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nzsghamilton news (published weekly).
(New Zealand entries for 2002)

The five-volume Dictionary of New Zealand Biography with 3049 biographies is now
available on-line (from 1st December).NZ
Westport and area, History.NZThe Stratford Branch New Zealand Society of Genealogists will be re-opening their
Library and Research facilities again this week after the Xmas break and welcome visitors
to the area, as well as postal enquiries.
They are right in the middle of Stratford, just south of the Town clock, at 282 Broadway,
which is upstairs above the Casa Pequena Restaurant and Tea Rooms.
They have a vast range of records and resources including computer and microfiche
relating to Central Taranaki, plus a good coverage of NZ Electoral Rolls, Wise's and
Stone's Postal Directories, Cemetery Transcriptions, NZ BDMs 1848-1990 etc.
They have a web page at .NZSt Johns Branch NZSG  have released on microfiche an alpha Index to  the 1881 Electoral
Roll for New Zealand.  This was the first time that all men aged 21 and over who either
owned property or had lived in New Zealand for at least one year and in an electorate for
at least six months before registering as an elector, had the right to vote.  Maori who owned
property on individual title were also eligible to enrol as electors in any European
Electorate where they were so qualified.  So the 1881  election was the first to be held in
New Zealand using Universal Male Suffrage.
The fiche are available for sale as $20 per set posted.  You can email me for the address
where you can purchase the fiche if this would help you with your research.  The index
gives surname, given names, occupation whether a freeholder or residential, address and
Diane Wilson ://
New Zealand Museums.NZ
Auckland Maritime MuseumNZ
Our Family Tree - Carol MurrayNZ
NZSG Whangarei Branch
New Zealand Society of Genealogists Whangarei Branch, including contact details, meetings, projects, newsletters,
resources and members' interests.NZ NZ
Manakau Libraries.NZ
Australasia Church Albums
Australasia Church Albums aims to provide unique images of
the churches of Australia and New Zealand, both past and present, with a
description or history of each.NZ
Peter's Place on the Web.NZNew Zealand Historic Places Trust Register is now online.
New Zealand Surname Interest List
Surname Interest list for New Zealand Researchers.NZ
Wises Street SearchNZDo you have Chemist in the tree?
The Pharmacy Act of 1898 meant that chemists ,or pharmaceutical chemists as
they were called, had to register with the Government. There is an annual list of chemists from 1898 onwards published in the New Zealand Gazette the NZ Government publication. Always in January around the 25th.NZ has been updated.NZThames was divided into two towns.  Grahamstown and Shortland.  Grahamstown was the industrial part and Shortland was the resisential. Mr Arbury has researched Thames and put out a list of booklets valued at $2.50 each. One is on Hotels of old Thames. He has a web site at   
or you can email                       NZImargaret Couch was doing a bit of random surfing and put a family name and town into GOOGLE (Paterson Ngaruawahia) Came up with the transcript of an interview with my great uncle, William Paterson who arrived in Ngaruawahia as an infant in 1874.
This is from the Linguistics dept at Canterbury University where they are
using recordings of people born in NZ before 1900 as part of their 'Origins
of NZ English' project.  I have checked the transcripts and there are quite
a few from the Waikato Region - the ones from the Mobile Unit have the
prefix MU, you need to scroll down the page to find them. More information
about ordering the recordings and how they came to be made can be found on
the Sound Archives website.
It turns out that the Mobile Recording Unit, who recorded messages home from
the forces during the war, did some work on oral history after hostilities
ceased; in the late 1940's, they recorded interviews with people who had
been born in NZ before 1900.
WARNING not all recordings have been transcribed and there is no searchable
index online, although some mobile unit oral history tapes are cross
referenced to other sections within the sound archive.NZ Olwyn Whitehouse has placed the Cyclopedia of New Zealand - Waimate section online. Enjoy.
For those unfamiliar with this site go to the drop down menu, below the temperature bar, and look for Cyclopedia of New Zealand.
Many volunteers have contributed to make this South Canterbury NZGenWeb
Project work! Thank you all. The project will continue to expand!NZThe Bluff History Group have published several issue of the Early Bluff
newspaper. "It is a rather interesting look into Bluff's historical past
with many articles covered, from the most well known stories to the more
obscure ones. There are also old photographs and advertisements contained
among its pages which the reader can compare with the way Bluff is today.
The paper itself is tabloid size and has eight pages packed with nostalgia."
Contact .   He also maintains a good NZ shipping website.NZFor certificate and genealogical research services in UK & NZ visit GenBritz Down Under at
Visit bookstore at
or visit homepages at index of the 1881 electoral roll
The 1881 election was the first to be held using Universal Male Suffrage.  The index has been microfiched and the
fiche is available from Beehive Books, P O Box 25-025, Auckland 1130 or email
The cost is $20 + up to $5 postage.  You may pay by MasterCard, Visa, Bartercard or cheque. 
Overseas orders welcomeNZIrish Roots Magazine
