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From: "Olwyn Whitehouse" <>
Subject: [NZ] The Orpheus sails, with prospects fair and bright....
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:57:39 -0600

The HMS Orpheus, 1,706 tons, man-of-war, was lost on the Manukau Bar, New
Zealand, on the 7th February. One hundred and ninety lives were lost, and
seventy saved.

Smoothly she skims the ocean's broad expanse,
Nearing the treacherous bar of Manukau;
The sparkling sunbeams o'er the waters dance.
When suddenly fierce breakers lash her bow,
Upon the deck collect the excited crew,
And from the group a man steps boldly forth;
Directs his steps to the Lieutenant, who
Regards him not, but sends him back in wrath.....

May we remember, too, as we lament
The fate of those called early to the tomb,....

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