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From: "Liz Hardie" <>
Subject: [NZ] New to list - interests DAVIS & HELDER / HELDER WURST
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 21:41:16 +1000

Hello all,

As mentioned, I am new to the list. I am trying . without much luck to
find out some information on my GGG grandparents. My GGG grandfather is
Francis DAVIS (DAVIES) he emigrated to Australia via New Zealand, aboard
the Conway in 1862. On his immigration record, it is noted that he was
born in Carmarthen, Wales. His age is given as 27, putting his date of
birth about 1835 (he is noted as being a labourer). His wife is an Emma
Helder (her maiden names is recorded on her death certificate as Emma
Helder Wurst), her mother given as Elizabeth Helder (no father). I am
still waiting on her death certificate, so I don't have a place of
birth. HOWEVER, their daughter Louisa Jane (most likely actually Emma
Jane) is recorded as being part Maori on her marriage certificate.
Family oral history provides the following story. Emma Helder was half
maori, her mother being maori (most likely christened and given an anglo
name). Emma father was (apparently) a minister or missionary of some
kind but there is mention of it being in the Islands rather than
mainland NZ. Emmas age at immigration is given as 29, putting her birth
about 1833.

So from what I can patch up. It is likely that Francis emigrated to New
Zealand. There he married Emma Helder (about) 1859/1860. They had 2
children upon emigration to Australia Emma J (2) & Francis (infant).

Unfortunately the full recorded for the Conway were destroyed in the
1974 Queensland floods, What I know is there were two lots of arrivals
in 1862, one from in August 1862, and one in December 1862. There are
two passenger lists, but it appears that the list references (ie. Which
people which date may have been lost).

So what am I looking for .
any confirmation that the Conway did at least one trip between NZ
& Maryborough in 1862 ;
any information, direction, help as to where I should look next
for information on the arrival of Francis in New Zealand, or information
about Emma, that may be able to guide my research efforts;
Arrival records for Francis in New Zealand ( I found one record
for the arrival of an F H Davis in 1858 from the South Seas)

I recognize that I may be seeking the near impossible, but any help at
all would be greatly appreciated.


Liz Hardie

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