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Adam Wiebe von Harlingen was not from "low-German", but he did speak "High-German". Please read the article by Mr. Horst Penner. Many of the Wiebe's spoke High-German. My Grandfather Ernst Wiebe received his PhD in Chemistry from Heidelberg University, Germany. My own father spoke fluent High-German. The Wiebe family was very wealthy and well educated. My Grandfather Ernst also played the violin. The Wiebe's have always been a very talented group of people. I could tell you story after story from the pictures that they sent in the early 1900's to the U.S. to all the stories my Dad would tell of them. Trust me they had their hands in everything. They owned a brewery, my Aunts were doctors, they owned a great deal of land, they even owned a ice cream store, etc. I use to have old pictures/post cards telling of all their wealth and education hence they were very proud of their accomplishments. Ironically I moved to Germany in 1983 with the U.S. Army and on my return !
after 3 years almost all my childhood belongings were lost to include most of the pictures from Germany. When I was a kid though I had studied those pictures and have them saved to memory as well as the stories. In addition, you do not become a Hydro Engineer, doctor as a female, Chemist with a PhD from a reputable school, Franz Wiebe as Mayor, and "In 1792, Gerhard Wiebe worked on the 20 Articles on the "Religious Beliefs of the Mennonites in Prussia" and published it in Elbing. He also translated into high German a brief that Menno Simonis wrote in 1549 to the Prussian communities so that it was available to all Mennonites."
Personally I don't think we credit the Wiebe Name enough and I think I know why. Yes - they were Mennonites and Yes - they were also farmers, both of which kept them from having to fight in wars. They married within I guess to keep the wealth in the family. I bet if we look at those that married outside the family they were from wealth as well. These people were smart and cunning and I am proud to say I am a Wiebe by birth. One more thing. Adam Wiebe was hired by Kings and I quote, "Even the King of Poland repeatedly asserted his service. Yes, it states he died a poor man, but that did not prevent his kids to fight over his estate. So what was poor in the minds who knew him when he was wealthy? Did he hide his fortunes? I think he was too smart to die penniless. My hunch is he used a great deal of his wealth to build a home, "Towards the end of his life, Adam Wiebe purchases a piece of land near Pasewark. We can almost see his ambition captured in this piece of lan!
d." In other words what is poor to someone who had a great deal of wealth could be rich to those who have none. Just my guess.

Adam is credited with the invention of the cable car and was a Hydro Engineer as was his sons Abraham and Jacob. I believe that Adam had a third son named Peter hence the 3 family stories within the article by Horst Penner equal 3 sons/branches from Adam. At least that is what I believe to be the case. Please note below, at the end, it states Adam had a Daughter and 4 sons. I am uncertain as to why they may have been left out of the article. The following information was given to me long before I ever came across the article by Mr. Horst Penner. Please compare the two and look very close. Each story in the article along with dates and location at times coincides with the information listed below. I am certain I am the Great Grandson to Adam Wiebe von Harlingen. look close and enjoy.

Father: Michael Franz (akaFritz) Wiebe Sr., Born 08 November 1921, Brooklyn, New York. He was married to Katherine Irene Long. They had five children: 1.) Irene (aka Renee), 2.) Michael Jr., 3.) Katherine (aka Kathy), 4.) Deborah, and 5.) John David Wiebe.

Grandfather: Ernst Paul Reinhold Arnold Wiebe, born July 9, 1886, baptized into the Mennonite church on Apr. 5, 1903, Last address prior to coming to the U.S. was Berlin, Germany. He left Germany in 1912 and entered Ellis Island. His wife was Elisabeth Walsh. Ernst's oldest brother was George Hermann Wiebe moved to Berlin in 1903, Ernst was father to two sons: Michael Fritz Wiebe and Herman Wiebe, born --__________? Herman's two sons Bill and Tim Wiebe live in Ohio with their families.

Grandmother: Elisabeth Myrtle Walsh, little information is known. I was told she was American Indian (Cherokee), I was told her mother and father was both 100% Cherokee Indian and her Dad was Chief of their tribe.

Great Grandfather: Hermann Wiebe, born 1838, died 1917, married to Anna Elisabeth Wiebe, more than likely they were cousins, father to Ernst P.R.A. Wiebe

Great Grandmother: Anna Elisabeth Wiebe (1847 - 1907), daughter of Aron Wiebe and Elisabeth Woelke, more than likely they were cousins and possibly first cousins.

