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I have the following family tree all from Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE. This is
just the first three generations. Most are buried in the Bennet Cemetery.

Lomita, CA

Descendants of Elijah Barnes GLOVER

Generation No. 1

1. Elijah Barnes1 GLOVER (JohnA, ElijahB, SamuelC, JohnD) was born
March 19, 1845 in Scioto Co., OH, and died September 08, 1895 in Bennet,
Lancaster Co., NE. He married Mary Alice SIDDERS August 15, 1873 in
Zanesfield, OH, daughter of James SIDDERS and Sarah ROBINS. She was born May
18, 1854 in Hunterdon County, NJ, and died April 20, 1933 in Bennet,
Lancaster Co., NE.

Notes for Elijah Barnes GLOVER:
These notes come from "Portrait and Biographical Album of Lancaster County,

"Elijah B. Glover. One of the most pleasantly situated and inviting homes
in the county is found in that of the subject of this sketch, which is
located on Section 2, Nemaha Precinct." [This is near Bennet, Nebraska. Read
about the history of Bennet in the Biographical Notes for his father Dr. John
Glover]. The dwelling is a very solidly built structure of brick and
tastefully decorated, both externally and internally. "The arrangement of the
interior is such as to meet approval, whether one be seeking rest,
convenience, or opportunity for social enjoyment. The house is surrounded by
scenery, which, although not so massive in its grandeur as that in the
neighborhood of some Colorado homes, or found in certain parts of the course
of the Hudson, is nevertheless pleasing in the extreme. The whole comprises a
scene indicating a thrifty, energetic people, and a prosperous agricultural
community. Our subject was born and lived until his tenth year in Scioto
County, Ohio,and dates the commencement of his life to March 19, 1845.
His parents removed from Ohio to Council Bluffs, Iowa, about the year
1855, our subject, of course accompanying them. After a residence of one
year in the Hawkeye State another removal was made, this time to Nebraska.
The family settled in Washington County, the name of the farm being Linwood,
and there our subject continued to reside with his parents until he was
almost eighteen years of age.
In the year 1863 young Glover returned to Ohio, and engaged in
mercantile pursuits at Zanesfield, Logan County. This employment was at the
time quite congenial, and good success was the result. He continued thus
occupied for a period of three years, and then returned to Nebraska. The two
years following were spent at the work incidental to agricultural pursuits,
when again in 1867, Mr. Glover returned to Ohio and engaged in farming in
Champaign County. For nine years our subject was thus engaged, when for the
last time he came, in 1878 to Nemaha Precinct [Near Bennet, Nebraska].
His farm comprises 120 acres on section 2, eighty acres of which were
bought when he first settled here. The remaining portion having been since
purchased, is one evidence of the prosperity which smiled upon him since that
While residing in his native State [West Liberty, Ohio] our subject
became acquainted with Miss Mary A. Sidders, who is the daughter of James and
Sarah (Robins) Sidders, and who was born in Hunterdon County New Jersey, May
18, 1854. Yielding to the dictates of the noblest and deepest passion of
humanity, the two united their lives and fortunes at Zanesfield, Aug. 15,
1873. This devoted attachment and happy alliance has been crowned by the
blessing and brightness of a family circle comprising six children, who are
named: Alice M., Katie, Anna Coe, Jennie B., John E., and Laura E. The
second child, Katie, died when eighteen months old, in Ohio.
Mr. Glover is a man of considerable intellectual power, education and
experience, and by his consistent character and life commands the highest
regard of the community at large, and more especially of those who know him
more intimately in official or home life. He has served several times as a
member of the School Board, discharging his duties with dignity and
The ability and fitness displayed generally by Mr. Glover resulted some
time since in his being unanimously elected to the office of Elder in the
Presbyterian Church, of which both he and his wife are members. This office,
one of the most important in the affairs of any communion, is full of onerous
and difficult duties. The satisfactory manner in which these have been met
and discharged is recognized by the affection and esteem in which Mr. Glover
is held in the church.
In the same proportion that this gentleman is held in the regard of his
friends and fellow-citizens, is his wife also esteemed and honored, and we
believe that Mr. Glover himself would be one of the first to acknowledge that
more credit is due to the charms, brightness and aid which his wife has
brought into his life, his plans and work, than to his own character or
efforts. In the Republican party Mr. Glover finds that which is appreciable
to his political thought, and this party received his advocacy and support.
Dr. John Glover, the father of our subject, was a native of Scioto
County, Ohio, and was born in the second year of this century. His mother, a
native of Franklin County, Ohio is Eliza (Nurse) Glover, was born in the year
1817. This lady is still living, but her husband was taken from her side by
death June 11, 1885. Their union was fruitful in the birth of four children:
Corrine, Catherine, Laura A., and Elijah B., our subject.
The father of Mrs. Glover, James Sidders, was born June 7, 1829, in
Hunterdon County, NJ; her Mother, Sarah (Robins) Sidders, was born Nov. 27,
1833. They had twelve children: George, Mary A., John W., Sylvester R., Sarah
E., Anna M., Charity, Jersey B.; James R., Jonathan, Mahala and Levi.
The interesting family we have here briefly sketched is one of a class
which it is always a pleasure to be connected with, or to write about. In
such homes our country has its strongest bulwarks, and from such family
circles draws its best and noblest citizens - those who have grown up in the
atmosphere of Christian manhood and womanhood, fitted for the diverse and
intricate opportunities and emergencies which sooner or later come into
every life. A view of this dwelling which shelters the Glover family is
shown in this connection."

