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From: Merle Saunders <>
Subject: [NEW-ENG-GEN] Saunders family of Hancock County,
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 13:28:16 -0800

Hello Sharon,
YES! I am researching the Saunders family of Hancock County,
Even though this was a very prolific family, I have not found too many
people on-line yet who were researching them, so I was very glad to see
your message. Actually, to be more specific, I have been researching
in Orland (Originally called Plantation #2) and Penobscot (Which is
actually in Hancock County - not Penobscot County) during the first half

the 1800's and late 1700's.
My line is from Thadeus S. Saunders who was born July 3, 1819 in
Orland who married Eliza Jane DOYLE (born Nov. 26, 1827 near Houlton,
Washington County, Maine) on Sept. 7, 1848 in North Penobscot and they
moved to Stark County, Illinois after the Civil War. I believe (do not
positive proof) that Thadeus' father was Mark Riggs Saunders born Dec.
1794 in Hancock County who married (marriage date unknown by me) Abigail

PARTRIDGE, born Jan. 25, 1799 in Orland. Mark Riggs Saunders father was
Moses Saunders, born June 10, 1770 in St. John, New Brunswick (Nova
at that time) who married Sarah BLAISDELL (born Feb. 10, 1772 in Pictou,

Nova Scotia) in about 1789. Moses and Sarah had 13 children in Orland
some these children had even more than 13. I believe that possibly all
the original Saunders in this area are descendants of Moses and Sarah.
I believe (do not have positive proof) that Moses' father was
William Saunders, born Oct. 21, 1733 in Rowley, Essex County,
who married Anne LOWELL (born Aug. 29, 1736 in Rowley, Essex County,
Massachusetts) on May 25, 1761 in Rowley. Several families (including
William and Anne) from Rowley, Mass. moved in about 1763 to establish
settlement of Maugerville, New Brunswick (Nova Scotia at that time).
Apparently, William did very well in Canada for several years, but after

the Revolutionary War many Loyalists left America and they forced him
his land. I have an excerpt from an old document: "22 May, 1788, a
from William Saunders was sent to the Senate of Massachusetts, showing
he was driven from Spy-Hamton, St. John, New Brunswick during the late
and with a wife and 13 children had to leave his 600 acres of land and
now in extreme poverty. Therefore wishes land in the wields of America".

This document goes on to say that this was the William Saunders, son of
Edward Saunders of Rowley, Massachusetts. William and his family
escaped with their lives and made their way somehow down the coast to
Orphan Island, Hancock County, Maine (Moses was listed here in Census
records of 1790). Moses, who was at an age to set out on his own, stayed

Hancock County, while his father and most of his family apparently went
back to Massachusetts and settled in an area near Rowley that was called

Merrimack. I have another old record from Orland that states: "William
Saunders removed with his wife from Merrimack to Orland in the Autumn of

1797 and died on Dec. 25, 1799 at the age of 67 years". Possibly he had
moved in with his son due to bad health or poverty. Please note that
of the statements above are speculation on my part, but I do have some
circumstantial evidence.
Well, Sharon, I don't know if any of this is helpful to you or if

you already have any of it, but I am hoping to hear back from you and
that you or any other researcher might be able to add anything or tell
if I might be wrong on some of it. I will be glad to give you more
information that I have if it would be helpful at all.

Thank you for your message,

Merle Saunders
Dixon, Illinois

Sharon Desrosiers wrote:

> is anyone researching the Saunders of Hancock Co, Maine??
> Thanks,
> Sharon

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