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Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 18:56:04 +0200
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Hello Carolyn,

Op donderdag 7 april 2005 om 1.47.03 schreef je:

> He was christened January l620 in "Oud Karspel," Noord Holland. So
> does "oud" mean "old"? I can't find Oud Karspel on the map, but can
> find "Hoogkarspel" to the east of Langendjik. Is this the same
> village/town? What does the name mean?

"Oud" means old, "hoog" means high, "karspel" is probably an old
spelling of "kerspel", which means parish.

Oudkarspel is a town in the province Noord Holland. The towns
Oudkarspel, Noord-Scharwoude, Zuid-Scharwoude, Broek op Langedijk,
Sint Pancras and part of the town Koedijk together form the municipity
Langedijk (not Langendjik). Hoogkarspel is a different town.

> Why would there be a 5-year wait for christening? (It's possible
> that the birth date is wrong; it's an estimate.)

Usually, Catholic children were baptized the day they were born, Dutch
Reformed children the first or second sunday after the birth. So he
was probably born January 1620 or December 1619.

> Herck's wife Weyntje was born in 1628 in Naarden or Noorden, North
> Holland. Are Naarden/Noorden the same town? Where is it on the map?

Naarden is a town in the south-east of the province Noord Holland
(just north of Hilversum, east of Amsterdam). Noorden is probably a
misreading of Naarden (but there is a town Noorden in the province
Zuid Holland, just outside Nieuwkoop, east of Alphen aan den Rijn).

> I have heard that Krankyhte, etc. means "disease" or "illness".
> Could someone tell me why Jacobus would change his name in such a
> manner?

Krankheid (current spelling; in the 17th century probably spelled as
Krankheyt, or Krankheijt) indeed means illness, disease. I've never
seen it used as a name before.

BTW, all the towns/villages I mentioned can be found on the online
maps of (click on the little English flag to
get the English language interface, fill in City under Destination,
leave the rest blank, click on Show map and use the zoom options to
get some context).

Met vriendelijke groet,
Henk van Kampen

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