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From: Jo-Anne Sunbeam <>
Subject: [NZ] 1901 census females S & T
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 15:15:48 +1200

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Nearly there guys..........

Mary Saby 36 New Zealand Sussex Bexhill
Emily Salatnay 12 New Zealand Of Leeds Leeds
Mary Sale 20 Sawyer Bay New Zealand London Kensington Art Student
Lizzie Salmon 12 New Zealand Gisbon Glamorganshire Cockett
Alice Salt 23 New Zealand Auckland Birmingham Aston Jewellers Press Girl
Mary Salt 36 New Zealand (British Subject) Derbyshire Newhall
Sarah Sanders 34 New Zealand Bedfordshire Dunstable
Ida Sanderson 34 Dunedin New Zealand London Hackney
Margaret Sanderson 32 New Zealand Lancaster Broughton
Florence Sandiford 34 Duneden New Zealand Lancaster Preston
Violet Sankey 35 Dewedin New Zealand Kent Brenchley
Margaret Satterthwaite 30 New Zealand Lancaster Skelwith Entire Caretaker
Elizabeth Savidge 38 New Zealand Bristol Bristol
Clara Sayce 31 New Zealand Brit Subj Nottinghamshire Nottingham Charge
Nurse Hospital Trained
Jeanette Sayer 39 New Zealand Auckland Kent Erith

Emma Schift 29 New Zealand East Sussex Hove
Ethel Scholefield 32 New Zealand London Hampstead
Bertha Sclanders 51 New Zealand Nelson Surrey Clapham
Eliza Sclanders 47 New Zealand Nelson Surrey Clapham
Agnes Scott 10 New Zealand Palmerston Rd London Lewisham
Annie Scott 48 Auckland New Zealand Croydon Croydon
Eleanor Scott 32 New Zealand Leeds Armley
Elizabeth Scott 52 New Zealand Lancashire Waterloo Living On Own Means
Ellen Scott 8 New Zealand Palmerston Rd London Lewisham
Madeline Scott 39 New Zealand London Chelsea
Mary Scott 43 New Zealand London S Pancras Living On Own Means
Ethel Scowen 14 New Zealand Hertfordshire Cottered
Mabel Scowen 15 New Zealand Naturalized British Subject Cambridgeshire
Chesterton Learner Of Telegraph Post Office
Marjorie Scowen 6 New Zealand Hertfordshire Cottered
Mary Scowen 21 New Zealand Hertfordshire Cottered

Gladys Seal 4 New Zealand Kent Offham
Rosa Seal 25 New Zealand Marton London Poplar Cook Domestic
Eleanor Sellon 49 New Zealand Bedford Bedford St Paul Living On Own Means
Gertrude Sellon 30 New Zealand Middx St Marylebone Assistant Schoolmistress
Hilda Sellon 29 New Zealand Bedford Bedford St Paul
Lavinia Senior 26 New Zealand Yorkshire Huddersfield
Evaline Sewell 39 New Zealand Derbyshire Buxton Living On Own Means

Annie Shaftsbury 35 New Zealand Wilts Dilton Marsh Cook Housekeeper Domestic
Mary Shannon 31 New Zealand Worcestershire Worcester Cook Domestic
Edith Sharland 15 New Zealand Kent Beckenham
Mary Sharman 33 Auckland New Zealand Borough Of West Ham West Ham Dressmaker
H Shatton 26 Otags New Zealand Essex Chingford
Isabel Shatton 31 New Zealand Duneden Norfolk Great Plumstead Governess
Margaret Shaughnessy 34 New Zealand Middlesex London St George Hanover
Sqr Cook Domestic
Annie Shaw 37 New Zealand Worcestershire Tenbury
Frances Shaw 25 New Zealand London Kensington Living On Own Means
Laura Shaw 21 New Zealand London Hampstead
Margaret Shaw 24 New Zealand Surrey Haslemere Governess
Mary Shaw 35 New Zealand Canterbury East Sussex Eastbourne Nurse Domestic
Violet Shaw 21 New Zealand Devon Brendon
Winifred Shaw 23 New Zealand Surrey Haslemere Private Librarian
Amy Shead 7 New Zealand Croydon Croydon
Hazel Shead 5 New Zealand Croydon Croydon
Hilda Shead 4 New Zealand Croydon Croydon
Iris Shead 2 New Zealand Croydon Croydon
Renie Shead 1 New Zealand Croydon Croydon
Ellen Shears 36 New Zealand Oxford Rotherfield Peppard Entire
Emma Sheath 30 New Zealand Devonshire Ilfracombe
Helen Shechan 45 New Zealand Auckland London Kensington Maid Domestic
Agnes Shephard 16 New Zealand Middlesex Tottenham
Florence Shepherd 19 New Zealand Leicester Syston Flossing Machining Corsets
Lily Shepherd 23 New Zealand British Subject Berkshire Wantage Church
Embroidery Works
Madge Shepherd 11 Littleton New Zealand West Ham West Ham
Alice Shortridge 27 Willington New Zealand Croydon C B Croydon
Dorothy Shortridge 6 Willington New Zealand Croydon C B Croydon
Gwendoline Shortridge 23 Willington New Zealand Croydon C B Croydon