This is an excellent magazine for those researching in Ireland.  4 issues per year.  Items covered in the latest issue
are Heraldry, Australian Notebook, Surname Expert, National Library, Refugees in Ireland, Probate Records etc. 
We do have the issues for 2000 and 2001 - the sub is $35 p.a.  The first issue for 2002 is on its way - the sub for
his year is $40.  NB we had set the sub at $45, but have been able to reduce this.  If you paid $45 you will have a $5
credit.  Email to subscribe.  We do have some back copies including all the issues for
000 and 2001.  Check on the web site to see if there is an issue of interest to you - NZLyane Kendall, Strays Officer, NZ Society of Genealogists, P.O. Box 143, Westpark Marina, Waitakere 1250. Email:
Check out the Society's website: Features on the Strays page include:
Online search request form.
Online submission form.
Online subscription newsletter form.
Please remember to quote your membership number and, if writing, include a long stamped addressed envelope.NZGenWeb site for Hawke's Bay, East Coast and Wairarapa there are 103 Researchers listed with 397 Interests on the
New Zealand Surname Interest List:
NZ Maritime MuseumNZNew Zealand Surname Interest List:
The site currently has 131 Researchers listed with 577 Interests.NZMore names have been added to this site.  If you find some one that belongs to
you and would like your name attached please them know.
Shipping, BDM, Family Names, WW1 records.NZThis site is well worth a search for stray records you won't find
anywhere else. Zealand - Obituaries, Memoriums,  Funeral Notices, Soldiers, News Items. may be of interest to some.
NEW ZEALAND Company Passenger Lists 1849-1850
The collection comprises passenger lists and papers associated with a
number of New Zealand Company immigrant ships that arrived at New
Plymouth, New Zealand, between January and December 1850. The following
vessels are listed: 1) 'Phoebe Dunbar', July 1850-December 1850, 2)
'Mariner', April 1850-October 1850, 3) 'Berkshire', October 1849-January
1850, 4) 'Eden', ? -October 1850, 5) 'Pekin', August 1849-February 1850,
6) 'Poictiers', February 1850-June 1850
NEW Zealand. Immigration Department Papers
Passenger Lists: (10)(1874-1878) 1. 'Howrah' August 1874-November 1874
2. 'Avalanche' October 1874-January 1875 3. 'Caroline' October
1875-January 1875 4. 'Collingwood' April 1875-July 1875 5. 'Halcione'
May 1875-September 1875 6.'Chile' June 1875-September 1875 7. 'Mataura'
August 1875-November 1875 8. 'Hurunui' November 1875-February 1876 9.
'Hurunui' September 1878-December 1878 10. 'Hermione' September
1878-December 1878 Papers, 1873-1876 comprising letters, annual reports,
vouchers and returns. One volume lists free rations issued daily to
immigrants, at Immigration Depot, New Plymouth, June 1875-February 1977.
Between 1841 and 1843, the Plymouth Company, England, chartered six
pioneer ships for transportation of immigrants to New Zealand.  1) OFFICIAL PASSENGER LISTS: of the Pioneer Ships of the Plymouth Company
of New Zealand. Including:'William Bryan' March 1841, 'Amelia Thompson'
September 1841, 'Oriental' November 1841, 'Timandra' February
1842,'Blenheim' November 1842, 'Essex' January 1843. 2) Papers
(September-October 1840) for the 'William Bryan' which left Plymouth in
November 1840 with 148 passengers. The papers include agreements and
diet plans for passengers. Zealand Armed Forces Project Zealand - Obituaries, Memoriums,  Funeral Notices, Soldiers, News Items.
Old Crime Admitted.
Christchurch, Herald, 1st June 1922.
A case of Forgery which occurred 22 years ago, and which was only recently discovered, came before the
Magistrate's Court today. William Withers, a middle aged man was charged on the information of the Inspector
of Machinery, with having committed forgery on the 6th of October 1900, by altering a duplicate engineer drivers
certificate, by substituting his own name for that of a brother. Accused, who pleaded guilty was committed for
Symonds Street Cemetery. Auckland.
Otago Witness, 11th August 1909.
Symonds Street Cemetery, where are interred many of our heroes and worthies is stated by the Star to be in a
shockingly neglected state. In this Cemetery lies the body of the first Governor of New Zealand, Governor Hobson.
Near his resting place is that of the first Lieutenant governor of the Northern Province, Major General Dean Pitt.
A monument a little further away, marks the buriel ground of the late Judge Manning.
The grave of Major General Dean Pitt shows some evidence of attention, but that of Governor Hobson is uncared
for and falling fast  into disrepair. His Excellency Lord Plunket recently put in a plea that the graves of the honoured
dead should be remembered and respaectyed, and not utterly forgotten.
Southland, Otago Witness, 11th August 1909.
Thomas Roff, a well known Sawmiller died suddenly in bed at Glendahu, near Mataura, on Tuesday 3rd August,
he had complained of pains in the head and refused to eat. He was 60 years of age and leaves a wife and family.NZThe RSA has their own web site since 10 June 2002.
Includes Last Post - a listing of recent deaths of New Zealand ex-servicemen
and women.NZ1 July sees a new system introduced at Auckland City
Library. For an annual fee anyone outside the Auckland City area will be
able to purchase a 'pay as you go' card. This will give you all the rights
of the rate payer except when you want to borrow a book. There will be a
small fee ($2) per book.
So you will be able to research as often as you like without the $10. The
$10 fee will remain for those who would only need one visit per year (as in
passing through the country).
The $20 subscription will give you all the rights for a year - access to the
