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From: Hugh <>
Subject: [NZ] NZ Marriage Witness Index
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 21:30:09 +1300

The Marriage Witness Indexes

Indexes of witnesses to marriages that took place in
New Zealand are being compiled.

Every entry contains the names of witness, groom & bride,
and the date and place of the marriage as well as the name
and address of the genealogist to whose family the
couple belong.

The Indexes are proving to be a very useful finding aid for genealogists and
searches of the index for specific surnames can be requested from :-

Hugh Winters
31 Park Ave

0r, on the Internet

Genealogists are advised that it is extremely unlikely that a search
will reveal a specific marriage, for that would imply that
a genealogist is researching YOUR family and has sent in their data
for the index. He/she would therefore be your cousin or other relative.
Searches are therefore best requested by specific surname. For the more common
surnames a geographical area should be quoted to avoid lengthy lists of that
name from areas remote from your own research.

The indexes are open for more entries, and genealogists who have researched
their ancestors' marriages are requested to submit to

Or by post to

Hugh Winters
31 Park Ave

Preferred Submit Format

Witness Church
Bride Town
Groom County, State, or Province
Submitters Name and address

Please make sure that if you send in your entries by snail mail, you
provide the organiser with your full postal address so that
any genealogist interested in your entries can contact you by mail
if they dont have an email address....

Hugh Winters

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