In 1878 Elijah deeded land near Bennet, Nebraska. [See notes under Dr.
John Glover for description of Bennet].

These notes were written by Josephine Coleman:

"After Mr. Glover's death in Sept. 8, 1895, Mrs. Glover and her children
still of the home returned to her Father's house in Ohio [West Liberty] and
stayed for some time. Coming back to Bennet, Nebraska she later moved into
town and resided there until her death in Apr 20, 1933. Never having known my
Grandfather I cannot realize his grandeur in life. My Grandmother, Mary Alice
Glover was a wonderful person, working so hard to keep her family together
after the death of her husband. She was a good church member and very seldom
did she miss a service. She was quite active in W.C.T.U. work. She took an
interest in the school children and many a time has helped me over some rough
problems that I could not understand. She was at all times ready to go help
the sick and to share her pot luck with the needy. She did a lot of fancy
work and crotched many many rag rugs in the evening time to relax and rest.
Her fingers were never idle. She left us on Apr 20, 1933 to join her husband
in the world beyond. They are interned in the Bennet Cemetery."

These notes were from the "Bennet Centennial Program, 1871-1971, Bennet,

"Eli Barnes Glover with his wife Alice, moved to Bennet from Ohio in
1876 and bought homestead rights on 80 acres of land one mile north and 1/2
mile east of the town. Land to the west of the homestead was bought later and
an 8 room brick home, which still stands, was built, the bricks of which were
haulded from Lincoln in horse-drawn wagons by convicts from the State
Penitentiary. Mr. Glover was a man of considerable education and
experience, high moral character and a willing servant on schoool, and
church boards. Politically, he supported the Republican Party. Their church
affiliation was Presbyterian.
During the grasshopper invasion, lamps were lit in the Glover home, so
heavy was the infestation outside. Mrs. Glover was known for her compassion
for travelers, providing food for Indians, tramps and Gypsies, alike and had
no fear of them.
Mr. and Mrs. Glover died at the ages of 50 and 79 years respectively.
Still living is Mrs. Bessie Lingle, a daughter."
[The 8 room brick house mentioned above was still standing in 2001 but in
poor condition and occupied by cattle. Mrs. Bessie Lingle died in 1984.]

Notes for Mary Alice SIDDERS:
Source: Obituary newspaper clipping in file of Josephine Coleman:

" Mrs. M. A. Glover

Mary Alice Sidders was born May 18, 1854 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey
and when 13 moved to Ohio. She ______in Marriage to Elijah Barnes Glover
Aug. 15, 1873 in Logan County, Ohio. On April 1st ____they came to Bennet,
Nebraska where she lived until the time of her death, April 20, 1933. Her
husband passed away September 8th, 1895. To this union were born seven
children of which Katherine Estelle died in infancy.
Mrs. C. B. Zellars and Mrs. W. R. Ross of Lincoln, Anna Coe Ruckle, John
E. Glover, Mrs. F. W. Lingle and Mrs. F. W. Lingle of Bennet survive her.
She leaves two sisters, Charity Robbins of ____and Mrs. Anna Tritt of
Ohio and two brothers, J. M Sidders of Urbana, Ohio. Also eighteen
grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.
Mrs. Glover was a member of the Bennet Presbyterian church and a charter
member of W.C.T.U., in both organizations which has always had a keen
The funeral, Sunday was largely attended. Rev. West, her pastor preached
the sermon. Burial was at Bennet cemetery."