databases (the indexes to these are on the web site), Interloan, Internet
(free use of the Internet to all links - eg, etc, etc.) - as
often as you like.NZ Lists, lists and more lists!NZ
NZ Marriage Witness Index Search FormNZ
New Zealand Genealogy Search EngineNZPapers at National Library - Papers Past.
This site has recently been updated with another 7 papers. Well worth
a look.
Printing from Papers Past.
Open the paper page you want.
Enlarge until font is the size you require, using the site tool bar.
Scroll to the view you want.
Right click on the page - a menu will appear.
Select Print, then Print Visible.
Will print just what you have visible on your screen.NZN.Z. matching brides and grooms.
If you have a bride or groom, and don't know who the spouse is. Put in the
year and and reference number. You will get the individual fiche that you
should look at to find the matching spouse. That way you should only have to
look at one fiche for that year instead of all of them. Great for years
after 1935. Which is when the NZSG Matching brides and grooms go up to.NZ
New Zealand Genealogy Made Easy
Links and Resources to help New Zealanders researching easier.NZThe New Zealand Police Gazettes (and some earlier Canterbury & Otago
Police Gazettes pre-1877) are available in the four branches of Archives
New Zealand (AK,WN,CH,DN); unrestricted after 70 years..
>From the early 1900s they have photos of (some only?) prisoners released
from gaol. The photos are full face & side face, but Archives won't photocopy bound volumes like these, so you
cannot get a copy of a photo of your disreputable ancestor (unless there are loose copies on file somewhere)!
An Archives display did have some (Justice?) cards with photos of prisoners though; another
The New Zealand Police Gazettes are available as with other Police files
under the 70-year rule, i.e. up to c1931 (?) now. In Wellington under Police
Series 12, with some in Justice also.
The Wellington Group NZSG did start indexing deserters & missing
persons (19c) when the NZPG were "Restricted", and some of us were
"vetted" for access until the Police Commissioner decided (sensibly) that
they could be released under the 70 year rule. The project was halted
because of time demands of other projects eg Schools, and because the
bound volumes with an annual index are now freely accessible. But it is
proposed to publish the names indexed so far.NZ
The New Zealand Genealogy Internet GuideNZ
NZ Genealogy Queries.NZ
NZ HistoryNZ
Railway & Locomotive SocietyNZ
Ancestry and Genealogy Research Online.NZ
NZ Family History ResearchNZ
The White Swan Incident
Shipwreck on the coast of New Zealand in 1862. Includes passenger list and biog. of Scottish Captain George
MUNDLE (1835-1881).NZIn Archives New Zealand Wellington;
Photos of Prisoners:
Archives has some photos of Prisoners 1873-1907 in Police series P 14,
which could probably be photocopied, unlike the New Zealand Police
Gazettes (seris P 12). They apparently have details eg birth dates too. But
there are only four files, so including only a sample of prisoners?
  New Zealand Police Gazettes from the early 1900s included some photos of
prisoners released from gaol. But in 1914 the Index of prisoners released
from gaol was 24 pages, while the Index of photos of discharged prisoners
was only 3 pages, ie mainly the old lags (and they looked it!).
  PS: in 1906 the only ship-desertions I could see in the Gazettes were for
"Deserting from His Majesty's Service" ie the Gazette then had deserters
from the Royal Navy, but not from the mercantile marine (though they were
included in the 19th Century).NZLocal Registers of Births, Deaths & Marriages:
There are some District Death & Marriage Registers in Archives Wellington
which are Unrestricted Access (the Birth Registers are Restricted because
of the Adoption Act). Mostly from Ministers and small & closed Registry
Offices, presumably transferred some years ago. While small, these
Registers should be worth indexing, eg in the Certificates Collection.
NB: Archives will not photocopy bound volumes eg Registers or Police
The number of Local Registers is:
      Births        110 (Restricted)
      Deaths      70
      Marriages 215 (60 Registry Office & 155 Ministers)
The Arrow(town) Marriage Register 1880-1904 had c25 entries
A count of the entries in some of the Death Registers showed:
Ahaura (near Greymouth) 1874-75: 14 entries
Courtenay Place (Wellington) 1916: 4 entries
Tairua (near Waihi) 1887-1949: 90 entries.
Te Anga (near Hamilton) 1936-62: 13 entriesNZThe Marriage Witness Indexes
Indexes of witnesses to marriages that took place in New Zealand are being compiled.
Every entry contains the names of witness, groom & bride, and the date and place
of the marriage as well as the name and address of the genealogist to whose family
the couple belong.
The Indexes are proving to be a very useful finding aid for genealogists  and
searches of the index for specific surnames can be requested from :-
Hugh Winters
31 Park Ave
0r, on the Internet
Genealogists are advised that it is extremely unlikely that a search
will reveal a specific marriage, for that would imply that
a genealogist is researching YOUR family and has sent in their data
for the index. He/she would therefore be your cousin or other relative.
Searches are therefore best requested by specific surname.  For the more common
surnames a geographical area should be quoted to avoid lengthy lists of that
name from areas remote from your own research.
The indexes are open for more entries, and genealogists who have researched
their ancestors' marriages are requested to submit to

