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Subject: [NEW-HAMPSHIRE-L] Col. Benjamin Bellows of Walpole, NH desc. from John Bellows 1635, MA
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 14:02:54 EST

Subject: Benjamin Bellows descended from John Bellows who arrive 1635 on the
Ship the Hopewell.
Source: Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of
Lancaster, Mass., 1643 to
1850 by Henry S. Nourse, A.M. 1890

Benjamin Bellows ye Son of Benjamin & Dorcas Bellows was born May ye 26, 1712.

p.271 Became a member of the First Church of Lancaster.
April 11, 1724/5 Judith Moor wife of Fairbank Moor.

Daniel Goodfree of Lancaster and Ruth Belloss of Westbury Entred their
Intentions of Marriage on
Oct 8th, 1773.

Records of the First Church of Lancaster, from the oldest book, Rev. John
Prentice ordinated
March 29, 1708
Accepted at the First Church April 11, 1714 was Dorcas Bellows.

October 30, 1709
Mary, Judith and Joannah, the children of Benjamin Bellows were baptized by
ye mother's account.

November 23, 1712
Benjamin Bellows, son of Benjamin Bellows was baptized.

p.397 Judge Joseph Wilder's Memoranda
In the Lancaster Library is a memorandum book used by Judge Joseph Wilder
chiefly for record of public
business transacted by him. Scattered throughout the volume are the
following entries not found in the
town-clerks' books:

Jonathan Bellows and Judith Tezer of Southborough married ______? 27th, 1732.

Henry Willard and Dorcas Cutler were married 1689

Benjamin Bellows and the Widow Dorcas Willard were married 1703.

Married by John Houghton, Town Clerk of Lancaster
? Fairbank & Judith Bellows both of Lancaster were married April 30th, 1723.
[Fairbank Moore]?
Fairbank More ye son of Fairbank & Judith More was born July ye 25, 1728.

p.61 Benjamin More ye son of Ffairbank & Judeth More was born July the 30,

Paul Moore the Son of fairbank Moore & Judeth Moore was born November 4, 1736

Subject: Benjamin Bellows
Source: The Early Records of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643 to 1725 by Henry
S. Nourse, A.M. 1884.

The first to sign a petition in 1703 to the General Court regarding a
minister for Lancaster
Mass. was Benjamin Bellows. Petition endorsed June 2, 1703 and signed James
Converse, Speaker.

p.143 Assigned a Garrison at Lancaster in April 1704
Simon Willard and Benjamin Bellows allowed a Garrison said Simon Willard,
Commander. In this
Garrison was:
Benjamin Bellows
John Willard
Joshua Atherton
Henry Willard Jr.
James Houghton
Joseph Hutchins
Joseph Waters
Hezekiah Willard
James Smith

1705 Petition to Joseph Dudley, Esq, Captain General and Governor in Chief
regarding the meeting house
burned 17 or 18 months ago by the Enemy. Petition for rebuilding the meeting
house. Among the signers was Benjamin Bellows

Wednesday ye 26 of March 1718 Town Meeting, Capt Joslin, Moderator

First some lands of John Houghton & Jabez ffairbanks were read. Also some
Lands Laid out by Benjamin
Bellows to ye Right of Stephen Gates, but Simon Gates made some objections
against that Laid out by
Bellows being 100 acres mostly beyond cannoo brok all being third division.

p.189 Proprietor's Meeting April the 25, 1719 Tuesday - Proprietor's Meeting
We began at the Swan swamp and ran a straight line from the end of Glazers
ditch toa white oak stump
below Benjamin Bellows house which we accounted to be the corned and staked
out the same.

Lancaster May ye 20, 1724
Made Choyce of Benjamin Bellows, Jonas Houghton and Thomas Tooker to be a
Committy to view the Hiway
formerly propounded for by Benjamin Houghton to see where it may be with most
conveniancy and make
report to the propriety at their next meeting.

The original lot of John Whitcomb, junior, assigned in the agreement above
[division of the estate of
John Whitcomb, Senior] to Job and Josiah Whitcomb, youngest sons, was by them
sold to to John Moore,
senior. He dying in 1703, Benjamin Bellows his administrator, sold it to
Josiah White.

Lands of John Bush
Besides the town grant, Bush had lands given him by Major Willard which his
son John sold to Samuel
Willard and Benjamin Bellows in 1710.

In the list of Licensed Innholders and Retailers of Liquor 1685 to 1730:

1705 - Widow Mary Wilder, Benjamin Bellows and Simon Willard.

Benjamin Bellows having married Dorcas, widow of Henry Willard, lived on the
Willard estate at Still
River. A locality upon the intervale near, yet retains the name of "Bellows

Among the original men involved in the Nashaway Plantation (1643-1653) was
Thomas King a junior partner
in the Symonds & King Trucking House, an Indian trading post at Nashaway
Plantation - Lancaster, Mass.
According to Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700, Thomas King's
wife, Mary ( ? ) m. as his
2nd wife, James Cutler. Thomas King died Dec 3, 1644. In September 1643
Thomas King was about 30
yrs old with wife Mary and two young children and lived in Watertown. Mary
King, his widow married
James Cutler whose name the same year appeared among the Nashaway proprietors.

p.15 Petition to the General Court dated August 3, 1645

The following names signed the petition regarding Nashaway Plantation
John Hill, John Davis, John Chandler, Isaac Walker, James Cutler, Thomas
Skidmore, Samuel Bitfield
and Mathew Barnes. [see Massachusetts Archives CXII, 16.]

