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From: "Jenny Morgan" <>
Subject: [NZ] OWEN from Christchurch
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 02:00:57 +1300

Hello everyone,

I am corresponding with an American who believes he has relatives in NZ.
Here is a copy of the details he sent:

"My Owen family starts with Henry/Harry Owen and Jenny or Jennie or just
plain "Jane". In his Will, JIMorgan said his "daughter Jane in New
Zealand." Correspondence i.d.'s her as Jenny or Jennie. When she
wrote, she often used "Jennie". She left England on a sailing ship in
1883. We are not certain whether she married Harry there in England or
in N.Z., however, they had their 50th anniversary in 1933. They had
(for sure) sons, Vincent, Barnard/(Wilfrid?) and Cyril and a daughter
Mary and, perhaps, a daughter, Dorothy. Wilfrid was 80 in 1978 so born
1898. Vincent preceded him in death ... in 1974 we believe... he was 83
... so born in 1891

I don't believe Mary ever had a husband. She wrote once from "The
Vicarage, Queen St., Sydenham, Christchurch, N.Z., in 1938, to say that
"Harold" died(?).

Wilfrid and his wife Ethel were in Christchurch. His business card
reads "Wilfrid Owen Ltd. 104/6 Victoria St., Christchurch, New Zealand
Wilfrid Owen (Aust.) PTY, LTD 71 Wilson St., Newtown, Sydney, N.S.W.,
Australia Manufacturing and Distributing Chemists And Cosmeticians
Wilfrid B. Owen Governing Director"

Wilfred also wrote from "96 Esplande, Sumner, Christchurch, N.Z. He
also mentioned that "Mary is living in a new Church of England home in
Auckland. They mention a son, "Barry" having just returned from
Germany. (We believe there were four or five of James Isaac's
grandsons in England during WWII. We believe two or three were from
N.Z. and then two from America.) In 1978 Wilfrid says Barry "is not
married but is building a home".

Then there is Dorothy Kidson who is perhaps Jennie's daughter. She
wrote (date unknown) from "The Rectory 143 London St., Dunedin, N.Z.
She mentions her daughters Hilary and Dorothy and her husband Harold.
The letter is likely written in 1936 in connection with the death of my
father's uncle. Enclosed was a photo of what may be her home at 24
Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt, N.Z."

Should anyone know of descendants of these people, or have details of
them, please contact me. I'm sure my American friend would love to know
about it.

Thank you
Jenny in Waiheke

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