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You must know the patronymic system of name giving.
Your name: Jan Teuniszen van Tilburgh means:
Jan = baptismal name; first name
Teuniszen = patronymic Teuniszoon = Teunis' son = name of the father is also Teunis.
Van Tilburgh = added name; he comes from Tilburg.
The same with Teunis Pleunen van Tilburgh:
Teunis = baptismal name
Pleun = patronymic; so Teunis' father was Pleun
Van Tilburg = their origin is Tilburg.

For pessengers listing, see:
It is a lot searching and very time consuming.

As to Trijntje Pieters Cronenberg:
Trijntje (Catharina) = baptismal name
Pieters = her father was Pieter
Cronenberg = added name; here perhaps the name of a house, of a pub, of an hotel etc.
I know nothing about Trijntje: husband, town, period?

You may also search in the other Brabantic databases.

Jan Theunissen: that is the problem with spelling in those old times. Teunis may be written as: Theunis, Tuenis, Thuenis, Tunis, Thunis. The name Teunissen as Teunisse, Theunisse, Theunissen, Tuenissen, Thuenissen, Thunissen, Thunisse, Teuniszen etc. The system only accepts one variant. And in the year 1620 they wrote Thuenisze, in 1621 Tunisze etc. Mostly it is better to ask the baptismal name. In the catholic region, the Latin name was in use; in the protestant region the Dutch names with the many variants.

As to Trijntje: see

SourceParish register - Marriage
Archive locationNationaal Archief
GeneralType of source: Trouwboek
Congregation: Collegiate Church of New York
Proclamation: 04-12-1655
Denomination: NDG
Place: Nieuw Amsterdam-New York
GroomJan Theuniszen
Place of birth: Tilburg
BrideTrijntje Pieters
Place of birth: Amsterdam

Mind: the province of Prabant is a catholic region; and now surprisingly, this Trijntje is protestant. Most protestants were not born in Brabant but elsewhere in Holland.
See also the data base of Rotterdam and Den Haag:
and of Den Haag:

And you will find more on Trijntje, especially in Rotterdam.
For Amsterdam search:

I didn't find any hits in the Amsterdam site.

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