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Subject: [NEW-GEN-URL-L] FYI JOHN AND CYNDI's url Now off the soap box
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:51:36 GMT
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One of the purpose of this list is to promote your web site and to
post to this list when you have changed or added new information.
Whether its a large site or small this forum is to use to promote it
by posting that information to the list.
When you post your url the information you include by making a
meaningful subject line and what your url is about.

Regarding Cyndi Howell's site it is a tried and proven site she has
put a lot of time into it.
It should be in everyones favorite sites.

I value Cyndi Howell and John Fuller as list members they have been
here since the beginning.
They are both working as volunteers for the genealogy community.
This is John's url you should visit it.
You find info about e-mail genealogy list here.
This is Cyndi's site You should visit it.
Its useful whether you are a newbie or have been at it a long time.

I want to add this this list is exactly what we make it you the list
members are the backbone and I want to thank each and everyone of you
for making it a good list.

Nadine Wilson Hensley
List Admin
Now I'm off the soap box .

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