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From: "Drew" <>
Subject: [NZ] WW1 Egypt
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 13:44:04 +1300

Hi listers,

Not directly a NZ enquiry, but one someone may be able to help with.

I am compiling my G'fathers war history and have come across a photo he took of a tent in the Egyptian desert to which G'dad has noted that it is the P.O. M??sca? . The writing is very hard to read (due to condition) and the ? mark replaces letters I can't read.

He was serving with the Wellington Mounted Rifles in North Africa at the time, so the pic appears to be their unit, division or perhaps campaign post office.

Anyone have any knowledge of what the missing letters might be in the name of this temporary office? If nobody knows I will try Army historians next.

BTW, amongst his collection of pics (there is about 100) there are several photos of fellow serviceman, mainly from Aus & UK, on the back of which he has named the chaps. It would give me great pleasure to supply copies of these pics to the descendants of those soliers. Anybody know of a site which might post such pics where their rellies might find them?


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