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From: "Keith Morris" <>
Subject: Re: [NZ] Victorian goldfields records
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 10:37:45 +1000
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Hi Clyde

There was a Legislative Council election in Victoria in 1856 with property
owners and miners licence holders eligible to vote.

He shopuild be on that if in Victoria at the time.

I currently live in Queensland and am not aware of an index here.

Suggest you try the list to see if someone there can
help you.

There were directories for various Victorian towns at the same period, so
there are possibilities after the voters list.

Regards Keith Morris

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Subject: [NZ] Victorian goldfields records

> Hi,
> I have seen in my 2gt gfather's obit that he was in Victorian
> goldfields , I am trying to track this down and have his name in the
> Wellington 1842 BurgessRolls and in the 1876+ Burgess rolls plus
> Electoral rolls from 1866 till his death . The most likely dates are
> about the 1850's. Does nayone know of any lists or places that i can use
> to see when he was absent from wrellington
> Regards
> Clydeh
> Levin Masonic
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