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From: joanneh <>
Subject: Re: [NZ] Saturday Research in Wellington
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 19:08:52 +1300

Yes, as well as all Saturday, Wellington Public Library is also open on
Sunday afternoon which can also be very convenient. There is a guide to
what they have for family historians on this web-page.
Another page which they have which might be of interest is
Cheers, Joanne

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From: legarthm <>
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Date: Friday, 24 January 2003 12:13
Subject: [NZ] Saturday Research in Wellington

>It may be of interest to some, to know that in Wellington, the National
>Library is open on Saturday Mornings, possibly until 1.p.m. There is a wide
>range of material available.
>The Wellington Public Library is open most of the day , on Saturdays, & has
>a large selection of Gazettes, going back to at least late 1800's , & Post
>Office Directories which certainly covered a wide area of at least the
>North Island.
>There may well be more genealogy research material , available, that I
>not used.
>Someone who researches in Wellington, more often than I do, may be more
>precise, in what is available, & know the exact opening times, for those
>can only visit on Sarurdays.
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