>From "Bennet Sun", Bennet, NE, April 27, 1933:

"Mrs M. A. Glover Gone To Her Reward

After a long period of helplessness, Mrs. M. A. Glover passed away last
Thursday evening at her home in Bennet. In her passing, humanity loses a
valued friend. Interested always in those institutions that are organized
for human weal, she put the weight of her influence with them loyally and
She was one of those rare personages that knew how to be staunch with her
convictions and at the same time be charitable toward those who were morally
Her warmth of heart extended to all. Her spirit was such as to commend
the Christian religion where ever she went. Yes, a friend of human beings is
The Bennet Sun is only one of the very many to feel the loss and to
extend sympathy to the bereft."

Children of Elijah GLOVER and Mary SIDDERS are:
+ 2 i. Alice May2 GLOVER, born August 01, 1874 in OH.
3 ii. Catherine Estelle "Katie" GLOVER, born January 12, 1876 in OH;
died July 18, 1877 in West Liberty, OH.

Notes for Catherine Estelle "Katie" GLOVER:
The remains of Catherine were exhumed Feb.4 1884 at West Liberty, Ohio
and buried Feb.l4 at Bennet Cemetery,Lancaster Co., Nebraska. She died at 1
yr., 6 mo., 6 da.

+ 4 iii. Anna Coe GLOVER, born September 24, 1877 in West Liberty,
Logan, OH; died April 03, 1971.
+ 5 iv. Jennie Belle GLOVER, born November 07, 1880 in Bennet Lancaster
Co., NE; died August 11, 1970 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE.
+ 6 v. John Elijah GLOVER, born March 05, 1884 in Bennet, Lancaster, NE;
died June 29, 1955.
+ 7 vi. Laura Eliza GLOVER, born December 31, 1887 in Bennet, NE; died
December 17, 1968.
+ 8 vii. Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" GLOVER, born August 25, 1891 in
Bennet, NE; died January 23, 1984.

Generation No. 2

2. Alice May2 GLOVER (Elijah Barnes1, JohnA, ElijahB, SamuelC, JohnD)
was born August 01, 1874 in OH. She married Clyde Berry ZELLARS May 24, 1894
in Bennet, NE, son of Caleb ZOLLARS and Mary WINNETT. He was born July 01,
1872 in Bealsville, WA, and died April 13, 1949.

Notes for Clyde Berry ZELLARS:
Clyde changed the spelling of his name, as did two of his brothers from
Zollars to Zellars. See notes for Maxwell Glover Zellars.

Children of Alice GLOVER and Clyde ZELLARS are:
9 i. Baby3 ZELLARS, born February 28, 1895 in Bennet, NE; died March
01, 1895.
10 ii. Benjamin Winnett ZELLARS, born August 27, 1896 in Bennet, NE;
died November 18, 1896.
+ 11 iii. Maxwell Glover ZELLARS, born October 31, 1897 in Bennet, NE.
+ 12 iv. Gladys Helen ZELLARS, born August 27, 1901 in Lincoln, NE.

4. Anna Coe2 GLOVER (Elijah Barnes1, JohnA, ElijahB, SamuelC, JohnD) was
born September 24, 1877 in West Liberty, Logan, OH, and died April 03, 1971.
She married Charles L. RUCKLE December 16, 1899 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE,
son of George RUCKLE and Almeda LAME. He was born December 16, 1877 in
Bennet, Lancaster, NE, and died 1973.

Notes for Charles L. RUCKLE:
Charles was the son of George and Almeda (Lame) Ruckle.

Children of Anna GLOVER and Charles RUCKLE are:
13 i. Ruth Corinne3 RUCKLE, born June 23, 1901 in Lincoln, NE. She
married (1) Francis E. SULLIVAN June 10, 1923 in Hastings, NE; born in
Ckhicago, IL. She married (2) Emil Joseph HONREICH December 09, 1946 in San
Rafael, CA; born August 26, 1907 in San Francisco, CA.
14 ii. Daughter RUCKLE, born October 10, 1903 in Bennet, Lancaster Co.,
NE; died October 10, 1903 in Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE.
15 iii. Leah Katherine RUCKLE, born September 13, 1904 in Bennet,
Lancaster Co., NE; died June 30, 1984 in Torrance, Los Angeles Co., CA. She
married (1) Porter G. COOL July 28, 1926 in Central City, NE; born May 24,
1898 in Callaway, NE. She married (2) Don D. BORDEN December 24, 1956 in
Minden, NV; born December 13, 1904 in Hibbing, MN; died in Torrance, Los
Angeles Co., CA.
+ 16 iv. Bessie RUCKLE, born October 18, 1906 in SHELTON, NE.
+ 17 v. John Vance RUCKLE, born July 23, 1908 in Bennet, Lancaster, NE;
died October 03, 1980 in Torrance, Los Angeles, CA.
+ 18 vi. George Kermit RUCKLE, born February 17, 1910 in Bennet, NE.
19 vii. Max RUCKLE, born December 02, 1911 in Bennet, Lancaster Co.,
NE; died December 02, 1911 in Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE.