Florence Sibly 32 North Isle New Zealand Gloucester Stonehouse
Helena Sievwright 30 New Zealand London St Marylebone Artist Painting
Theresa Sievwright 25 New Zealand London St Marylebone Artist Painting
Esther Silveston 13 New Zealand Birmingham Bham
Francis Sim 52 New Zealand Wellington Middlesex Hanwell
Alice Sinclair 18 New Zealand Lyttelton Gloucester Wotton St Mary Without
Cook Domestic
Rhoda Sinclair 15 New Zealand Port Lytelton Gloucester Gloucester
Madge Singh 11M New Zealand Bristol Bristol
Mary Singleton 23 Aucklang New Zealand British Subject Sheffield Upper
Hallam Housemaid Domestic
Mary Singleton 56 On The Sea Coming From New Zealand Yorkshire Lindley
Rhena Sirett 23 New Zealand East Sussex Eastbou

M Skeel 36 New Zealand Hertford Watford Rural Hospital Nurse
Ethel Skeitchly 22 New Zealand Bournemouth
Annie Skevington 13 New Zealand British Hertfordshire Pupil At School

Hellen Sleep 32 New Zealand Devon Axminster
Alice Slenever 23 New Zealand Leicestershire Leicester St Marys Domestic

Alice Smith 28 New Zealand Somerset Easton In Gordano Otherwise St George
Clergyman Church Of England
Alice Smith 42 New Zealand Auckland Cambs Chesterton Living On Own Means
Annie Smith 37 New Zealand Worcestershire Hampton Lovett General Servant
Annie Smith 64 New Zealand B Subject London Battersea
Catherine Smith 41 New Zealand Wellington West Suffolk Bury St Edmunds
Charlotte Smith 20 New Zealand Devon
Daphne Smith 3 New Zealand Middlesex Hornsey
Elanor Smith 6 New Zealand Middlesex Hornsey
Ella Smith 32 New Zealand Auckland West Sussex Pagham Entire
Emily Smith 17 New Zealand Devon
Ethel Smith 18 New Zealand British Subject Middlesex Hornsey Commercial
Florence Smith 12 New Zealand Middlesex Hornsey
Hilda Smith 26 New Zealand Staffordshire
Lydia Smith 19 New Zealand Croydon C B Surrey Croydon Drapers Clerk
Margaret Smith 12 New Zealand Middlesex Harrow
Mary Smith 24 Maluka New Zealand Gloucester Chalford Living On Own Means
Maud Smith 25 Wellingston New Zealand Guernsey St Peter Port
Phyllis Smith 37 New Zealand Southampton Portsmouth
Winifred Smith 18 New Zealand Wellington Leicestershire Leicester
Annie Smyth 35 New Zealand Bedford Dunstable
Ethel Smyth 8 New Zealand Bedford Dunstable

Caroline Snell 46 New Zealand Nelson Sussex Petworth

Elizabeth Socbery 321 New Zealand Wellington Essex East Ham
Jane Soltan 24 New Zealand London Islington
Mignon Southall 10 New Zealand Birmingham Aston
Helen Southern 16 New Zealand Wellington London Lambeth
Gladys Southnell 12 New Zealand Napiers Herefordshire Eye Moreton And
Ashton Entire
Amy Southwell 47 Wellington New Zealand Shropshire Bridgnorth St Leonard
Living On Own Means
Ada Soward 17 New Zealand Surrey Sutton
Annie Soward 25 New Zealand Surrey Sutton
Ellen Soward 15 New Zealand Surrey Sutton
Kate Soward 23 New Zealand Surrey Sutton

Constance Spackman 15 New Zealand British Subject Oxfordshire
Sylvia Spackman 3 Wallington New Zealand Wiltshire Swindon
Effie Spence 20 New Zealand London Lambeth
Grace Spence 35 New Zealand Duneden London St Marylebone
Marjorie Spence 12 New Zealand London Lambeth
Kathleen Spencer 17 New Zealand Bristol Bristol
Lilian Spencer 15 New Zealand Lancashire Waterloo
Harriet Spiers 14 New Zealand Brighton Brighton
Vera Spurgen 8 New Zealand Surrey Clapham