Or by post to

Hugh Winters
31 Park Ave

Preferred Submit Format

Witness             Church
Bride               Town
Groom               County, State, or Province
Submitters Name and address

Please make sure that if you send in your entries by snail mail, you
provide the organiser with your full postal address so that
any genealogist interested in your entries can contact you by mail
if they don't have an email address....
Hugh Winters ://
Research Interests, Whakapapa/Genealogy, Iwi Maps.NZEarly Auckland Births  2,374 records; Maureen Donwen and Shirley Kendall RECORDS ONLINE
Records from all eight cemeteries in the Manawatu district are now online.   Information Services Manager,
Laurence Bevan said the cemetery search facility on the council's website was accessed by genealogists around the
world.  At first, only the Feilding cemetery records were included, but the  remaining seven had been added
progressively.  The website address is
For those of you interested the eight cemeteries are as follows:
Waituna West
KimboltonNZOld New Zealand Place Names
If you were to find these New Zealand place names on old BDM certificates,
would you know where they were?
Former Name               Current Name
Alexandra, Auckland      Pirongia
Bulmers, Canterbury      Clandeboye (near Temuka)
Carlyle, Taranaki        Patea
Dieffenbach, Marlborough Te Weka (Queen Charlotte Sound)
Elbow, or The Elbow,     Lumsden, Otago
Fowlers, Wellington      Kimbolton
Hampden, Hawkes Bay      Kikokino
Herds Point, Auckland    Rawene
Ida Valley, Otago        Ophir
Kowai Pass, Canterbury   Springfield
Kenepuru, Marlborough    Portage
Malvern, Marlborough     Annat
Molesworth, Auckland     Mangawhai
Okura, Auckland          Redvale
Otaihape, Wellington     Taihape
Sowburn, Otago           Patearoa
Teetotal Township, Wgtn  Crofton (near Martin)
Upokongaro, Wellington   Makirikiri (near Wanganui)
Whau, Auckland           AvondaleNZ
NZ Surname InterestsNZYou can do a search for a street name within New Zealand.  The website is, click on find
a place name, then click on search streets and places. This is good as it also gives you the electorate as well as the
city/area where the street is located and the equivalent Maori electorate.NZAuckland City Library is offering a new subscription membership category called Pay As You Go that is aimed at
people who do not live in Auckland City. It is an annual subscription membership. The cost is $20 per year.
There is a charge of $2 for any books issued. This membership gives full access to the collections of Auckland City
Libraries, including the Auckland Research Centre at no extra cost.NZ NZ New Zealand Fencibles Society IncNZ57th Regiment
The Auckland War Memorial Museum has a set of the ACJP microfilms relating to this regiment, covering the period 1860 to 1867, from the time it left
India to come to NZ until it went to sea to return to UK.
The book 'Discharged in NZ' contains the details of these
films, the ships they travelled on and also of soldiers who took their
discharge in NZ (8 pages of names)NZSt Johns Branch NZSG have released a CD of an index to WW1 New Zealand Service Personnel and Reservists
This is searchable on Surname, given names, occupations and NOK surname.
Over 283,000 records some of which have not been published before. 
NZ Expeditionary Force Nominal Rolls 1914-1919
1st & 2nd Division Rolls of the NZ Expeditionary Force Reserve
New Zealanders who served with the Australian Imperial Force
Military Defaulters Lists 1919-1921
Native Reserve Lists
New Zealanders who Served with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Index of New Zealanders who served with Allied Forces
The price is NZ$40 including P & P in NZ.  Overseas the cost is NZ$40 plus postage (let us know where and we'll
confirm exact cost).
IBM Compatible PC running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP
50MB Free hard disk space
At least 32 MB of RAM
The CD is for use with a PC  not for a Mac
Payment by cheque or cash.  No credit card facilities
Order from
St Johns Branch NZSG
P O Box 74212
Market Road
Any efforts you can offer to make this new resource widely known would be much appreciated
Diane WilsonNZImmigration & Shipping Lists NZ
(New Zealand Historical Data)NZ
New Zealand World War 1 Service Personnel and Reserves Index
A searchable CD-ROM published by the St Johns Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.NZ
Whakapapa or Iwi (Hapu) Reading Lists
Lists covering "how to",  as well as specific iwi (or geographic) resources for Maori whakapapa.NZ
Genealogy - getting started