Notes for Max RUCKLE:
Max and Maxine were twins.

20 viii. Maxine RUCKLE, born December 02, 1911 in Bennet, Lancaster
Co., NE; died December 02, 1911 in Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE.

Notes for Maxine RUCKLE:
Max and Maxine were twins.

+ 21 ix. Beulah "Boots" RUCKLE, born June 09, 1914 in Bennet, NE.
22 x. Roland Lee RUCKLE, born January 16, 1917 in Bennet, Lancaster
Co., NE; died May 29, 1931 in Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE.

Notes for Roland Lee RUCKLE:
Roland drowned. Newspaper clipping from the "Bennet Sun" in Josephine
Coleman files:

"Drowning Tragedy Shocks Bennet

The tragic death of a Bennet youth last Friday was a severe shock to the
sensibilities and sympathies of our people. A group of boys had gone to the
Nisley pond to have a swim. Some of the older boys had left for home and
only five boys were in the pond, Roland Ruckle, Freeland Sidders, Harry
Lingle, Dean English and Millard Hess. Suddenly Roland seemed to be taken
with a cramp and went down. Freeland tried to save him and was nearly pulled
to his own death by the drowning boy. Help was summoned and the pond was
partially drained before his body could be recovered. Roland was the
youngest child of Mrs. Coe Ruckle and had just finished the Bennet Grades and
ready for entrance into the High School. It was a tragic blow for the family
and the community has hearty sympathy for them.
The funeral was held Monday in the Presbyterian Church and the burial was
in the Bennet cemetery. The Bennet Sun Joins many others in expressing
sympathy to the bereaved."

"Roland Lee Ruckle

Roland Lee Ruckle was born in Bennet, Nebraska, January 16, 1917. He
passed away May 29, 1931at the age of 14 years, 4 months and 13 days.
He is leaves to mourn his parents, two brothers and four sisters and a
host of other relatives and friends.
He was a favorite at school and was loved by all who knew him."

"Card of Thanks

We wish to thank all for their kindness to us.

Mr. Mrs. Chas. Ruckle and Children.

5. Jennie Belle2 GLOVER (Elijah Barnes1, JohnA, ElijahB, SamuelC, JohnD)
was born November 07, 1880 in Bennet Lancaster Co., NE, and died August 11,
1970 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE. She married William Robert ROSS July 19,
1900 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, son of Elijah ROSS and Jane DUNLAP. He
was born July 04, 1877 in Bennet, NE, and died January 07, 1959.

Notes for Jennie Belle GLOVER:
Born in a barn.
Burial: Buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Notes for William Robert ROSS:
Buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Children of Jennie GLOVER and William ROSS are:
23 i. Alice LaVerne3 ROSS, born May 01, 1901 in Bennet, Lancaster, NE;
died January 16, 1980 in Omaha, NE. She married (1) Richard L. ODDIE
December 18, 1918 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE; born December 07, 1895 in
Lincoln, NE; died November 25, 1940. She married (2) Clarence John PROSSER
May 20, 1936 in Yuma, AZ; born July 07, 1900 in Milford, NE; died March 07,

Notes for Alice LaVerne ROSS:
Buried in Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE.
Social Security #506-22-19871.

Notes for Clarence John PROSSER:
Buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Lincoln, NE.
Was in World War II, Sg7 H&S CO 323 Engineers.

+ 24 ii. Ida Belle ROSS, born January 16, 1903 in Raymond, NE; died April
19, 1986 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE.
25 iii. Liona May ROSS, born February 24, 1908 in Lincoln, NE; died
April 17, 1909.
+ 26 iv. William Glover ROSS, born October 27, 1909 in Lincoln, Lancaster
Co., , NE; died September 21, 1961 in Lincoln Lancaster Co.,, NE.