Olive St Barbe 14 Wellington New Zealand Worcester Yardley
Annie St Hill 30 New Zealand Wellington East Sussex East Grinstead
Alice Stableford 23 New Zealand Christchurch Staffordshire Walsall
Tailors Finisher
Louisa Stableford 29 New Zealand Lancaster Manchester General Servant
Mary Stack 64 New Zealand London Mile End Old Town Mission Worker Preach
Mary Stafford 35 New Zealand London St George Han Sq Living On Means
Seliana Stainer 51 New Zealand Middlesex Paddn
Gertrude Stains 25 Wellington New Zealand Surrey Camberwell
Ida Stains 23 Wellington New Zealand Surrey Camberwell
Coralie Stanley 8 New Zealand Warwickshire
Helen Stanley 35 New Zealand Christchurch Cambridge Longstowe
Frances Stapleton 30 New Zealand Auckland Chester Ashton Upon Mersey
Mary Stapleton 33 New Zealand British Subject Lancashire South Manchester
Kate Steel 31 New Zealand Cheshire Liscard
Emma Steer 35 New Zealand Chester Poulton Cum Seacombe
Florence Stephens 36 Nelson New Zealand Gloucestershire Cheltenham
Mary Stephens 12 New Zealand Cornwall Boyton At School
Annie Stephenson 24 New Zealand London St Giles St George Bloomsbury
Living On Own Means
Mary Stephenson 33 New Zealand Westham Westham
Catherine Stern 36 New Zealand Kent Beckenham
Hilda Stevens 27 New Zealand Essex Wanstead House Maid Domestic
Edith Stewart 17 New Zealand Lancaster Salford Drapers Assistant
Ethel Stewart 19 New Zealand Middlesex Harrow On The Hill
Jane Stewart 18 New Zealand Lancaster Salford Waitress Restaurant
Margaret Still 14 New Zealand Cambridge Cambridge School Girl
Annie Stock 54 New Zealand Cheshire Christleton Entire Living On Own Means
Helen Stockburn 7 New Zealand West Suffolk Clare
Mary Stokes 29 Auckland New Zealand Birmingham Birmingham
Edith Stone 13 New Zealand Norfolk Bramerton
Mary Stone 17 New Zealand Chrickborby Southampton Weeke Within
Winifred Stranger 34 New Zealand Guernsey The Vale
Florence Stratford 25 New Zealand Surrey Merton General Servant Dom
Elsie Strode 23 New Zealand ... Reading St Giles
Jessie Strode 20 New Zealand ... Reading St Giles
Mabel Strode 44 New Zealand Dunedin British Subject Brighton Sister Of
Millicent Stuart 20 New Zealand Surrey Wandsworth
Ada Stubbington 25 New Zealand Wellington East Riding Of Yorkshire
Beverley Saint Martin Parlour Maid Domestic
Florence Studholme 28 New Zealand London Probationer Nurse

Anna Sully 28 New Zealand Somerset Cossington
Caroline Summerhayes 24 New Zealand Wellington Isle Of Wight Shanklin
Agnes Sunderland 17 New Zealand West Sussex Midhurst
Joan Sunderland 18 New Zealand West Sussex Midhurst
Ruth Sunderland 15 New Zealand West Sussex Midhurst
Ethel Surtees 18 New Zealand Stafford Cheadle
May Surtees 28 New Zealand Herefordshire Tupsley Companion
S Surtes 16 New Zealand Dorsetshire Childe Okeford Living On Own Means
Eliza Sutherland 51 New Zealand London Lewisham Living On Own Means

Mary Swainson 40 New Zealand London St Marylebone
Constance Swanson 21 New Zealand London St Pancras Clerk Savings Bank G P O
Mary Sweet 38 New Zealand Of Southampton Brockenhurst