Signposts to NZ historical or genealogical resources, especially for beginner.
Wellington City LibraryNZArchives New Zealand holds a number of Certificate of Entry (poll tax) books
which contain the butts from certificates of entry issued to Chinese people
entering New Zealand at Wellington. Certificates were prescribed under
Section 7 of the Chinese Immigrants Act 1881 and subsequent Acts.
The Office of Ethnic Affairs has received permission to publish poll tax
entries from 1888 to 1930 in an online searchable database format.
To search a database of poll tax entries click on the following link:
Convicts on the 'VENUS' to NZ .1806 Deaths from NEW ZEALAND NEWSPAPERS. From All Over!! Some
Shipboard.. UK.. Australian. USA. Genealogy related web sites. ...
New Zealand Genealogy, with particular reference to Northland and its early SettlersNZ
Helen's page of New Zealand History.NZ
NEW ZEALAND BOUND. ... Dedicated to identifying genealogical resources to assist in locating which
New Zealand bound ship an immigrant ancestor was aboard. NZ
Archivers of the records of the old New Zealand Government Railways ... drawings,
plans, accident register, timetables, maps, library, genealogy, staff lists ...NZ
BMD index of the births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries, in memoriam, notices
published in the Wellington, New Zealand, newspapers for genealogy and family ...
Description: Search an index of notices published daily in the newspapers of Wellington, New Zealand, from January.NZNZ Research Room NZ AKDAuckland City Library
Family History Databases.
Auckland Passenger Arrivals 1840 - 1882
Auckland Police Census 1842 - 1846
Cemetery Records - Hillsborough - Ostend, Waiheke - Otahuhu Public - Waikaraka.
Symonds Street Cemetery.
Auckland Street Names.
1897 Address to Queen Victoria - Names of school children who signed document.
About the databases. NZ AKD
Auckland NewZealandGenWebNZ AKD
Auckland, Hobbies & Interests - GenealogyNZ AKD
Auckland Genealogy LinksNZ AKD
Cemeteries of AucklandNZ AKD
Genealogy Queries for AucklandNZ AKD
Auckland University holdings.NZ AKD
North Shore LibrariesNZ AKD
Auckland City LibraryNZ AKDA map of Waikumete Cemetery: AKL
Guide to Family History Resources at the Auckland Memorial Museum Library.
Family History resources are now located throughout their library collections at the appropriate classification
numbers. Their leaflet lists some of these resources.
Please note that there are some gaps in their holdings.
On Microfiche :- New Zealand marriages 1840-1950; Early Auckland marriages
from 1848; Anglican marriages for Otago & Southland 1841-1920; Presbyterian
marriages for Otago (& some southland) 1848-1920, Knox College marriages Index;
Catholic marriages Diocese of Dunedin 1855-1920; South Australian marriages
1842-1906; London marriages 1521-1869 Licences & Allegations; Officiating ministers of New Zealand 1848-1900;
New Zealand Deaths 1848-1950; South Australian deaths 1842-1905;
Intestate estates ex NZ Gazette 1843-1869, Deceased estates ex NZ Gazette 1866-1900; Canterbury death duty
registers index 1867-1914; Deceased persons'
estates, Canterbury 1887-19 14; Wills at Land & Deeds Office, Wellington
(mostly lower North Island); Index to obituaries & death notices ex NZ Medical Journal
1886-1981; NZ Probates - An index to pre 1900 records;
New Zealand Cemetery Records; New Zealand Births 1840-1950; South Australian
Births 1842-1906.
Hard copy :- St Luke's Church, Mt Albert gravestone transcriptions; St Paul's Church, Auckland register of baptisms, marriages and burials 1841- 1950; Auckland Unitarian Church records; Shirley Kendall genealogical research papers; Presbyterian
Church of NZ, Northland Union District, Presbyteries of Auckland, North Shore, South Auckland, and parish records;
Ruth Ross papers MS 1482; Waldo Heap papers MS 1325; St Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Owairaka records;
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, register of families in connection with the Free Presbyterian Church, Auckland
1849; St Joseph & St Joachim's Catholic Church, Panmure, baptism, marriage and burial lists; McLeod Index to
Hokianga marriages (mid 1880s to early 1900s);
Harleian Registers; Newspapers - Southern Cross 1843-1862; NZ Herald 1863-1866;
Tapanui Courier 1889-1900; Otago Daily Times 186 1-1875; Bruce Herald 1864-1872;
Wellington Tribune 1874-1875; Evening Post 1865-1867; Sydney Herald 1831-1847.
Registers :- Waimate, Parengarenga, Kaitaia, Peria and other northern towns - registers of baptisms, burials and