6. John Elijah2 GLOVER (Elijah Barnes1, JohnA, ElijahB, SamuelC, JohnD)
was born March 05, 1884 in Bennet, Lancaster, NE, and died June 29, 1955. He
married Tula Mabel MORGAN July 01, 1908 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE, daughter
of William MORGAN and Augusta OTTO. She was born July 17, 1885 in Bennet,
Lancaster, NE, and died November 26, 1965 in Witchita, KA.

Notes for John Elijah GLOVER:
John E. Glover, a man of honesty and integrity, was born on a farm
northeast of Bennet, Nebraska on Mar 5, 1884. Although he quit school in the
9th grade as most young men of the time were forced to do, he became a
success at a number of careers due to his dedication to hard work. He lived
in the Bennet area until the age of 12, when in 1896 he moved to West
Liberty, Ohio with his mother and sisters after the death of his father. The
family returned to Bennet in 1898 and remained in the state thereafter.
1908 marked the beginning of the first of a number of interesting
careers. In that year he married Tula M. Morgan and took a job in Lincoln,
Nebraska as a motorman on a street car. By 1910 the family consisting of
John, Tula and infant son, John Raymond, returned to the town of Bennet.
Another son, Sterling Morton was born to them in 1911.
The career John pursued during this time was as owner of a dray line
(freight line). With his horses and wagon John picked up supplies from the
train depot and delivered freight to the local merchants. John also served
the community by providing necessary transportation at funerals and by
driving the local physician to night time house calls.
In March of 1917 the family moved to a farm northeast of Bennet. That
year marked the birth of Robert Howard. This move also marked the end of his
dray line business and the beginning of a career that took John to Lincoln
weekly. He commuted by Model T Ford to Lincoln and worked as an auto mechanic
at the South side Garage for his brother-in-law, Clyde Zellers. The birth of
two sons occurred during this time. In 1920, Morgan was born and in 1922
Milton Ellsworth was born. Both young babies contracted Pneumonia and Milton
died of the disease at the age of six months.
A job as custodian of the Bennet Public Schools in 1924 brought John
back to Bennet to work. Not only did he hold this job until 1944 but he also
held at the same time a job at a radio shop with his brother-in-law Fred
Lingle. Into this family of four surviving sons a girl was born. Edythe
Louise made her entrance into the family in January of 1924.
In 1945 John joined forces with Edythe Louise's husband, Lloyd Languis,
in a hardware store business until the Lloyd Languis family moved to Kansas.
John continued in the business until his death in June of 1955. John Glover
epitomized the very best of the American work ethic by providing for his
family a secure and happy life. His innate kindness and goodness provided for
all who knew him a fine example of genuine honesty and integrity.

This note is from the "Bennet Centennial Program, 1871-1971":
"The first undertaker and embalmer was Peter Trexler who operated his
enterprise in the basement of his hardware store. He owned what was a
beautiful glass-sided hearse, drawn by four coal-black horses and usually
driven by John Glover." Its ironic that later in 1945, in this same hardware
store with many relics of the embalming business still remaining, was the
same one operated by John Glover and son-in-law, Lloyd Languis.
Also from the Bennet Centennial Program, "1945: The Trexler Hardware has
been sold to John Glover and Harold Finke."

Children of John GLOVER and Tula MORGAN are:
+ 27 i. John Raymond "Ray"3 GLOVER, born April 11, 1909 in Lincoln,
Lancaster, NE; died December 25, 1975 in Torrance, L.A., CA.
+ 28 ii. Sterling Morton GLOVER, born April 22, 1911 in Bennet, Lancaster,
NE; died June 15, 1998 in Lincoln Lancaster Co.,, NE.
+ 29 iii. Robert Howard GLOVER, born January 21, 1917 in Bennet,
Lancaster, Nebr.; died October 09, 1986 in Wichita, KA.
+ 30 iv. Morgan "Ted" GLOVER, born March 06, 1920 in Bennet, Lancaster,
31 v. Milton Ellsworth GLOVER, born August 31, 1922 in Bennet,
Lancaster, NE; died March 17, 1923 in Bennet, NE.