James Cutler
Source: Torrey

CUTLER, James (1606-) & 1st wife Anna or Anne (Grout or Cakefield) sister or
wife of John Grout of

CUTLER, James m. (2) Mary (?) widow of Thomas King. James Cutler m. Mary
King on March 9, 1644/5

CUTLER, James m. (3) Phebe (Page) abt 1659/10 Cambridge/Lexington

CULTER, James (1635 - 1685) m. June 15, 1665, Lydia (Moore) Wright widow of
Samuel Wright.

Subject: Surname BELLOWS ~ Colonel Benjamin Bellows of Walpole, NH was son
of Benjamin Bellows a first
Settler of Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Source: Savage Dictionary

BELLOWS, BENJAMIN, Lancaster, youngest child of John, b. prob. 1678
or 9 at Marlborough, after the return of the exiles from a safer residence at
Concord, m. 1704, Dorcas, wid. of Henry Willard of Lancaster, had
Mary, b. 1707; Judith, 1708; Joanna, 1710; and Benjamin Bellows, Jr. 26 May
1712. The name of his youngest son is perpet. in the Bellows Falls
of the Connecticut River where he founded the beautiful town of Walpole.
(This is Col. Benjamin Bellows, [Jr.] founder of Walpole, NH)

BELLOWS, JOHN [father of Benjamin Bellows of Lancaster, MA]
Concord 1645, had come in the Hopewell, Capt. Bundock, from London,
Apr. 1635, aged 12, m. 9 May 1655, Mary Wood of Marlborough, perhaps
dau of his fellow-passenger, John Wood; had Mary, b. 22 Apr. 1656;
Samuel, 22 Jan. 1658, d. young; Abigail, 6 May 1661; Daniel; and
Benjamin. He rem. to Marlborough. Such was the statement in Farmer, as orig.
print. with slight addit. from rec. by me; and in Farmer's interleav. copy no
correction or enlargement is found. Yet the variance of accounts in Ward
and Barry is so material, that tho. the two may be only one authority, it
must be giv. They say, the children were Isaac, b. 13 Sept. 1663, wh. died
1746; John, 13 May 1666; Thomas, 7 Sept. 1668; Eliezur, 13 Apr.
1671; Daniel, 15 Mar. 1673, d. young; and Nathaniel, 3 Apr. 1676, b.
at Concord, no doubt caused by the exposure of M. in Philip's war.
The father d. 10 Jan. 1684, as erron. is said, for his will was probated bef.
date, and Ward tells, that his wid. Mary d. 1707. Barry adds, that
Eliezur by w. Esther had Thomas, b. 30 Sept. 1693; and that the descend.
of John have been numerous in Malborough and Southborough.

John's will, made 19 June 1683, pro. 2 Oct. foll. names w. five sons and
two dau's, omits the son Benjamin, who had been adopt. by a rich man; so
that we may be sure the enumeration of Farmer was defective Abigail m.
19 Apr. 1682, Isaac Lawrence.

MATURIN, Providence 1645. ROBERT,
Boston 1654.


Subject: Peter Bellows oldest son of Colonel Benjamin Bellows, founder of
Walpole, NH
Source: History of Charlestown, New Hampshire by Rev. Henry H. Saunderson

Peter Bellows was the oldest son of Col. Benjamin Bellows the founder of
Walpole. Peter Bellows
was born at Lunenburg, Mass on Jan 6th 1789 and removed to Walpole, N.H. with
his father the year
he was fourteen years of age. Peter Bellows m. Mary Chase of Cornish, NH and
settled in Charlestown
New Hampshire. He died April 5, 1825. His wife died April 18, 1830.

Peter Bellows went to Ticonderoga June 28, 1777 just a fortnight before his
father, Col. Benjamin
Bellow's death. Peter was a private in Colonel Walker's company.

Children of Peter Bellows and wife, Mary (Chase) Bellows:

1. Samuel Bellows b. 1776 m. Martha (?). He died April 5, 1820. She died Mar
8, 1843 aged 77
One child, Royal Bellows who died June 16, 1819 in his 28th year.

2. Benjamin Bellows m. Polly Parker dau of Elijah and Elizabeth (Farwell)
Parker on July 24, 1791

3. Peter Bellows, Jr. m. Mehitable Jacobs.

4. Solomon Bellows b. Sept 9, 1776 m. Polly Hoyt.

5. John Bellows b. Aug 25, 1778.

6. Polly Bellows b. Jan 9, 1782 m. Stephen Parker.

7. Betsy Bellows b. April 12, 1785 m. Dr. Child.

Theodore Bellows was the son of Colonel Bellows by his second wife, Mary
Jennison whose maiden name was
Mary Hubbard. Theodore Bellows was born abt 1762 and m. Sarah Hutchins dau
of Capt Phineas Hutchins and
wife Abigail Hutchins. He settled at Charlestown, NH Their children:

1. Sarah Bellows b. April 8, 1782 m. Walter Powers
2. George Bellows b. Jan 31, 1784 m. Clarrisa Bellows
3. Polly Bellows b. Oct 29, 1785
4. Theodore Bellows, Jr. b. Oct 10, 1787 m. Elizabeth Davis
5. Thomas Bellows b. Dec 12, 1790
6. Charles Henry Bellows b. April 23, 1791; died Aug 16, 1802.
7. Orlando Bellows b. June 30, 1793 m. Maria Bleannett
8. Eleanor Bellows m. J. P. Baker
9. James Bellows b. Dec 12, 1796 d. Sept 17, 1802
10. Abigail Bellows m. Charles Watkins.

According to Dr. Bellows, Theodore Bellows at the age of twenty was a
sergeant in Capt. Peter Page's
company of militia raised by New Hampshire in 1780, Colonel Nichol's
Regiment, raised to join the
Continental Army for the defence of West Point. He served 3 months and
fourteen days. He was 17 yrs
old when his father died.
All material gathered and transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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