marriages (Baptisms 1815-1854, Marriages 1835-1884, Burials 1837-1952); Other Northern Registers
(Baptisms 1835-1956, Marriages 1834-1935, Maori Marriages 1834-1935, Burials 1830-1964).
Death Notices :- Family Notices from New Zealand Herald consisting of Death Notice
Index 1886-1945 and clippings books 1911-1977 (with gaps).
On Microfilm :- Passenger Lists & Index to Shipping 1839-1888.
On Microfiche :- Shipping to NZ 1839-1888. Comber Index; New Zealand Registered Ships 1840-1950;
New Zealand Shipping Company Register 1875-1893; Port of Wellington Entry 1856-1887 Passenger Index;
|Patrick Henderson Shipping Company Lists 1871-1880; Shipping Passenger Arrivals, Albany, Western Australia.
On Microfiche :- New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1865-1943; Canterbury Electoral Roll 1868-1873; Auckland Electoral
Rolls 1874-1875; Return of Freeholders of NZ October 1882; Fencible Settlements - Land grants; First Women on
electoral roll 1893; Aliens naturalised in NZ 1843-1916; New Zealand Public school teachers 1907; Sheepowner's
Returns 1880, 1890, and 1900.
Hard copy:- New Zealand Electoral Rolls various areas New Zealand 1960-1993.NZ BMDAlexander Turnbull Library have a number of Wellington church registers in their possession, especially the Anglian
churches.  They have the original registers as well as most of them on microfilm, and guess what, it only costs 70
cents for a
printout from the microfilm, a saving of $29.30. They have St Pauls, St Peter's Willis Street and Kent Terrace
Presbyterian Church registers.  They also have membership lists, session minutes, etc.
If you have ancestors who were married in a Wellington church (as long as you know which one), you can check
if the Turnbull Library holds their registers by going into their web site on   They also
have Baptism records and funeral records if the service was done at the particular church.NZ BMDUsing church records is an alternative to purchasing $30 marriage certificates.
The Wyndham and East Gore Presbyterian marriages in Gore, Southland.
have been indexed and you can obtain photocopies for the princely amount of $5 for the church funds...
Anyone who thinks they have marriages in the area can contact Avis McDonald and
she will check the indexes and supply the appropriate church address.NZ BMDRegulations Review
Next Wednesday morning [20th March] the committee will continue its regular scrutiny of new government
regulations. At 8.45 am it will hear evidence from the Department of Internal Affairs about complaints relating
to the Births, Deaths, and Marriages (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2001 and investigations into identity services
fees regulations and the Gaming and
Lotteries (Licence Fees) Amendment Regulations 2001. The hearing will be
open to the public.NZ BMDSelect Committee Business
Regulations Review (Andrew Fieldsend, )
At its meeting on Wednesday, the committee continued with its regular
scrutiny of all new government regulations. It proceeded with its brief
....... snip
Then it heard evidence from the Department of Internal Affairs on two
- investigation into the Gaming and Lotteries (Licence Fees) Amendment
Regulations 2001
- complaints relating to the Births, Deaths, and Marriages (Fees) Amendment
Regulations 2001 and investigation into identity services fees regulations.
The department told the committee it was developing new schedules of fees
that are intended to address concerns previously raised by the committee.
The committee's investigation into these items is ongoing.NZ BMDIn most cases, you can obtain all the information that appears on a death certificate from the funeral director, that
is if the funeral director is still in business or has kept their records.  You can only try them and see how you go.  
For marriage certificates, if you know where they got married, and if in church, you can sight the church records
for a donation.NZ BMDFor the latest news go to the following site and read the report with acrobat. - good news?NZ BMDNZSG Gore Branch holds the Eastern Southland indexed births, deaths, intention to marry, and registry marriages
from courthouse records in our area.
Births        1876 - 1955
Deaths        1876 - 1935
Reg Marriages 1876 - 1958
Intention To L  1876 - 1957
Births prior to 1900 have parents names and their ages.
Deaths have occupation, place of death, place of birth, marital status, and
years in New Zealand
Registry marriage  is a whole transcript
ITL includes bridal couples ages and occupations, place of marriage and
parents/ guardians name for minors.

