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Subject: Re: [NZ] N.Z. placenames in the 1840's
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 14:20:12 +1300
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There is a Greenhills around Invercargill

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Subject: [NZ] N.Z. placenames in the 1840's

> Hello all,
> A friend in England has a number of N.Z placenames, thought to have
been used in the South Island, especially the Otago area in about 1840,
which he can't find on his maps. I have found some which featured the early
use of Maori names but couldn't help on these two.
> I am confident that some of you knowledgable folk out there can help
with information as to where the following places are (or were) in the
> Greenhill
> Spencer's island
> Would it be possible to name your reference source so that I will
know where to look if ever again required to do so.Thank you.
> Daphne in North Canterbury
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