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Subject: [NEW-HAMPSHIRE] Josiah CROSBY, b1730 MA
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I just saw the mention of Josiah CROSBY, b1730 in Billerica, MA, on-line.
>From the "history of Billerica," * I can offer part of the paragraph.

"14. Josiah, son of Josiah, 5, b. 1704, Aug. 5; m. 1729/30, Feb. 3,
Elizabeth French, dau. of William, 7. She d. 1739, Nov. 27. He d.
before 1743. Killed by Indians says tradition. Ch. Josiah, b.
1730, Nov. 24. He was in the military service in 1747, on the
Connecticut River, and narrowly escaped with his life by swimming the river
from the ambuscale in which French, Frost and Richardson, from Billerica,
were killed and Osgood taken captive. He m. 1750, Aug. 23, Sarah Fitch,
dau. of Joseph, 2, and settled in Monson, in the part now Milford, N. H.
At Bunker Hill, he was a captain in Col. Reed's regiment, and had four sons
in the war. .... He d. 1793, Oct. 15, leaving ten children, all of whom
had families which gave him eighty-five grandchildren. ..........."

"......Judge Crosby, of Lowell, pubished in 1877, 'A Crosby Family,' giving
full details of the descendants ...."

This books is available in an on-line auction.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

* The "history of Billerica" is now on-line at GoogleBooks.

FYI: The #5 Josiah CROSBY mentioned above is the son of Simon CROSBY,
b1637. This Simon is the son of Simon and Ann CROSBY of Cambridge, MA.

I am also descended from Simon CROSBY, b1637, but from his son, Simon, the
older brother of Josiah. See below, from my sister's research:

Simon CROSBY (1637-1725) married to Rachel BRACKET
Simon CROSBY (1663-1750) married to Hannah EVERETT
Samuel CROSBY (1698-1748) married to Dorothy BROWN
Samuel CROSBY (Dr.) (1731-1814) married to Azubah HOWE
Simon CROSBY (1758-1818) married to Lydia Harrington FROST
John C. CROSBY (1797-1854) married to Mary BUCKNAM
Eliza Ann CROSBY (1819-1893) married to Jacob Homer HUTCHINSON
Adelaide Crosby HUTCHINSON - my great-great-grandmother

>From the "Billerica book," Simon and Hannah CROSBY had 6 children live, but
she seems to have died in childbirth with 7th birth. Simon then married
the widow, Mrs. Abigail PARKER, and they had 6 children. Abigail was
born Abigail WHITTAKER, daughter of John. John and Abigail PARKER had
one son, John PARKER, b1698. So, this Simon CROSBY had 12 children and
one step-son.

The "Billerica book" only says that Samuel and Dorothy CROSBY lived in

FYI: A posting on the CROSBY Board at has a
descendant of Simon CROSBY and Abigail KIDDER. The "Billerica book" says
that Abigail was the second wife. His first wife was Rachel KETTLE,
cousin to Abigail, but she seems to have died within a couple years of the
marriage, probably with no children. The books says that Simon and
Abigail had 11 children.



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