Notes for Milton Ellsworth GLOVER:
Obituary in "Bennet Sun", Bennet, NE:

"Milton Ellsworth Glover was born August 31, 1922, departing this life March
17, 1923, age 6 months, 16 days. He leaves his parents, four brothers----
Ray, Sterling, Robert and Morgan, also many relatives to learn to live
without his baby presence.
"Sweet little bud for earth too fair,
Has gone to Heaven to blossom there."
The funeral was held at the home Monday, Dr. Carpenter of Lincoln

Card of Thanks

" We wish to sincerely thank the many friends who gave us their aid and
sympathy in our time of bereavement, the death of our darling baby and
brother, and for the many beautiful floral offerings.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Glover and family."

+ 32 vi. Edythe Louise "Susie" GLOVER, born January 19, 1924 in Bennet,
Lancaster, NE.

7. Laura Eliza2 GLOVER (Elijah Barnes1, JohnA, ElijahB, SamuelC, JohnD)
was born December 31, 1887 in Bennet, NE, and died December 17, 1968. She
married (1) Fred Wallace LINGLE December 24, 1906 in Lincoln, NE, son of
Albert LINGLE and Addie MCFREY. He was born March 09, 1884 in Bennet, NE,
and died March 19, 1941. She married (2) Leslie EWING June 12, 1947 in
Marysville, KA. He was born July 15, 1889 in Maryville, MO.

Child of Laura GLOVER and Fred LINGLE is:
+ 33 i. Josephine Adaline3 LINGLE, born September 02, 1907 in Lincoln,
NE; died July 03, 1966.

8. Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie"2 GLOVER (Elijah Barnes1, JohnA, ElijahB,
SamuelC, JohnD) was born August 25, 1891 in Bennet, NE, and died January 23,
1984. She married Frank Lehman LINGLE April 10, 1917 in Bennet, NE, son of
Albert LINGLE and Addie MCFREY. He was born September 12, 1878 in Bennet,
NE, and died December 21, 1947.

Notes for Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" GLOVER:
The following is taken from "Remembrance Of A Grandmother" in honor of
Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" Lingle, 1891-1984, by her grandson, Ronald Allen
"When I sat down to write this remembrance about my grandmother Bessie, I
wondered how anyone could possibly capture the highlights of a life that
spanned 92 years in just a few words.
I know her parents, Mary Alice & Elijah Glover, were pioneers who moved
from Ohio in 1876 to a rural area outside Bennet, Nebraska, where they
homesteaded 80 acres of land. I know she spent most of her 92 years in that
same area, where she married Frank Lehman Lingle on April 10, 1917 & together
they had a child, Harry Robbins, my father. I know when she left Bennet 10
years ago to move to California, she had lived in Lancaster County longer
than any other resident.
But more than statistics, I wanted this to be a personal remembrance of
Bessie Lingle, and to assemble a few of the little bits and pieces of her
life that I've learned in the last few years.
She loved to talk about the old days back in Bennet. She told me a story
once of how when she was a girl, she and her sister Laura were playing and
she had a sun stroke and fainted. She explained the wild experience of how
Laura rode her back to town, unconscious , on the back of a horse to get
help. Somehow, the way she told the story, hinted that she couldn't believe
that she'd survived.
She talked about how she and her sister owned and operated a millinery
business in Bennet. She explained how they purchased goods and materials
from a supplier in Lincoln, Nebraska and filled orders for local grandmother, the liberated woman of the early 1900s.
She loved needle work, and her many handcrafted quilts reveal the value
and beauty of self discipline and patience. She continued on with her crafts
up until the last few years until it became impossible for her. I know my
sister was always supplying her with embroidery work and socks that needed
darning. Once she asked me if I had socks that needed repair, and I was too
embarrassed to tell her that instead of fixing them, I usually threw them
For many years after she was widowed, she cared for elderly and sick
women in her home on a day-to-day, 'round the clock basis. When you look
realistically at 92 years, you're looking at a lot of days. Days in a small,
quiet town where you don't go out for entertainment, but perhaps more readily
learn the value of the gift of life itself. This is what I will remember most
about my Grandmother Bessie....her contentment with life.
In the last few years, I know from her comments, she learned humility
from not being able to care for herself, that she threw away some prejudices
she grew up with, and she took more to heart, the word of God.
And I believe that as she learned, she realized that she needed more than
a teacher, but rather a savior...., and that she believed in His very
words..."whosoever believed in me, should not perish, but have eternal life."
God bless you Grandma in your new life with the Lord."

Child of Sarah GLOVER and Frank LINGLE is:
+ 34 i. Harry Robbins3 LINGLE, born July 25, 1920 in Bennet, NE; died
October 04, 1989 in Granada Hills, Los Angeles, CA.

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