Rose Sydes 30 New Zealand British Subject Surrey Chobham School Teacher

Mary Tabb 36 New Zealand East Sussex Eastbourne
Lena Talbot 9 New Zealand Middlesex Heston
Eva Talerner 28 Auckland New Zealand Warwickshire Nuneaton
Kate Talla 22 New Zealand London Camberwell Shop Ass ...
Rene Tancred 21 New Zealand London St Margaret
Emily Tandy 31 Christchurch New Zealand Essex West Ham West Ham
Bertha Tanner 31 New Zealand Sussex Graffham Entire
Frances Tanner 36 Koipoai New Zealand London Battersea
Helen Tanner 38 New Zealand Sussex Graffham Entire
Mary Tanner 34 New Zealand Sussex Graffham Entire
Gwendoline Tanored 32 Christchurch New Zealand Middlesex Paddington
Charlotte Target 28 New Zealand British Subject Borough Of West Ham West
Lousia Tarmer 24 New Zealand Kent Margate Helps Domestic
Agnes Taylor 13 New Zealand Oxford Neithrop Pupil
Amy Taylor 17 New Zealand London St Pancras Barmaid
Ellen Taylor 38 New Zealand London St Marylebone
Elsie Taylor 14 New Zealand Middlesex Willesden General Servant Domestic
Enid Taylor 3 New Zealand Dorset Longburton
Hannah Taylor 35 New Zealand Yorks West Riding Golcar
Isabel Taylor 20 Wilts New Zealand Wiltshire Swindon
Julia Taylor 19 New Zealand London St Pancras Barmaid
L Taylor 8 New Zealand Dorset Longburton
M Taylor 32 New Zealand Denbighshire Llanrhaiadr
Margaret Taylor 34 New Zealand Dorset Longburton
Mary Taylor 32 New Zealand London Paddington Living On Own Means
Maud Taylor 26 New Zealand Essex Chelmsford

Anne Temple 37 New Zealand London Camberwell
Gladys Teschemaker 16 New Zealand Camarn Somerset Wraxall Living On Own
Muriel Teschemaker 23 New Zealand London Kensington

Eyelyn Thatcher 21 New Zealand Wanganui London St Paul Deptford
Margaret Thatcher 34 New Zealand Wanganui London St Paul Deptford
Mary Thatcher 20 New Zealand Wanganui London St Paul Deptford
Anne Thomas 23 New Zealand Cornwall Paul Dressmaker
Eliz Thomas 20 New Zealand Cornwall Paul Grocers Assistant
Ellen Thomas 16 New Zealand Cornwall Paul Grocers Assistant
Minnie Thomas 22 New Zealand British Subject Cornwall Breage
Sarah Thomas 38 New Zealand Auckland Shropshire St Julian Living On Own
Enid Thomson 9 Auckland New Zealand Northamptonshire
Janet Thomson 40 New Zealand Dunedin Middlesex Hornsey
Gipsy Thornton 8 New Zealand Somerset Weston Super Mare
Hilda Thornton 25 Auckland New Zealand London Kensington
Ellen Thorpe 18 New Zealand West Sussex Worthing Actress
Lucy Thurley 32 New Zealand London Lambeth Mantle Maker
Alys Thurston 14 Figi Islands New Zealand London Kensington
Eliza Thurston 16 Figi Islands New Zealand London Kensington
Sophy Thwaites 41 Auckland New Zealand London Kensington

Eva Tilston 30 New Zealand Cheshire Blacon
Margaret Tinne 22 New Zealand Kent Township Folkestone Non

Annie Todhunter 23 New Zealand Hertfordshire Ridge
Ada Toghill 17 New Zealand Cornwall Camborne Domestic Servant
Laura Toghill 15 New Zealand Christ Church Cornwall Camborne Servant
Manon Toms 29 New Zealand London Kensington
Louie Toni 28 New Zealand Auckland Prittlewell
Edith Tonking 25 New Zealand Cornwall Camborne
Alice Toogood 27 New Zealand London Kensington
Priscilla Torlissi 41 New Zealand Isle Of Wight Ventnor Living On Own Means
Rosellen Torre 22 New Zealand London S Pancras
Frances Tower 15 New Zealand London Kensington
Yolande Tower 13 New Zealand London Kensington
Edith Towgood 52 New Zealand Wellington Somersetshire The Parish
Glastonbury Living On Own Means
Annie Townsend 30 New Zealand Lincoln Holland Holbeach Housekeeper

Emueline Trewheels 21 New Zealand Devon Plymouth Assistant Hotel
Elizabeth Trewin 12 New Zealand Hertfordshire Watford Urban
Dorothy Trueman 53 New Zealand Kent Blean

Emmeline Tulk 25 New Zealand London Kensington Domes
Dorothy Tullett 14 New Zealand Kent Maidstone Tailoress Apprentice
Winifred Tullett 12 New Zealand Kent Maidstone
Mary Turnbull 10 New Zealand East Sussex Eastbourne
Beatrice Turner 28 New Zealand British Subject Essex Leyton
Betsy Tustain 31 New Zealand Lancashire Stockport

Sarah Tyne 33 New Zealand Hampshire Bournemouth
Florence Tyson 14 New Zealand Glamorgan Roath

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