Great Great Grandfather: Jacob Wiebe (b. 1807) and Helena Woelke (b. 1803); Jacob Wiebe was the son of Franz Wiebe Sr. His son was Hermann Wiebe, born 1838.

Great Great Grandmother: Helena Woelke (b. 1803), she was the daughter of Aron Wiebe and Elisabeth Woelke (interesting coincidence)

Great Great Great Grandfather: Franz Wiebe, the "Schulz" (Mayor) and "Nachbar" (landowner) in Klackendorf, Germany, (born Jan. 10, 1767), died on Jan. 13, 1820 at 4 in the afternoon at the age of 53 years and 3 days, buried in the Fischau cemetery on Jan. 19, 1820, wife Agatha nee Dueck (Dyck) and 5 sons and 3 daughter all of whom were "unmundig" and living at home, Unmundig means that they had not yet reached the age of 21, His wife remarried to Franz Claassen of Schlabelau on Dec. 21, 1820. She was 45 years old at the time. She died on May 2, 1832 in Schlablau at the age of 54 years, oldest known son Franz was born in 1798. Franz Wiebe was baptized into the Elbing/Ellerwald Mennonite church in 1785. He was the son of Gerhard and Maria Wiebe.

Great Great Great Grandmother: Agatha nee Dueck (Dyck), Born 1778 and died on May 2, 1832 in Schlablau at the age of 54 years.

Great Great Great Great Grandfather: Gerhard Wiebe, of Klein Wickerau. Gerhard was born on Sept. 15, 1719 and died in Klein Wickerau on Sept. 11, 1792. He was married to Maria Wiebe. They had 3 sons and one daughter: Johann (b about 1755), Gerhard, Franz and Catharina (b about 1765). Gerhard Wiebe was the son of Arend Wiebe and Maria Dyck.

Great Great Great Great Grandmother: Maria Wiebe,

Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather: Arend Wiebe, (1693 - 1775). He was married to Maria Dyck. Arend lived in Freienhuben, Prussia. Arend was the Dutch version of Aron. Arend's father was Jacob Wiebe. Arend and Maria were married around 1718.

Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother: Maria ( Spelling could be = Dieck) what was provided by Glenn Penner of Canada was = Dyck, (1697 - 1759).

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather: Jacob Wiebe, no dates or locations available at this time.

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother: ???

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather: Adam Wiebe?
ID: I12729
. Name: Adam Wybe
. Sex: M
. ALIA: Adam /Wiebe/
. Name: Adam Wijbe (Dutch form)
. Name: Adams Wybe
. Birth: 12 JUL 1584 in Harlingen, Friesland 1
. Death: 1653 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
. Event: Emigrated 1616 From Harlingen to Danzig, West Prussia 2
. Occupation: AFT 1616 became Wasserbaumeister of Danzig, West Prussia
. Marriage 1 Margaretha ? b: ABT 1587 in Harlingen, Friesland
.Married: ABT 1610 in Hansestadt, Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
1. Jacob Wiebe b: AFT 1610 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
. Death: 1650 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
. Residence: 1640 Elbing, Westpreussen, Preussen
2. Hans Wiebe b: ABT 1620 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
3. Peter Wiebe b: ABT 1624 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
4. Abraham Wiebe b: ABT 1628 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
5. Mechalina Wiebe b: BEF 1630 in Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen
1.Title: Sweeter Than All The World
Author: Rudy Wiebe
Publication: Toronto, Ontario: Alfred A. Knopf, 2001. 438 pp. $35.95 hc.
Note: This book, even though it is a novel, is an excellent source of historical information on Adam Wybe as well as other early Mennonites and their trials and persecutions.
Note: A
Note: My library
Media: Book
Page: 78
Title: The Mennonite Encyclopedia
Author: Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
Publication: ONLINE
Note: Excellent source
Media: Other
Page: SUBJECT: Wiebe (Wieb) Surname
Text: "In 1616 Adam Wiebe came to Danzig from Harlingen, Holland".
This would be the "Adam Wybe (Wiebe) von Harlingen Holland who came to Danzig Germany in the 1600's. It is said he arrived about 1616, but this date is a guess. We think Adam had a Brother named Jacob as well and could be that he named his son Jacob after his brother. Adam had one daughter and four sons, but only two are well documented that being Jacob and Abraham. Adam and his brother Jacob fled Holland due to an invasion. You can read more about this in a separate article (see attachment).

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother: Margaretha ? b: ABT 1587 in Harlingen, Friesland, married Adam Wiebe and five children (one daughter and four sons). Married: ABT 1610 in Hansestadt, Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Preussen

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