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From: "Drew" <>
Subject: Re: [NZ] WW1 pics North africa - NAMES
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:31:51 +1300
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Hi there,

I have a pic G'dad has marked....
"Aotea N.Z. Convalescent Home.
Heliopolis, Cairo."
.....a 3 storey building within a walled yard. Nice clear photo.

There is also a (b grade) pic of a nurse marked...
"My latest" ....but there is nothing to prove she came from Aotea.
Perhaps G'dad dated your aunt!

If the pic of Aotea is useful to anyone I can mail it to them.


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Subject: Re: [NZ] WW1 pics North africa - NAMES

One of my aunts and her cousin were nurses in the 'Aotea Convalescant
Hospital' near Alexandria in Egypt in WW1. It was a hospital for NZ
soldiers who had been sick and wounded but not bad enough to be sent back to
NZ. I have her photograph album and this thread has given me the idea to
extract the names from the photos but I cannot promise to do it until later
in the year.
Shirley Arabin
Mount Maunganui, New Zealand .

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