Our branch is prepared to do lookups , but we would expect, as usual, a small donation for this to cover our time. 
|Cheaper than $30!
Request a look up in either the
Eastern Southland Birth Index,
Eastern Southland Death Index,
Eastern Southland Registry Marriage Index,
Eastern Southland Intention to Marry index.

Mail a request with your donation to Gore Branch NZSG, P.O. Box 42 Gore.
Avis McDonald
Gore Branch NZSG
BMDFamily Research Centre has a book:
Waitara [Taranaki] Post Office, Births 1882-1960
It lists full name of child, full date of birth, Registrar-General's folio number and the name of the parents.NZ BMD"What's on the records?"
Click through to this PDF file on the Dept of Infernal Affairs site and
download a small booklet which gives the details recorded (provided the
informant gave them) on the various certificates over the years.
Particulars recorded start at page 3.$file/Family.pdf.PDFNZ BMDThe NZSG New Plymouth Branch has such an index of milestone events
from the 1850s down to the 1960s at least. 
Our research officer may be able to do some look ups, but we would expect,
as usual, a small donation for this to cover her time.  Cheaper than $30!
Request a look up in either the New Plymouth Birth Index, New Plymouth Death
Index, or New Plymouth Marriage Index.
The New Plymouth Birth Index ranges from 1848-1980.  It contains surname,
full given names, date of birth, folio number and parents names.
The New Plymouth Marriage Index ranges from at least 1880 (start date not
recorded) to 1980.  It contains surname, full given name, full name of
spouse, date of marriage and folio number.  It is indexed under both party's
The New Plymouth Death Index ranges from 1848-1980.  It contains the
surname, full given names, date of death and folio number.
In addition, we have Inglewood Births, 1897-1980 (same details as above),
and Waitara Births, 1882-1960 (same details).
We also have cemetery records, headstones and burial records for most North
Taranaki cemeteries, and we have some church records (baptisms, marriages
and burials) from the 1840s onwards.
Don't forget, what we have indexed are the births, deaths and marriages
registered in New Plymouth only, not necessarily for the remainder of
Taranaki.  Although New Plymouth probably included the majority of Taranaki
at the start of the period, by the turn of the century (1900) at least, it
was probably just North Taranaki only (which would most probably have
included Waitara and Inglewood, but not Stratford).
Mail a request with your donation to:
New Plymouth Branch NZSG,
P.O. Box 429,
New Plymouth. NZ BMDOnline request forms NZ CBY
South Canterbury Branch NewsletterNZ CBY
South Canterbury HistoryNZ CEMETERYWaikumete Cemetery in West Auckland is the second largest in the southern
hemisphere commenced in Waikumete 1886. Opened by the Auckland City Council
in west Auckland to take over as the main public cemetery in Auckland. Still
active today. 70,000 graves approx. The Waitakere City Council runs the
large Waikumete Cemetery.
Servicemen graves.
Auckland Cemeteries
Cemetery Information including map
Reading: 'Gone west : Waikumete Cemetery' by Michael O'Leary (1984)NZ HBA list of the 1931 Napier earthquake deaths is on the Hawke's Bay GenWeb site. HB
Cemeteries of Hawkes BayNZ HB
Areas of InterestNZ HB
Hawkes Bay LinksNZ HB
Napier - NZ BoundNZ HB
Hawkes Bay, East Coast & WairarapaNZ HB HKB
Hawkes Bay & Poverty Bay ResearchNZ HKYCheck out this site for ships and passengers to the Port of Napier 1853-1879 and Burials 1857-1870 at LINKS
NZ LINKS MBH,1008,0a1805,FF.html
Marlborough ExpressNZ MILITARY
1st Bn New Zealand Rifle Brigade. Formed in New Zealand April 1915. To Egypt Nov. 1915 and joined the 3rd
New Zealand (Rifle) Brigade. The NZRB was drawn equally from all four military districts (Auckland, Wellington,
Canterbury, and Otago).NZ MILITARYNZ Army Personnel Archives MILITARY
3rd NZ Division in the Pacific WWII 1942-1944, history and time-line.
Contains rolls for 35th Battalion, 3rd NZ Division in the Pacific, World War II.NZ MWTFeilding Cemetery.
http://www.mdc.govt.nzNZ NAVYRNZN site at NEWSPAPERHere is a newspaper site which is searchable as the files have also been converted to text. Loads quickly and easily
and can be viewed in history files of Internet Explorer.
Particularly good for the Tairawhiti area, as most of the newspapers were published in Gisborne, Napier or the
Wairarapa - majority by Anglican Church or various political movements. Fascinating stuff. Most of the text is in
Maori - with some in diglot form - includes subscriptions lists over a long period (1860s to 1930s) - and lot of
Pakeha as well as Maori subscribers.
http://www.nzdl.orgNZ NEWSPAPERSThe NZ Herald
Family notices, birth, deaths, marriages are reproduced from the paper edition.
Otago Daily Times
The entire paper is reproduced online.  Every edition from July 1997 onward is available.
Most of NZ's newspapers represented on Stuff.  The Press, Dominion Post, Sunday Star Times, Timaru Herald etc.NZ NLD
Nelson & BaysNZ NLDRev McLeod came in a well organised migration to Waipu in the northern
North Island of New Zealand.  Big festivities are planned there for
Hogmanay 2003, as the 150th anniversary of their arrival.  Many
descendants still live in Waipu, and many more will be returning for the celebrations.
Details may be found on the celebrations website NLN
See entry about Takaka BDM and School RecordsNZ NLN
Nelson & Bays LinksNZ NLN
A central resource for everyone with family history or genealogical interests in Marlborough or Nelson regions.NZ NLNCensuses for Nelson 1845 and 1849 contain information on occupants,
buildings, land use, etc. This local census taking was unusual. Nationwide
census-taking in NZ commenced in 1858 but returns do not survive before
1966. NLNNelson City Council have now put cemetery information on line. Check it out at NLNNelson City Council have now put cemetery information on line. Check it out at NLNNelson City Council Cemetery Database NZ NLNThe Braemar Resettlement Project
The National Registrar of Archives
Patient Case histories are held (not for all years) - so anybody with an Ancestor there may be interested.NZ NZSGVisits to the FRC
People who are not members of the NZSG will from now on be able to visit the FRC and undertake research.
The cost will be $15 per day or part thereof. In addition people visiting the FRC can apply for NZSG membership
on arrival and they will be signed up on the spot. In these cases the administration fee of $12 will be waived.
We want to encourage membership of the NZSG and in many cases this can be achieved once people realize the
extensive material that is available to our members.
During 2002 a number of Branches from outside the Auckland area organized bus trips to the FRC from their local
area. If your Branch would like to organize a visit during 2003, please contact Chris Fromont at the NZSG Office
and book in a visit. Chris will also give advice on accommodation and can advise you on other matters that will
make a visit to Auckland as hassle free as possible.
Fourteen NZSG-Hamilton Branch member made a very rewarding visit to the centre on the 30th November 2002.NZ OTGCaversham Project website at: OTGDid you know the Otago Daily Times is on-line at
Check for BDMs.NZ OTGThe Otago Daily Times has it's own on-line website at
For "Deaths" just go "Site Tools" then "Back Issues" (scrolling down to the date you
require) then "Classifieds" (which brings up an index) then "Deaths".  It
also has a Search engine facility.
This is one of the best New Zealand newspaper sites.
Other useful Dunedin sites for genealogists are:

