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From: Glenn Gohr <>
Subject: Neville Books
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 06:34:36 -0600 (CST)

These are the Neville books and source materials that I own. All are out of
print, so if you are interested, I would have to make a photocopy. I
also know of other Neville books which were printed (but which I do not
have in my collection). I may include those books in a future posting.

Glenn Gohr
1040 E. McCanse St.
Springfield, MO 65803-3613
Ph. 417-833-2814

If interested in a photocopy, cost would be $.10 per page plus postage
(in some cases I can get 2 pages on one sheet).

References to the Neville family (books, articles, etc.) from the
personal library of Glenn Gohr, March 1997:

Blakemore, Maurice Neville. The Blakemore Family and Allied
Lines. 276 p. (I only have selected pages).

Boddie, John B. "Neville of Isle of Wight, Virginia, and North
Carolina." Historical Southerrn Families. Vol. II. pp. 149-160.

Boogher, William Fletcher. Neville Family of Maryland and
Virginia. Washington, D.C.: Privately published, 1902. 6 p.

Collier, William Neville. A Genealogical Record of One Branch
of the Neville Family. Long Beach, CA: Privately published,
1953. 21 p.

Nevill, Ivan B., Sr. Genealogy of the Nevill Family. Houston, TX:
Privately published, 1964. 143 p.

Neville, Joseph B. A 360-Year History of One Neville Family
(1612-1972). Elmdale, KS: Privately published, 1974. 43 p.

*Neville, Joseph B. A 370-Year History of One Neville Family
(1612-1982). Tempe, AZ: Privately published, 1988. 166 p.
(*This is the newest book on the Nevilles. It is well-documented
and the most up-to-date; however it still only covers selected
descendants of John Neville of the "Ark and Dove." Also, this
book does not have an index. And it is out of print. It is located
in several libraries across the U.S.)

Neville, Joseph B., editor. Society of John Neville Descendants
Newsletter. 1976-1980. (Contains much information on the
Neville family in the U.S., some of which is included in the 2
books by Joseph B. Neville.)

Newman, Harry Wright. The Flowering of the Maryland
Palatinate. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1984.
359 p. (Has much informatioin on the early Neville family in
Maryland and on other early immigrants who came over on the
"Ark and Dove" to Maryland from England. Also gives a
description of the boat trip to Maryland and of early life in
Maryland of that period.) Note: This book, I believe, is still in

Swallow, Henry J. The Battle of Nevill's Cross. N.p.: n.p.,
1885. 20 p. (This booklet tells the history of a famous battle in
English history which occurred on Oct. 17, 1346 and involved
Lord Ralph Nevill, a direct ancestor of mine through the Harris
and Percy families of England. Howeverr, we have been unable
to establish the English parentage of John Neville, who was the
Neville immigrant on the Ark and Dove who settled in Maryland
in 1612.)

Swallow, Henry J. De Nova Villa; or, The House of Nevill in
Sunshine and Shade. Newcastle-on-Tyne: Andrew Reid, 1885.
334 p. (Contains much information on the noble family of
Neville in England.)

Trimble, David B. "Neville of Orange County, North Carolina,
and Coffee County, Tennessee." American Orgins. San
Antonio, TX: Privately published, 1974. pp. 128-155.

Wilson, Watt Ella Nevils. The Neville Family of England and the
United States. Compiled by Frances Beal Smith Hodges.
Wichita Falls, TX: Privately published, 1964. 116 p.

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