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Subject: Re: [NEW-HAMPSHIRE] Manchester Photographers
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 22:04:01 -0400
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Hi Barbara,
I was wondering about the photograph that is mounted on a green card with a
thin gold trim.
If the card measures about 2.5 X 4 inches then you probably have what is
commonly called a carte de visite (or CDV). The green card may indicate a
period during the 1870s--probably mid to later 1870s.

If the other images are plain cards and have the same general 2.5 X 4 inch
format then they are also CDVs but probably older---maybe early to later
1860s. The colored cards whether green, blue, maroon or peach colors
generally came into use thru the 1870s to the early 1880s depending on
which studio was doing business with which supplier. Thin gold trims were
also common surrounding the albumen prints themselves on the front of the
card as early as the the mid-1860s, on plain cards.

I don't know the sizes of all the cards you have, but the other type of old
photos that became popular in the 1880s were called cabinet-cards. These
were also thin albumen prints mounted on a rectangular card or cardboard,
but the card was bigger at about 4 X 6 inches. Studio imprints varied
widely on the cab cards--gold lettering was common on the darker colored
cards---especially black & maroon.

Good luck with your new collection...!


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Subject: [NEW-HAMPSHIRE] Manchester Photographers

> I have a number of late 1800 - early 1900 photographs. They have the
photographers information on the card type photographs. Some are the same
photographer with variations on the imprints. Can anyone help me date
these pictures more accurarately with this info.
> Colby - 3 designs
> #1 - L.W. Colby, Manchester, N.H. (gray card - embossed on the front)
> #2 - Colby - Opera House Block, Manchester, N.H. (printed on the
back - nothing on the front)
> #3 - Colby -with a flourish design- Manchester (printed on the front)
> Full printing on the back L.W. Colby Portraits 72 Opera Block Hanover St.
Manchester, N.H.
> Seal -New Hampshire Agriculture Awarded to L.W.Colby Photographers -
Duplicates of this picture can be had at any time- Instantaneous process
used exclusively.
> Ellinwood, Photographer, 986 Elm Street (Printed on the front - dark
green card with fancy gold edging)
> Piper, 864 Elm St., Manchester, N.H.(Printed on the front) Floral design
and S. Piper, 864 Elm St., Manchester, N.H. (on the back)
> A.A. Buxton, Photographer, Ferren's Building, Manchester, N.H. (printed
on the back)
> Photographed by D.O Furnald, Manchester, N.H. (Printed on the back)
> N.C. Sanborn & Co. 50 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass. (Printed on the
back) - I don't know why they went to Lowell - did the photographer travel
to Manchester?
> Thanks,
> Barbara Osgood
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