
> well-known church leaders, including Joseph Smith.
> When Joseph Smith was attacked at the Johnson farm, the mob cracked his
> tooth while attempting to force him to swallow poison. Thereafter, Joseph
> had a slight whistle when he spoke. Alexander, as surgeon dentist, worked
> on Joseph's teeth and tried to correct that whistle.
> Matchmaker
> The Neibaurs were an enterprising couple and eager to find a steady
> They started the Nauvoo Match Factory, providing the Saints with a
> convenient way to start their fires.
> Writer of Hymns
> Alexander also dabbled in poetry, and one of his poems, "Down by the
> River's Verdant Side," was included in the 1950 hymnbook but excluded in
> the 1985 edition. Some articles claim that Alexander is also the author of
> the LDS hymn "Come thou Glorious Day of Promise," but this is inaccurate.
> Alexander was the original contributor of this hymn to the LDS hymnal, but
> he is not the author. Nonetheless, the Jewish imagery used reflects his
> unique heritage.
> Tutor of the Prophet
> Alexander knew seven different languages: English, French, German, Latin,
> Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish. While In Nauvoo, he tutored the Prophet Joseph
> Smith in both German and Hebrew. Alexander also holds the distinction of
> being the author of one of the few journal accounts of Joseph Smith's
> description of the First Vision. His influence is even felt in academic
> circles today, for included in Alexander and Ellen's posterity (they had
> children) is the respected LDS scholar Hugh Nibley.
> Today, thousands of shoppers pass by the opening to Old Cock Yard without
> so much as a glance into its dark, dingy, and dank interior. Little do
> they know that here once lived a man of dreams, a Jewish linguist, an LDS
> lyricist, a matchmaker, and a dentist of unusual distinction.
> Peter Fagg is the bishop of the Chorley Second Ward, situated on the
> Preston Temple site. He is a partner in two "Latter-day Book Stores" in
> England and is a registered Blue Badge tour guide. Bishop Fagg is
> working on a history of the Church in England, titled "Standing on the
> Shoulders of Giants." He and his wife Nicola are the proud parents of two
> girls. He can be contacted at
> (Copyright 2001 Peter Fagg)
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