1.  If you have a Dunedin family who lived in CAVERSHAM, ST KILDA, SOUTH
DUNEDIN (and parts of Green Island) then you may find valuable
information on the following website:
This has on-line
(a) Electoral Roll Database (Guest Access)
    From here you can search for information on any of the Electoral
    Rolls held by the Sites of Gender project, as though you were searching
    the original rolls. The Project holds 1893, 1896, 1899, 1902, 1905,
    1911, 1914, 1919, 1922, 1925, 1928, 1931, 1935, 1938

(b) Stone's Trade Directory
    The Project holds the Trades sections from the Otago/Southland
    Stone's Directories for 1894, 1903, 1912, 1920, 1929 and 1939

(c)  1928 Phone Directory, Residents Listings
    This is a database of those people in the entire Dunedin Telephone
    Directory (1928) listed as being residential entries.

(d) 1928 Phone Directory, Non-residents Listings
    This is a database of those entries in the entire Dunedin
    Telephone Directory (1928) not listed as being residential entries.

(e) Caversham Occupational Classifications
    This is the database of occupational codings used to assign social
    status to occupations.

 (f) Caversham Street Names
    This database lists the streets of Caversham, so street changes
    and variations can be identified.

This site is connected to the University of Otago "Caversham Project".
Sorry that it does not cover other areas of Dunedin.  Wish that it did!

2.  For information on settlers to Otago up to 1876 another useful site is
the Hocken Library, University of Otago, NOMINAL  INDEX at
This site gives information such as which electoral rolls etc. a settler
appeared on.NZ OTGA quarter of the marriages in Otago appeared in the newspaper "Otago Witness" in the 1850s.There is more online
up to and including 1861. OTG
Lakes District MuseumNZ PB
Hawkes Bay, East Coast & WairarapaNZ PB PYB
Hawkes Bay & Poverty Bay ResearchNZ SHIPPING
White Wings.NZ Shipping
They have added approximately another 20 passenger lists to our website. Ports of arrival include Wellington,
Auckland, Dunedin, New Plymouth and Bluff.NZ SHIPPING
Immigrant ships to NZ 1835 - 1910NZ SHIPPINGNZers, here is a very good shipping list Emigration/Ship Lists and Resources SHIPPINGThe Museum of City and Sea, Wellington, mainly Union Company (USS Co). See:
or email:
SHIPPING SHIPPINGThe goodt site to locate the date and port of arrival for a vessel when the
name is of the vessel is known is Gavin's very helpful website, 'Immigrant
Ships to New Zealand from the United Kingdom & Ireland 1835 to 1910'
Also works when you only know the arrival date or trying to date a painting
of a vessel.NZ SITES SLD
Southland MuseumNZ SURNAMESHave you checked the research
interests page at NZ TNK Ann's Genealogy HomepageNZ TNK Genealogy LinksNZ TNK plymouth/society/genealogy/ GenealogyNZ TNK Taranaki Surname SearchNZ TNK NZ TNK Family Trees in the Taranaki Area.NZ TNK Genealogy Groups and SocietiesNZ TRKThe New Plymouth Lands & Deeds Wills, indexed on the NZSG CD, are now housed at Land Information NZ in
Hamilton.  The New Plymouth Office of Land Information NZ has now been closed.  Any enquires for these records
should include a document reference,NZ TRKSouth Taranaki District Council cemeteries are on line at
They cover the Patea, Eltham, Manaia, Hawera, Kaponga and Okaiawa cemeteries.  Click on cemetery/genealogy
on the right hand side of page and then click on cemetery search.NZ WAN
Wanganui genealogy queriesNZ WAN|
Wanganui LinksNZ WAN
Wanganui & the river boatsNZ WANI thought some people may be interested that I have put together an
index a few years ago of events and notes, etc, taken from the Yeoman newspaper of Wanganui. It is not complete
of course with every mention of a person or
event, but it is fairly extensive. The years covered are 1879 through to 1900 with
some entries after that as well. However the bulk of it is 1881 - 1890.
I am happy to check my index for anyone interested - it does cover events and
people all over NZ and some overseas as well, but again the bulk of entries
relate to Wanganui. I do hope to put it on my own website, sometime when this is
organised, but in the meantime will look for entries on behalf of fellow
genealogists as long as the instructions are clear. The index is in my genealogy groups research room, and not
at home so you should expect a short delay as I only visit there once a week.
Sandy WANThe list may be interested to know that Wanganui Library Heritage
Collection, have a wonderful biographical card index. So for those of you with
Wanganui research it is always wise to contact them. They do charge for
research but not too severely, and they will photocopy anything you request.
Their contacts are Wanganui District Library, Heritage Collection, Private
Bag 3005, Queen Park Wanganui, telephone 06 345-8195 ext 8800, fax 06
If you are visiting Wanganui and wish to research they are open 1-5p.m. Monday
to Friday.
They also have Wanganui newspapers from 1867 on film, and they have a
reader/printer. There is also a SUBJECT index of local newspapers.NZ WEL
Contains all BDM's etc, etc, as published in Wellington newspapers since 1 Jan 2000. There are some details
from 1999 as well. You can get the obit / birth notice from here and scan them straight in.NZ WKTWas one of your family in the 1860s Waikato War?
This is a database of Waikato Militia. WRP
Early Wairarapa names.NZ WRP
Seniornet WairarapaNZ WRP WRP
Wairarapa ArchiveNZ WRP WRP
Wairarapa ResearchNZSGLyane Kendall
Strays & More, a Collection containing information that you may not know
about your ancestors, whether they are Strays or not.
The Registrar-General has recently announced substantial increases in the
cost of micrographic copies of BDMs.  Many entries in this Collection
include full birth, death and marriage dates.
Check out the Society's website:
Features on the Strays page include:
* Online search request form.
* Online submission form.
* Online general query form.
* List of sources which is updated as the need arises.
Newsletters starting from 2001/4 can now be found on the website.
Two files containing information about the Collection can be found on the
Society services table in the Library at the Family Research Centre.
New Zealand Society of Genealogists,
P O Box 8795, Symonds St, Auckland 1035, New Zealand.
Phone 64-9-570 4248. Fax 64-9-570 4238.
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